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November 2014


In Europe FEMA has represented us at a road safety seminar and over in the UK there has been a victory on bus lanes in Brighton and the start of a consultation on a low emissions zone in London which would charge non-complying motorcycles the same as cars and light vans.

Regarding roadworthiness testing requirements for vintage motorcycles a number of people got in touch requesting that we make a formal response on the basis that while motorcycles are not currently subject to testing, it is proposed that they will be tested from 2022. MAG Ireland reviewed the consultation document and issued a formal response to the RSA consultation ahead of the closing date. 

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Bus Lanes Victory in Brighton

News from the UK where recently there was cross party support in Brighton for making a bus lane trial permanent on two roads and to start a new trial on a third. Cross party support that included the majority Green party.

All main arterial routes into and out of the city will then, in due course, have bus lane access for bikes and scooters. This positive outcome was arrived at after many months of careful lobbying, negotiating and partnership working.

For several years Brighton MAG has been a member of the Transport Partnership. A council chaired forum for all stakeholders living and travelling in the city e.g. bus company, taxi drivers, cycling groups and pedestrians etc. Brighton and Hove is very busy city with congestion, pollution and road safety issues all pressing concerns.

A trial was begun in June 2013 following a lobby by Brighton MAG to M.P.s and Councillors.

During the following year the trial demonstrated:
 No significant impact on accidents
 Increases in powered two wheeler usage
 No reduction in cycle usage or impact on cyclist safety

A subsequent report to The Transport Committee made for encouraging reading there then however followed a very busy week for local MAG members; writing to the political members on the committee urging them to vote in favour of the recommendations. All three local MPs were also making encouraging noises to their councillor colleagues, In the end the report was passed unanimously, in advance, by all members and no
debate/vote was needed at committee.

In a MAG Ireland poll carried out in March 2012, over 95% of you voted in favour of granting Irish motorcyclists legal access to the country’s bus lanes, yet the National Transport Authority continues to oppose the use of bus lanes by riders despite their own studies finding no adverse effects.


 Australian report on Graduated licensing

IBF Toy Run

This report summarises an international review of effective motorcycle rider licensing systems and interventions. It details elements of best practice for motorcycle graduated licensing based on novice motorcycle risk patterns and practice from Australia and comparable overseas jurisdictions.

Motorcycle riders are disproportionately represented in road trauma statistics and improving their safety is a priority for road safety strategies in Australia, New Zealand and overseas. In response, a consistent approach to graduated motorcycle rider licensing is being considered by Australasian licensing agencies.


FEMA presents a paper on infrastructure and motorcycling at European Seminar 

On 5 November, 100 stakeholders from different continents gathered in Brussels to participate to the 3rd European edition of the AFB 20 (2) Roadside Safety Design Subcommittee on International Research Activities.  
Coordinated by the ERF and held at the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, the event proved a great success with both in terms of content provided and participation.


Read MAG Ireland in Bike Buyers Guide

Bike Buyers Guide Banner

The December issue of Bike Buyers Guide is in shops and this month the MAG Ireland column takes a look at data recorders. Is an aircraft style "black box" coming to your next bike, and if it is what sort of form should it take?

Read all about it in the December issue of Bike Buyers Guide available from all good newsagents now.


Caption Competition Winner!

Last month, we published this picture for our caption competition and we're delighted to announce that the winner is Noel O'Sullivan. Congratulations Noel, there's a MAG Ireland goodie bag heading your way. The winning caption is below.

Caption Competition

"Not sure... but I think it's off a Harley?"


Game changer?

No other brand so equates with motorcycling in the minds of the non riding public as does Harley Davidson, so when Harley launched their prototype electric motorcycle under the "Project Livewire" banner last June, they kick started a global debate about the future direction of motorcycling. 

HD Livewire, Image: Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

Here in Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is responsible for administering the electric vehicle grant scheme and in the September issue of Bike Buyers Guide, we looked at just why the electric Harley might actually be a genuine breakthrough motorcycle, just not in the way everyone thinks.

That column has just been re-published as a feature article on our web site, so if you're a purist or a traditionalist you may want to look away now.


RSA Vintage vehicles consultation

FEMA Banner

The RSA recently undertook a consultation which seeks the views of interested parties regarding the future roadworthiness testing requirements for vintage vehicles in Ireland.

This is being done because action 59 of the government’s 2013-2020 Road Safety Strategy contains a commitment to review the roadworthiness testing of vintage vehicles. The consultation period began on 15th October 2014 and ran until 14th November 2014. 

