It has been a wonderful year at JPC and we have celebrated all manner of successes throughout the year.
Our students have contributed in many positive ways including generosity to our charities, community activities, and in building the culture of our school.
We wish all the staff and student who are moving on to new opportunities all the very best in their new endeavours.
Wishing all our families a safe Christmas and many blessing to everyone for the New Year.

God Bless
Catherine Rey

Student Leadership Team - 2018

This morning we announced our new Year 10 House Leaders for 2018. These students have undertaken a process of discernment and self-reflection, and have been recognised by their peers as exemplary models for their respective Houses.  Our leaders will take on their new positions at the start of next year where they will be called on to run various initiatives in the community and to act as supporters of the students in their House group. It is an exciting opportunity for these young people to take on new responsibilities, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of their labours. Our leaders will be officially invested in their roles at our Opening Mass in 2018. We also extend our thanks and congratulations to those students who nominated themselves for election. Although you may not have been elected in this instance, your willingness to lead and spirit of enthusiasm are qualities that will continue to benefit our community.


Congratulations to the Student Leadership Team, 2018:


Drexel House: Brooklyn Curran and Jackson Palombi
Ferré House: Isabel Henden and Cecilija Matic
Kennedy House: Ciel Georgievski and Sarah Prior
Maathai House: Paloma Alves and Mitchell Robinson
Vanier House: Georgia Wallace and Georgia Norris
Van Thuan House: Tayus Withers and Atharva Purohit


Christmas Liturgy

This afternoon we gathered as a College community to celebrate with joy the coming of Christ at Christmas. The theme for our celebration was Join the Journey as we reflected on the powerful narrative of the nativity, one that begins in the humblest of settings and features a cast of unlikely characters drawn from the outskirts of society - a young, unmarried couple; a group of shepherds in the fields; intrepid travellers from the East. Each finds their way not to a palace or a throne room fit for a king, but to a stable. And yet, in that simplest of settings, heaven and earth meet. The words of our opening reading today reminded us of how momentous this occasion was.


This, tonight, is the meeting place of heaven and earth.

For this, tonight, is the stable in which God keeps his appointment to meet with his people.

Not many are here,
Not many holy;
Not many innocent children,
Not many worldly wise;
Not all familiar faces,
Not all frequent visitors.


But, if tonight only strangers met, that would be enough.


For Bethlehem was not the hub of the universe,
Nor was the stable a platform for famous folk.


In an out-of-the-way place, which folk never thought to visit -
There God kept and keeps his promise;
There God sends his son.


May this Christmas offer each of us the opportunity to journey with the shepherds to see the newborn King; to offer ourselves in worship to the wonder of God’s coming into our world. And may all of us, wherever we may celebrate this season, be blessed with peace, the joy of love in our hearts, and the promise of hope for what the new year may bring.


Mrs. Nicola Edghill
Coordinator - Religious Education


UN Youth Ambassador

On the 4th of December, I was notified that I had been chosen by UN Youth Australia to be an ambassador for their next Pacific Project trip to East Timor in July of 2018 (out of over 100 applicants). I had to discuss with Charlotte Foster, our own student who got the honour of accompanying UN Youth on this trip last year, who said it was one of the most important experiences she has been part of, and changed her to become more insightful, knowledgeable about international aid and relations. After unfortunately not going to East Timor last year, it’s now my turn for 2018.

Timor is a fascinating place with a war-torn history, but I believe this young country has a bright future. By being chosen to see and experience Timor’s people, places and culture, I will open myself up to everything that this developing country has to offer. This trip by the United Nations Youth Australia, has been curated for the specific reason, that not only is it to benefit the people of Timor-Leste but so that we as ambassadors can learn about our world, and take on lessons so that we can grow and educate others, “Strong focus on education and our desire to ensure that you gain more from the experience than just a sightseeing holiday.” – Molly Brand Pacific Project Convenor, 2018.

The reason why I signed up to go through the process to being chosen for this experience is that as simple as it is I just want to learn more about their people, their initiatives, learn about their sustainable development and international relations, especially with Australia. Even with their history, their culture and people stay strong like the rainbow at the end of the storm. Timor’s cultural ideas of belonging are what interests me the most, East Timor has been through so much, but their people, community and churches are what keeps them alive and intact, and I want to experience this community harmony. The people of East Timor want to move forward and find better ways to live in their country and they know that they need to do it together, the unity that they show and share is so incredible, and this persistence and resilience is what I believe will get them to the end goal.


