HOPE. It Starts with YOU on Line 32!

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition is proud to award $200,000 to breast cancer research in Pennsylvania during 2018. As the Coalition celebrates its 25th anniversary, it remains focused on finding a cure now... so our daughters won’t have to. The PBCC has chosen to fund teams of scientists across the state working to find the cause of and cure for breast cancer. Thanks to YOU, the Coalition’s contributions are able to serve as a catalyst for the breast cancer treatments of tomorrow.

You are reading this right now because someone you know and love has been touched by breast cancer. It is a disease that affects 1 in 8 women across the country and 37 women each day in Pennsylvania. Will you stand with the PA Breast Cancer Coalition and support those women? Will you join our efforts to find a cure for breast cancer? Look for Line 32 on the PA state income tax form and donate your refund directly to life-saving projects! Make a donation online or organize an event in your community. Take action. Save lives.

Celebrating 25 Years: Share your Favorite PBCC Memories

Twenty five years of advocacy on behalf of the greater good. Twenty five years of supporting survivors and their families. A quarter century investing in research to find a cure, educating constituents on what breast cancer is, how to detect it and how to move forward with hope.

Were you with us from the beginning? Did you stand with us on the State Capitol steps and call for mammogram coverage? Are you looking through the resources and gifts you just received in your Friends Like Me care package? No matter when you began your relationship with the PA Breast Cancer Coalition, we want to hear from you. Share your story for the PBCC’s 25 anniversary and you could be featured in an upcoming publication or video!


"Let's Get This Party Started"
Fearless Philadelphia Breast Cancer Survivor Faces New Battle

Glynis Rhodes, Philadelphia
Diagnosed in 2007

How was your breast cancer found?

That was with a regular annual mammogram in 2007. I had a lumpectomy and chemo and radiation. I’d been doing well until October 22, 2017 when I diagnosed with uterine cancer which we think may have been a result of some of the chemotherapy drugs. I’m back in chemo but this time it will be every week for 18 weeks with lower doses of chemo. That’ll be better on my body, easier to tolerate. With both diagnoses, whatever the doctor said … boom, boom, boom, I said let’s get this party started...

Good Luck, Michelle!
PBCC Database Manager Pursues Breast Cancer Research Dreams in CA

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The PA Breast Cancer Coalition congratulates former Database Manager Michelle Goodreau on her exciting new position as the Project Coordinator II at Sutter Health in Northern California, working on the STRIVE Study. The purpose of the STRIVE study is to train and validate a test to detect breast cancer at early stages. This study will enroll 120,000 women and is one of the largest clinical study programs ever pursued in genomic medicine. Michelle completed her Master of Public Health degree in 2017 from Penn State College of Medicine.

Michelle, we are so proud of you as you continue working to find a cure for breast cancer now... so our daughters won't have to!


American Heart Association Warns Chemo and Radiation May Lead to Heart Disease in Breast Cancer Survivors

American Heart Association Issues Warning about Effects of Chemo and Radiation

The American Heart Association issued a stark warning Thursday for women with breast cancer: Lifesaving therapies like chemotherapy and radiation can cause heart failure and other serious cardiac problems, sometimes years after treatment.

The organization said patients and doctors shouldn’t avoid the treatments but instead take steps to prevent or minimize the cardiac risks. It stressed that breast cancer survivors can improve their chances of a long, healthy life by exercising regularly and sticking to a healthy diet. Click on the link below to read the complete Washington Post article.

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