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Inside GROW Groups

The PMC GROW Group spring semester has been in session for a few weeks now! How about checking in with some of our leaders? For the next few weeks, in Pioneer Midweek, we will get a sneak peak of different GROW Groups through the eyes of several leaders. Let's introduce one of them to you today. 

Lynell DeWind is a gifted health care director and has been a member of Pioneer's GROW Groups in previous semesters. She's now serving as a GROW Group leader for  Dare To Ask For More Group at the House of Prayer on Wednesday nights. She took time away from a full schedule  to share about her experience so far. 

What has been your experience with leading a GROW Group so far? 

LD: This is my first time leading a GROW Group. So far I have found the group members to be amazing in their ability to share, comfort, and support one another.

How is this current experience different from previous GROW Groups?

LD: Going from a participant to a leader has been quite interesting. I have found that the group dynamic is quickly formed (for example, we all tend to sit in the same locations week to week). 

How have you seen your life and the lives of your participants impacted by the GROW Group you are leading?

LD: In week two of this semester we have already seen answers to prayers we prayed in week one. What an amazing faith-building experience for everyone in the group!

What would you tell someone who is right now nervously considering leading a group this Summer or in the Fall*?

LD: Don't be afraid of leading. The group comes to connect with each other. Your role is to keep participants talking and on track. They actually do the heavy lifting and provide the best insights to one another. If you think of the leader role as a facilitator, it may help reduce your worry about being a GROW Group leader. 

What is your biggest prayer regarding GROW Groups at Pioneer?

LD: That GROW Groups would see themselves as key to requesting the Holy Spirit poured out on PMC, the [Andrews] campus and our community.

  • *Summer Semester: June 7 to July 26
  • Fall Semester: September 20 to December 6

For more information on GROW Group training or to submit your name as a leader, contact Pastor Vatel:

by Sabine Vatel, GROW Group/Discipleship Pastor


Midweek Encouragement

I saw this on FaceBook and thought it was a comment to be shared.

"When God blesses you financially, don't raise your standard of living; raise your standard of giving!"

After all, as God has promised in Malachi 3:10-12, those who give out of a heart of love for God will receive so many blessings there will not be room enough to receive them.

I believe that! 

by Sharon Terrell, Stewardship Pastor


Vanuatu Needs You

A category 5 cyclone hit the island nation of Vanuatu, located near Australia in the South Pacific, last week killing and wounding many. The storm destroyed crops and livelihoods, collapsing many communities.  A crisis this severe will take years to recover from. ADRA is on the ground, but we need your financial support now. To make an urgent donation, visit You may also call 1-800-424-ADRA (2372) or text the word ADRA to 41444.

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