Week 4 - Term 1

Student Voice Initiative

Last Wednesday the Leadership Team hosted a lunch for all senior students. This was a part of our student voice initiative in which we aim to give all students a platform to speak up and share their ideas to better the school experience for all those involved. This particular event allowed the senior students to tell us what they want to see implemented in 2019 while enjoying a delicious lunch prepared by the canteen! This event also gave year 11 and year 12 students the opportunity to get to know each other and develop friendships. This lunch was a huge success and we hope to launch more events that provide junior students with the opportunity to have their voice heard.

Dumpling making for

Chinese classes

Last week marked the end of Chinese New Year.


On Tuesday through Thursday, our students learning Chinese had a enjoyable time learning to wrap dumplings and cook them.


Years 7 and 8 also spent some time finding out the reasons for eating dumplings during Chinese New Year and more lucky foods that are enjoyed in this festive season.


Our Year 11 students also cooked some pan-fried dumplings besides the traditional boiled dumplings.

Youth Ministry Team Commissioned

On Thursday morning we held our first before-school mass of the year in the chapel. This was a particularly special occasion for our Youth Ministry Team (YMT) as Father Mark blessed and commissioned us to be people of mission in our community. There was a great crowd in the chapel to support us, and we thank them for attending and recognising the importance of ministry at JPC.


Three members of the team are currently attending the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Oceania Equipping School (Thursday – Sunday) to work with other Youth Ministry leaders in schools across the Archdiocese and beyond to develop our skills for the role we have undertaken. We look forward to sharing these experiences with the YMT and the JPC community this year.


Madison Greenwood and Lachlan Richards
Leaders of Peace

If your child has a medical condition, it is a legal requirement for us to hold a Medical Action Plan in first aid. This enables us to assist them when necessary. These need to be updated every 12 months. If you have not already provided one, please contact Belinda Hammond at the Student Office or forward your updated Medical Action Plan to the office email at

JPC Senior Hospitality Restaurant Night.

JPC’s first Senior hospitality restaurant for 2019, aptly themed ‘sunshiny days’, was held on Wednesday 27th February. Our new cohort of year 10 Hospitality students joined forces with the year 11 and 12’s to prepare and serve a light summery menu. Each course incorporated bush tucker ingredients, highlighting the versatility of our locally produced native foods.

The restaurant was full to capacity and we enjoyed the smooth sounds of our student jazz musicians - many thanks to Miss Sharon Robinson for organising the music, and to Megan Hajduk and Kate Parker for their hard work and expert assistance in the kitchen.  A big thank you to Lachlan Richards our resident Maitre De, for helping set the restaurant and running front of house so beautifully. We are also very lucky to have the support of the many teachers and families who joined us for dinner and the office staff who manage the admin side of things so graciously.


Our next hospitality function will be a casual 2 course Spanish style lunch in the restaurant on Wednesday 13th March from 12.30 – 1.30pm. $15.00 includes mocktail on arrival and tea or coffee. Please book through front office before paying on Qkr.


Annie Daley
Hospitality Teacher

From the Leaders of Wellbeing Team:


This year, we have been pleased to see the number of students that are developing their skills of independence by catching buses to and from school! This is a great opportunity for our students to learn life skills to increase their self-sufficiency and confidence outside of school. It also helps our students to develop etiquette skills when using public transport, so that they can be aware of other passengers and the expectations of the public when using transport services.


If your student does catch the bus, there are a few basic rules of transport etiquette that you may wish to talk to them about. These are to:

  • Let passengers exit first, before entering the bus
  • Allow vulnerable people to enter and find a seat first (i.e. elderly people, people with disabilities, children)
  • Only use one seat per person, and do not block the aisle with your bags
  • Refrain from loud conversations and inappropriate language
  • No eating or chewing gum


If you do have concerns about incidents that occur on the bus, or students that are not behaving appropriately on the school buses, please do not hesitate to follow up with these issues. All bus complaints or concerns can be directed to Action Buses (13 17 10), or to Access Canberra. Both of these organisations have the authority to intervene in these matters, and can ban students from the school buses if there is a continued issue with their presence on the bus.


Kind regards from the Leaders of Wellbeing Team.

Saving Lives as a Community

Are you a student over the age of 18 and interested in saving lives?


Contact Miss Turner to find out how! If you are already a donor within the JPC community (teacher, parent, aunty, friend etc), join our Red25 group by logging on to the Donate Blood website at, select Red25 Group and search for St John Paul II College Canberra.


Let’s increase our tally together!

Year 8 Dance

Students in Year 8 Dance elective, have made a great start to the year. They have been investigating how to create movement to different in a variety of different context. Students have been learning about the fundamentals of dance, which include basic elements of dance, moving through time space and energy. As well as basics choreographic devices, so that they can be creators of movement.


