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5 November 2013

Fresh from exhibiting at the US-based AIMCAL exhibition, Gencoa will be promoting its products in Asia during the last week of November, before returning to the USA for the MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibition at the start of December. Details of these two events are as follows:

China International Touchscreen Exhibition, November 25-27

2013 MRS Fall Meeting, December 1-6

IMC75: A new generation of circular ion source products

Linear ion sources have been slowly adopted in the vacuum coating technology arena for over 15 years. Still, a large section of the industry could benefit from the introduction of ion source technology for surface treatment and coating.

The main industrial-based application has been for substrate pre-treatment to promote the adhesion of coatings onto plastic and glass.

However, although current uses in industry may be limited, uses for R&D and process development are varied and have great potential. The ion plasma beam can be used for many different applications including: pre-cleaning, etching and texturing of surfaces to ion beam deposition, and ion assistance of coatings.

Gencoa have developed the IMC75 to fit into typical R&D sputter and evaporation systems. Like Gencoa magnetron sputter cathodes, the IMC75 is robust and has advantages over similar products on the market in that it requires little maintenance and doesn't produce contamination.

Gencoa IMC75.

DLC deposited on glass; a typical application of DLC on glass and plastic.


A full version of this paper is available on the Technical Papers section of the Gencoa website, or by clicking the following link: Gencoa technical paper, November 2013.

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