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Summer Interns

We had some great additions to the office this past summer! Amy (pictured on the far left) is now in her final year at UT Knoxville and worked as a summer intern. She did a fantastic job helping us with several projects. Not pictured is Cayla, another intern who has helped out tremendously. She is a senior at O'More College of Design in Franklin.

Pictured in the center is Erika. She is a senior at Glencliff High School and wants to be an Architect!  As part of the Escalera Program: Taking Steps to Success through Conexion Americas, she was connected with Allard Ward Architects to explore her potential career. She was in the office for several hours per week thru the month of July and dabbled in a bit of everything. From attending client meetings to site visits, Erika saw firsthand what we do every day. We even threw a design project at her and she hit the ground running. One of her plans for a songwriter's studio is shown below. Her enthusiasm and attitude will be great assets as she pursues her degree.

Thank you Amy, Cayla, and Erika and Good Luck!

Marvin Architects Challenge

Allard Ward Architects had the honor of being one of Marvin's Architects Challenge Winners this year for the new Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall at Currey Ingram Academy. Marvin windows are used throughout the entire campus and have been a defining feature for the K-12 school just South of Nashville.

Tyler from our office (second from the right) had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota to tour Marvin's facilities and get an insider's tour of Minneapolis. Also shown below is the Lakewood Mausoleum - one of the many buildings the group saw during the trip.

David Allard's Garden Featured on WNPT

If you happened to catch the Volunteer Gardener episodes that aired July 24th and July 31 on WNPT, you saw our very own David Allard!

Troy Marden spoke with David about his terraced vegetable gardens in the first episode which you can watch HERE.

In the second episode, Troy and David discussed the ornamental shade gardens behind the house.