The energy within the classroom has been fantastic, students are eagerly awaiting to begin their assessment, whereby they will be working in small groups to create a short routine in any dance style of their choice with a narrative. As teachers, we are very excited to see what this group and produce, there is an abundance of talent and creativity within both the boys and girl’s classroom. Students will also be creating a video blog, creating a ‘how to’ create movement. Last lesson, the students began to plan their blog, there were some very unique and creative ideas being expressed. Keep a close eye out, one of their video blogs might appear on out JPC Facebook page in the near future.   


Year 9 / 10 Dance

By the end of this term the Year 9 and 10 Dance class will have learnt at least 4 different Jazz fusion styles: Classical Jazz, Street Jazz with a focus on Hip Hop, Commercial Jazz and Broadway Jazz with a focus on Musical Theatre. Students have been appreciating the stylistic conventions of each style and working on the Performance and Composition aspects within each style.

In the last 4 weeks I have been blown away with the talent, companionship and enthusiasm in my Year 9 & 10 Dance class! They have been tackling every exercise and routine with the professional dancer attitude of “Yes, I have it what’s next?!”. Every student in the class is extending their passion for Dance, as their creativity, technical growth and Dance ability soars! Both the students and I have high expectations of what they can achieve, which means that they are completing many challenging senior level tasks successfully. Well Done to all of the students involved in this class!! Lets go, Lets work!

Senior Dance Year 11/12


Senior Dance students hit the ground running, by being immersed into their ‘making and responding’ assessment task, within the unit Contemporary Dance.


This Dance unit explores the nature and history of Contemporary dance, investigating the works of pioneers such as Graham. Students have been manipulating the body into spirals, convection shapes and inverse movement patters as well as learning an array of set routines and sequences.


Some of the movement patters have been challenging, pushing the boundaries of our classical dancers. Students will be shortly paying a visit to Sydney Dance Company, working with the professional dancers in learning some of the company’s professional works, as well as taking a creative workshop.


All this experience will be very valuable in assisting students with their assessment tasks.

White Card / Asbestos Awareness Workshops.

Any student in Year 10,11,12 interested in completing a White Card (Construction) or an Asbestos Awareness workshop this term, needs to email Mr Pettit ASAP with the following information.

Read this carefully!

Full name, year group, PC group, SPECIALISED PATHWAY CODE* and an indication as to whether you want to join the White Card or the Asbestos Workshop.

If there are enough numbers the workshops will run, so tell your friends. Once we have an indication of numbers more details regarding costs and dates will be distributed. We hope to be running the workshops in conjunction with SFX.

Any questions email Mr Pettit.

*Specialised Pathway Codes can be provided by Mr Pettit during SP Interviews.

Did you lose your Bike?

We have a bike at the student office that has been with us since last Christmas. It came out of the bike shed one afternoon and no one has come to claim it. If you have lost a bike and can provide a description, please contact student office immediately.

It has been so amazing to have such an influx of year 7 students join our music programs here at JPC this year. Aron and I love getting new students involved and putting them groups/bands and helping them along their musical journey.


Whether you’ve had previous musical experience or not, if your child would like to try out any of our music programs, they are more than welcome to come along to a rehearsal to try before they buy.

Please remember that if your child has signed up to a group that you go to the relevant links below to pay via Qkr!


Music lessons - click here
Play/sing in a group - click here

Hiring an instrument - click here


If you have any further questions about our music programs, please feel free to email Aron Lyon or Sharon Robinson.


On Thursday the 14th February (Week 2), JPC had its annual Swimming Carnival at Big Splash Waterpark in Jamison. The weather was a perfect accompaniment to the spirit displayed by all houses and the competition was heated.


Such a day cannot be possible without the tireless Health and Physical Education staff who are the first to arrive and the last to leave. Thank you to all of the teachers, support staff and parents who were supportive and energetic both in the lead up to, and on the day of the carnival. Lastly, thank you to all of the students who showed courage, sportsmanship and respect throughout the day.


It was truly a day where we were able to celebrate and unite as a community. I look forward to seeing all of the above qualities at the Athletics Carnival in Week 6.


Miss Turner


PS. Sorry this was left out of Key Messages last week

from Key Messages Editor



Between the 8th and 10th of February, a number of JPC Students travelled to Coffs Harbour to compete in the Oztag Junior State Cup with the ACT Cougars. The Under 13’s Division 2 girls even went through the whole tournament undefeated, winning them the Grand final!


Well done to:


Mia McGovern
Lara Grocott
Sophie Murray
Ally Hampton
Owen Hromow
Natalia Brankovic
Patrick Hubbard
Noah Marcantonio
Josh Baldwin


Pictured: Lara Grocott & Sophie Murray, members of the U13 Div2 Grand final winning team.

From the College office

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