Phew, what a year!

2014 was our first full year online and boy, was it a big one. We launched a bunch of new series (like Bloc Features and Writers Blocast!), and forged on with some favourites (the return of #WriteHere!). 

For now, onwards and upwards for 2015! A piece by YOU could be featured here shortly: make use of our workshop or try pitching a piece for our blog. Are you an artist? Submit your visual wizardry to Hell Yeah Writers Bloc. Lastly, our forum is always buzzing with writing opportunities.

To tide you over the new year, here's a compilation of our most read pieces from 2014, from both the blog and Hell Yeah Writers Bloc

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful words in 2015!

- Your mate Pat


Take the Money, Go Home and Write Your Novels

Robert F. Coleman had a history of odd jobs, which included manning sex shops and selling toiletries. But in 2009, he got into copywriting. He took the money, went home, and started documenting all the stories he’d banked during the chaos of his part-time jobs and full-time drinking. 


Women in Comedy

Women aren’t just missing from one area of comedy, they’re under-represented (and misrepresented) across the board.

Alexandra Neill argues that comedy is an industry dominated by a certain kind of person - one who is young, white and male. The world of comedy needs to catch up: women are funny.


Writers Workspace Series with Rosanna Stevens

Rosanna Stevens is one of the brains behind Canberra’s literary collective Scissors Paper Pen. She chats about beddesks, a unique way of celebrating New Years, a fondness for nature and her hometown in the Blue Mountains.


Book That Made Me Alive to Colour

If I were to tell you that Bluets is a book about the colour blue, would you dismiss it as banal? 

Triple J newsreader Amelia Marshall writes a beautiful piece on Maggie Nelson’s Bluets and the beauty of colour. 


Practical Guide to Betareading

What is betareading anyway? Jodi Cleghorn gives a handy guide on betareading basics, the mechanics of a story and more.


What’s a Hydrologist

Writer and comedian Andy Thompson is an environmental engineer. He undergoes lonely property inspections, but was once bitten by a small but recalcitrant dog and pressed up against a wall by a farming goods store proprietor.


Book That I Gave Him

I bought him New York Trilogy not for the book itself really, but for the memory. 

Bethanie Blanchard recalls the time where she gave books to a man who belonged to the fictional world of Raymond Chandler and Paul Auster.


How Publishers Work

As part of EWF Sydney, we sent emerging editor Lachlan Mackenzie to "Inside the Publishing House", where he gave us an exclusive look into the workings of publishing giant Hachette Australia.


Signing a Contract for an Unfinished Manuscript

Writer Angela Meyer is "a finisher", and she gives us a peek into the editing process of her first book of fiction, Captives.


All the Answers and Hope and Stories

Kids'-book-lover Carter Higgins gives us a run through of beautiful children's books.


The Australian Comics Ladies List

As a response an online poll where there were no women listed for best Australian comics writers or illustrators, HYWB Editor Amy made a list of female Australian comic artists. No surprises here, they're all brilliantly talented.


Drawn Porn (NSFW)

Comics autodidact extraordinaire Ringo Stalin drew upon his vast knowledge of rude funny books to craft a compelling post about dirty pictures. An absolutely excellent essay, with the subject treated with respect and admiration.


Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde!

We truly adore Oscar Wilde. There’s always something comforting about drifting into a world of quips, crumpets, and beautiful fey boys in boater hats.