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August 2020



Dear friends – Despite the unpredictable and ever-shifting circumstances shaped by the pandemic, confidence in the future of alternative proteins remains strong. A new report announced that investment in alternative proteins in the first half of 2020 is almost double the total investment from 2019, reaching US $1.1 billion to date.


The UN FAO recently predicted per capita meat consumption in 2020 will fall to its lowest level in nine years; meanwhile, consumer interest in alternative proteins is rising amidst the pandemic. Plant-based meat companies in Australia and New Zealand are leveraging this momentum, with new product and retail launches showing no signs of slowing.

Read on for the latest in alternative proteins.





Food Frontier is pleased to announce two exceptional additions to our team - Hannah Andersen as our new Director of Strategy and Development, and Karen Job as our new Head of Industry Engagement. Hannah and Karen bring wide-ranging experience and incredible energy and passion to their new roles - learn more about them here.


In conjunction with CSIRO (AU’s national science agency) and Agriculture Victoria, our CEO Thomas presented to members of the Victorian Government, including officials from the departments of Premier, Treasury, Agriculture and economic development, plus the investment and trade agencies. He delivered insights on the successes and learnings from alternative proteins globally, and opportunities for Victoria to play a leading role in the sector down under.



  • v2food has launched its v2mince and v2bugers in Drakes supermarkets across South Australia and Queensland. CEO Nick Hazell said their Victoria-based production facility is prepared to quickly scale up production as demand rises.
  • Aussie company vEEF, by Fenn Foods, has announced its next plant-based beef alternative made with pea protein will be 100% carbon neutral.
  • Australian family-owned bakery chain Ferguson Plarre has launched a plant-based meat pie, citing the increasing demand from flexitarian customers. The new options are now available at their 66 stores across Victoria.
Image Credit: v2food

Source: v2food



  • UK company Higher Steaks has created the world's first cell-cultivated bacon and pork belly, though the CEO notes consumer availability remains a few years away.
  • Dutch cultivated meat company Mosa Meat has produced a new cell-culture medium that circumvents expensive alternatives to reduce production costs by 88%.
  • KFC has continued its explorations in alternative proteins, launching another trial of its plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken in California, and testing 3D printing nuggets with cell-cultivated chicken meat in collaboration with a Russian bioprinting company.
  • Sales of plant-based meat alternatives have soared across Asia, with analysts and research experts citing increasing health awareness amongst consumers, as well as anxiety over food safety triggered by COVID-19.
Source: Higher Steaks

Source: Higher Steaks




New research supports the increasing calls from scientists for government dietary guidelines to do more to protect both the health of their populations, and the planet. The University of Oxford research determined that if Australia adopted a “planetary health diet,” which recommends developed nations reduce red meat consumption by three quarters, Australia’s food-related emissions would fall by 86% and there would be 31,000 fewer deaths from lifestyle-related diseases.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images


We hope you are keeping well as we collectively navigate the varied impacts of the pandemic, and we thank you for your continued support. As always, please get in touch with any ideas, questions and feedback.


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