February 2015

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Brigitte Deckers

BELRIM Board Member

Brigitte is the longest standing board member of BELRIM and was the first woman on our board. Two important reasons to present her to you.

1)      How did you become a Risk Manager? Was it a choice or a coincidence that you ended up in this job?
I became Risk Manager by choice.  I started my career working for reinsurance brokers, working on major risks like oil rigs or satellites.
I have always been interested by the industrial aspect of the business . I have tried to combine my interests for technical as well as economical matters.
Last but not least, the discovery of other cultures, sensitivity, have led me to look for a job at an international level.

2)      Having been a board member since 1987, what are  the most important evolutions you noticed in Belrim and in the profession of the Risk Manager?
When I joined Belrim, there were very few female members.
As Board member I was the only one, until 1990 when Marie Dequae joined the Board as well.
The profession of the risk manager has developed a lot over the last 20 years. 
When I worked for a previous employer, I proposed them to develop the  risk management function instead of just dealing with insurance.   There was no interest for this, my boss had never heard about it  and did not want to pay any attention to this proposal.
Luckily, today, things have changed.  Within companies, there is more and more awareness about the subject.

3)      What are the advantages of being a woman in a men’s world of risk managers?
I do not think there is an advantage (or a disadvantage) of being a woman in the world of risk managers. 
When joining my group in 1989, they were looking for a man.
Like everyone, you need to defend your position by being professional, accurate, creative, well organized, a good communicator etc...

4)      What are your recommendations to the ladies in this line of business?
Be as professional as you can!

5)      Apart from your job at RECTICEL and your mandate at the BELRIM board, what other interests do you have?
I love being with my family, reading books, and practising some sports.



19 March 2015
LINKLATERS Rue Brederode, 13 B-1000 BRUSSELS

BELRIM and LINKLATERS are proud to invite you to their next seminar, during which we will cover the following topics:

1) The new Belgian class action legislation

What is it? What are the objectives? How to start up a procedure. How to react and deal with one.

2) Class actions in the US and Europe

Trends, examples and recent cases

The seminar will be followed by a networking cocktail.

Visit our website for more details and REGISTRATION.



31 March 2015
Vlerick Business School Brussels

Young Insurers (under 35) and Risk Managers are invited to the Masterclass on Cyber Risks.

For more information visit our website.


Upcoming Events

30/04/2015  Exchange Pensions & Ageing

21/05/2015  Exchange Intangible Risks

18/06/2015 General Assembly


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Ladies Mind Risk

22 January 2015
ING Brussels

50 ladies active in the risk management and insurance field gathered on 22 January 2015 for an information session on how to reach top management level and to hear what women can specifically bring to risk management.

Leading ladies Cecile Coune, CEO of Aviabel, Heidi Delobelle, CRO of AG Insurance and Dr. Marie Gemma Dequae, scientific advisor FERMA gave an overview of their careers and handed out tips and tricks to their colleagues.

The interactive round table discussions were much appreciated and new ideas for the next session are already in the pipeline.

More information available on the website.

Any ideas on this topic, contact info@belrim.com

Protected Cell Companies / Captives

26 February 2015
Cercle de Lorraine - Brussels

On behalf of BELRIM, Diane Mintjens was happy to welcome over 50 participants to the exchange on Protected Cell Companies.

AON specialists Herman Kerremans, Sophie Vandeven and Dermot A. Finnerty provided plenty of information on the legal framewok and set up of captives.

For pictures go to our website.





BELRIM has different categories of membership:

EFFECTIVE MEMBERS are industrial, commercial or financial companies and all organisations such as NGOs, federations or associations, universities and other educational institutes.

AFFILIATED MEMBERS are natural persons interested in risk management and who could by their contribution give added value to the association. They could be insurers, consultants, brokers, experts, professors or researchers

For more information on HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER, contact info@belrim.com or visit our website.




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