Cody Haycraft Year 10

For A Good Cause

It was a fuzzy month of November for myself (Mr. Pitt) and Mr. Boyle whilst we participated in Movember. We are fortunate to work in a place where we can look a little silly and raise a few funds to help this cause. We can also be happy in the knowledge that the laugh was on us, yet be aware that it also established the discussion around men’s health amongst the young men and women we encounter each day. Thanks to all the students for their kind support and recognition to the purpose of Movember, and to all the staff for not laughing at us too much! Look after your mates!




Congratulations Sapphires on becoming National Champions!


Last week the Sapphires competed at the Australian All Star Cheerleading Nationals in Melbourne. We were extremely proud of them and the routine they put on the floor was fantastic. As a result, they were awarded first place in the High School level 2 division making St John Paul II College National Champions!!
Whilst only 14 athletes traveled to Melbourne there have been 37 cheerleaders contributing to this phenomenal year of Cheer at JPC and each of them have contributed to this awesome effort.
The Coaches (Belinda and Kellie) couldn’t be prouder of the whole squad and their amazing achievements

The Sapphires consists of:
Hannah Dawson
Ashlee Bedford
Jenna McCarthy
Mia Pennay
Olivia Hennsen
Giselle Harte
India Grummett
Georgia Gladman
Anna Ebdon
Natalie Villareal
Shae Bright
Brianna Ross
Emily Watt
Jordan Skrtic

Year 10 Ceremony Slideshow

The SlideShow from the Year 10 Certification and Award Ceremony will be available on the Parents Page of Moodle from next Wednesday 13 December.

NMA Excursion

On Tuesday, 5th of December 2017, The Indigenous group at JPC and some of their friends went on an excursion with Miss Boller and Ms Jones to The National Museum of Australia to have a look at the exhibition ‘Songlines: Tracking The Seven Sisters’. We learnt that in Aboriginal culture the art is very abstract and abnormal to what we are used to, as well as the stories. In Western culture, the stories we tell have a prominent beginning, middle and end while Aboriginal stories have no such restrictions and can continue forever. We learnt about all the animals in Aboriginal culture and how they represent certain parts of stories. An interesting fact we learnt about ‘Songlines’ is that the Bogong Moth is the signature animal and represents the Songline for the Ngunnawal people. We had lots of fun and learnt a lot throughout this excursion and we are grateful that we had the experience.

Summer O’Brien and Arawyn White (Year 8)

Expressions of Interest for Position Vacant

We are seeking a contractor to fill a recently vacated position at JPC.


The horticultural or permaculture assistance role at JPC college encompasses the following requirements.


- Assistance in design and implementing a yearly garden plan
- Liaising with the Kitchen team on their needs and various requirements throughout the year
- Supervising small groups of children in the garden while they garden
- Sourcing and purchasing equipment/supplies
- Assisting the Sustainable technologies coordinator
- Maintaining the garden


The position is for 2 hours a week ($30.00 / hour), the successful applicant would be employed as a contractor – so would need to have Public Liability Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance and a WWVP Card.


Please email expressions of interest outlining qualifications and/or experience to



Defence News….

This year we say a fond farewell to the following Defence Students who are posting on to a new location and new adventures.  We will miss Abigail, Abbey, Owen, Christian, Harrison, Matthew, Lachlan, Nathan and Lily.  We have loved having you in our Defence family and we will certainly miss you all.  Good luck in your new schools and don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends at JPC.  Special wishes for the families who are taking up overseas postings.


As we near the special time for families, we remember all those Defence members who will not be home for Christmas as they are currently on deployment.  We wish them and all their units a safe and holy Christmas and for their families back home in Australia missing them, know that they will be back home soon.  We are very proud of them all.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank every Defence Student and family who participated and joined in with our Defence excursions and activities throughout the year.  It has been a privilege working with these Students and seeing them mature and flourish.  I look forward to seeing them all next year along with a lot more Defence Students who will be joining our growing family.


A very Merry Christmas to everyone, travel safe and enjoy your break!


Vicki Walsh

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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