May 2018

Optix: Chemical sensing in vacuum and atmosphere

Optix from Gencoa is a truly universal tool for gas detection in vacuum. Quadrupole Residual Gas Analysers (RGAs) have been used for the last 30 years as the principle means to detect gases present in a vacuum environment. There are, however, two main aspects of an RGA that can limit its suitability for industrial processes:

  • Operation is suited to lower pressures meaning that most industrial vacuum processes also require a differential turbo pumping arrangement
  • If volatile gases are present, they will deposit within the quadrupole. This restricts further operation until decontamination has occurred

This whitepaper will illustrate the ability of Optix to withstand volatile species and enable gas partial pressure measurement in all vacuum applications such as OLED, CVD, ALD and etch environments. To continue reading, click here>

Previous white papers are available to download at

Optix schematic
OLED display
SVC TechCon

This year's SVC TechCon is fast approaching, and experts from Gencoa will be in attendance in Orlando, Florida, exhibiting from booth 310 and presenting a number of talks at the associated conference. Details of the talks are as follows:

Monday May 7, 5:20pm
Session: Emerging Technologies, ET9
Joe Brindley: Monitoring of Atomic Layer Deposition Processes Using Remote Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Tuesday May 8, 10:00am
Session: Large Area Coatings, LT9
Tommaso Sgrilli: Deposition of Hard Highly Transparent Abrasion Resistant DLC on Glass

Thursday May 10, 10:00am
Session: Coatings and Processes for Biomedical and Environmental Applications, BT2
Oihane Hernández-Rodríguez: High Efficiency Antimicrobial Coatings for Biomedical Applications

For further event information, visit:

SVC TechCon
Europe events update

In other exhibitions taking place over the next few weeks, Florian Meyer will join local agents Beamtec at this year's Optatec trade show in Frankfurt.

Beamtec will exhibit at Exhibition hall 3, Booth G40 at the event which is taking place from 15-17 May. Further information is available from the event website:

Florian will also be at next month's AIMCAL R2R Conference Europe in Munich, where he is delivering a presentation on Optix for web coating. The talk, entitled "Monitoring and Control of Vacuum Processes Using a Remote Plasma Emission Spectroscopy Based Sensor" will be given on Tuesday, June 5 at 4:00-4:30pm during the Vacuum Web Coating session.

The conference takes place from June 4-7, and detailed visitor information is available from the event website:

Gencoa exhibition stand
Further information

For product information or support, contact or visit to find contact details of international support staff and sales agents.

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