The Sexual Offender Special Interest Group: achievements, present and future

The CEP Sexual Offender Special Interest Group (SIG) held an expert meeting last October. Why? What was discussed? Time for an interview with chairperson Elizabeth Hayes on a planned European conference, prevention of sexual offences and what has been achieved by the SIG so far.


Foreign national prisoners. Looking back and forward

Anyone interested in prisons ought to know John Howard (1726-1790). His countless visits to correctional institutions and places of confinement all over Europe, and his books describing, with exacting precision, what he found were an eye-opener for eighteenth-century society. He set people thinking about what prisons were like and what they should (or should not) be. Although he was a man of rather limited personal ambition and limited skill in terms of policymaking, his activities and publications had a great impact, which often ended up placing him in the foreground as a major philanthropist and prison reformer.

By Tom Vander Beken, Ghent University


EuroVista edition 4.2 now online!

Following the CEP conference on Young Adult Offenders in Lillestrom last August, the articles in this EuroVista focus on this topic. Nine articles and two book reviews can be downloaded from the EuroVista website.

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