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We JUST got back from South Africa!

This year, for the first time ever, TRG held its annual Leadership and Entreprenuership conference in downtown Durban. We had an amazing conference with over 60  students from 4 local schools participate. The conference this year was held during the last week in September at Olwandle Suites and Conference Center.  For many of our students this was their first opportunity to leave their townships.  Being in a new setting helped the students see themselves in new ways, a mindset befitting the conference theme, The Renaissance REdefined.

S.W.A.G. = Style With A Goal!  Students participated in interactive workshops teaching them the importance of their homeland (Africa) to the history of the world, the importance of their health with a focus on HIV/AIDS, how to determine their strengths and use them to set their goals, confidently defining their unique style, the principles of advocacy and social movements, and how to use social media as a tool to make personal and professional connections.

Masikhuluma IsiZulu! This year, students also served as educators by teaching each of our volunteers the basics of isiZulu, one of South Africa’s eleven national languages.  Students also immersed the volunteers in lessons on cultural dance, sayings, and other traditions. A quick lesson: Sawubona means hello!  And yebo means yes!

"It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela:  As a final takeaway, students created vision boards to redefine the future for themselves, their communities, and South Africa.  By identifying their goals and seeing the collective power of the future politicians, leaders, and professionals in the room, the students learned the importance of writing down their visions and working toward them each day.

We owe it all to you!  TRG would like to extend a huge thank you to our amazing 2013 volunteers, Christi Ketchum, Alana Matthews, and Tiffany Williams who committed their time, energy, and pure awesomeness to this effort.  Lastly, without the donations of our supporters, the annual conference and uniform day (below) would not have been possible.  So, we salute you on a job well done!

Our Alumni are winning!

We're always proud to celebrate the many accomplishments of our TRG alumni. To kickstart the conference, we had a special evening with our alumni at Umhlali Country Club. Each of our alums had a chance to learn and practice putting at the driving range. The outing helped alumni remain connected to the TRG Team and each other, and served as a great way to kick off the week of the conference. Alumni also served as leaders for current TRG students during the conference and will be part of this year's mentorship program.

TRG Uniform Day!

Your contributions to the Gregory L. Dixon Back to SCHOOL Drive allowed TRG to purchase uniforms for 26 students!  Returning students who have been part of TRG for one school year participated in TRG Uniform Day.  The Back to SCHOOL Drive is still up and running, so click HERE and you can help us send even more students back to school!