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Joining the PMC Family

This past Saturday, July 25, was the second reading of membership transfers. The PMC family would like to welcome the following individuals who have transferred their membership to our church.

  • AITKEN, Jay from Bellingham, WA
  • AITKEN, Jill from Bellingham, WA
  • AVILA, Carmen from Cagua, Venezuela
  • BARBALHO, Therezinha from Brazilian Comm - Richmond, VA
  • BRADFIELD, Craig from Collegedale Comm - Ooltewah, TN
  • BRADFIELD, Erica from Collegedale Comm - Ooltewah, TN
  • EVANS, Kathleen from Blue Mt. Valley-Mission - Athena, OR
  • IZUMI, Yuri from Spanish - Chico, CA
  • KESHIPOCO, Olivia F. from Kuil River - Sarepta, S Africa
  • KIM, Hongon from Yuseong - Daejeon, Korea
  • KIM, Jion from Yuseong - Daejeon, Korea
  • KIM, Sion from Yuseong - Daejeon, Korea
  • LEE, Sunam from Domadong - Daejeon Metro, Korea
  • LEITE, Rafaella from Brazilian Comm - Richmond, VA
  • LEITE, Zeli (de Oliveira) from Brazilian Comm - Richmond, VA
  • MATACIO, Lauren from Village - Berrien Springs, MI
  • MBWAMBO, Julius from Tanzania Advent Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania
  • METELLUS, Marc Henry from Mahanaim French - Naples, FL
  • RIVAS, Juan from Guanare Central - Venezuela
  • RIVAS, Samuel from Puertos de Altagracia - Zulia, Venezuela
  • WAHLEN, Michael from Willowbrook - Boonsboro, MD

We are joyful over their decision to join us in our mission to: Connect. Grow. Serve. Go! Let us warmly welcome them as part of our family.


Christ's Way of Making Disciples

“I have called you My friends” (John 15:15 AMP)

There is no discipleship-making without a friendship with God. There is no discipleship-making without friendship with each other. The Ministry of Healing describes that Christ’s way of reaching people started with mingling with them and showing them He cared before He ministered to their needs. After Jesus earned people's trust He then invited them to become His disciples (EGW, p.143).

GROW Group is Pioneer’s discipleship platform for making friends in the Name of Christ with each other and our neighbors.

As GROW Group Leaders, we help our church community live out these five values based on the New Testament Church in the Book of Acts, Chapter 2: Bible, Evangelism, Service, Social Engagement and Prayer.

What is the main qualification to become a GROW Group leader? We’re not seeking for experts only, but simply people willing to GROW in their friendship with God and others in His Name. 

Ready? Here are your next steps:

  1. Choose any study or activity that you are passionate or curious about
  2. Register your GROW group via
  3. Start inviting people to join you.
  4. Join the Leader Preparation and Prayer Huddle with the Pastoral Staff at the beginning of the semester.
  5. Gather with your group once per week for the next 10 to 12 weeks

 Let’s go and GROW Together!

by Sabine Vatel, Pastor for Discipleship

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