MAG Ireland made a formal response ahead of the closing date.


Liberty Insurance 10% discount

Right to Ride

Liberty Insurance have been in touch asking us to remind readers that anyone holding a motorcycle policy with them gets 10% off any other policy at the same address.

Specifically, Liberty will give a 10% discount for each additional policy (private motor, motorcycle or home) that a policyholder or their partner at the same address has with Liberty Insurance.

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Daytime Headlights - Y/N ?

The RSA is currently running a campaign for car drivers to use dipped headlights at all times.

Traditionally riders groups have opposed compulsory daytime running lights for cars on the basis that motorcycles using them are then relatively less conspicuous (let alone cyclists).

Interestingly the research quoted is from two Scandinavian countries plus decade old research from the US.

The question for riders : Is this still something that matters to you and given the fact that most new cars are hardwired to run lights at all times anyway is this worth being active on and if so what is the correct position. 

Let us know what you think.


Members discount scheme updated

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 FEMA speaks on European road safety

Moped Meet in Finland

On 17th November 2014 Aline Delhaye and Dolf Willigers represented
FEMA at the "workshop in preparation of the mid-term evaluation of
Commission Road Safety Policy Orientations 2011-2020" in the
Berlaymont building in Brussels.

Their report is on the FEMA website and Facebook.


Debate on personal protection equipment (PPE) in IMCO

The personal protection equipment (PPE) proposal will be debated in the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) on Wednesday 3 December, 11.30 – 12.15. this debate is probably going to be streamed, so if you want to you will be able to follow it in any European language of your choice.

This proposed regulation is about conformity of PPE, not about wearing it! As motorcycle gear is just seen as a form of PPE it isn’t even mentioned in the regulation or the annexes (which means that it isn’t excluded also).



Motorcycle Events Calendar



  • Saturday, November 29
    • Christmas Rock Party - Gan Ainm M.C.C.
    • Fundraiser: Sins & Twins, Louth
    • Toy Run: Banner MCC, Ennis, Co. Clare
  • December : Lots of Toy Runs basically.

Full details of these and other events we've been notified of are on the Irish Motorcycle Events Calendar. Click the button for more.


9 Things Drivers Need to Stop Saying in the Bikes vs. Cars Debate

An interesting piece in the culture-war approach the US debate brings to various issues: Here's it cyclists vs cars. Many of the points ring true for motorcylists also.






Ultra Low Emission Zone

London’s air quality has improved significantly in recent years and is now considered compliant for all but one air pollutant for which the European Union has set legal limits. This pollutant is nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which has impacts on public health. An equivalent of 4,300 deaths in London is attributed to air quality related illness. 


This means further action is needed to reduce air pollutant and CO2 emissions from transport to improve quality of life and public health. In recognition of this, the Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) have developed a proposal for an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in central London.


Safer Motorcycling in Europe now!

How can we tackle motorcycle safety challenges for the next decade?

The Forum is hosted by the Transport Committee Vice-Chairman, Dominique Riquet (ALDE) and the European Parliament Members Inés Ayalá-Sender (S&D) and Wim van de Camp (EPP). This year's forum will comprise of a full day workshop on the CEN-CENELEC premises, followed by a Debate Session in the European Parliament.

The full-day workshop on Monday 2nd of February will present and cover the outcomes of the EU co-financed project A European Scanning Tour for Motorcycle Safety, including the state of the art of motorcycle safety knowledge, access to powered two wheelers, traffic and road environment, and the means to convey safety messages to the riding community, in order to set up a result-based PTW safety strategy.


The Debate-Session in the Parliament will take place in the morning of Tuesday 3rd of February and will further expand on motorcycling safety in the context of the mid-term evaluation of Commission road safety policy orientations 2011-2020.  
With the outcomes of the RIDERSCAN project and the publication of the OECD/ITF report on motorcycling safety (to be released by the end of 2014), we believe that the 2015 European Motorcyclists' Forum (EMF 2015) is an excellent opportunity for all parties to discuss concrete actions to improve PTW safety in Europe.


Are German motorbikes the key to fighting Ebola?

GERMANY HAS SENT 400 motorbikes to the areas of west Africa worst hit by the Ebola epidemic to speed up testing for the virus.
The specially adapted fleet of bikes will be able to rush test samples to laboratories from remote areas, where patients can often wait nine days or more for results.
The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) said the motorbikes should cut transport delays to a day.  


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