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October 21, 2015


Equestrian Victoria Board of Directors election

Voting has now commenced for the Equestrian Victoria Board of Directors election.There are two vacancies and we have three nominations for the Board.

Eligible members are asked to nominate one or two candidates for the Board. 

The three candidates and their resumes can be found by Clicking Here.

Equestrian Victoria Annual General Meeting

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM at Werribee Park on Wednesday the 28th of October 2015. To veiw the 2014/15 Audited Financials and statement from the Chair, please Click Here


Equestrian Victoria
Job Title: Show Jumping Coordinator

Equestrian Victoria is seeking a part time Show Jumping coordinator.

You will have excellent customer service skills, a love and knowledge of equestrian sport, more specifically Showjumping

Your computer skills should encompass MYOB, Excel, Word, and Outlook, on a Windows platform.

You should be self-motivated, and able to work both independently and part of a small close knit team in the EV Office.

This role requires attendance at meetings after normal business hours and also some weekend work. 

The successful candidate will answer directly to the Chair of Jumping Victoria and the CEO of Equestrian Victoria.

EOI to Greg Pratt ,CEO of Equestrian Victoria .

Chairman's Chat

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the ISJ at Ayr Hill. Three Olympians, Jamie Coman, Russell Johnston and Laurie Lever headed teams of current Star riders in the GP. It was inspiring for our junior riders to see how these senior riders walk the course, warm up and down and how easy they make the course look. There are now a strong group of 1.20 m riders competing in this series and many of them competed in the very tough Junior Championship Series at the recent Australian Showjumping Championships with top ten results.

Annie White, our Showjumping Coordinator for the past ten years has played a major role in nurturing and progressing Showjumping in Victoria. It is with much sadness that we see Annie leaving EV to pursue new avenues. Thank you very much Annie for all your dedication, enthusiasm and hard work. You will be much missed by us all.

EV recently hosted an informal get together of our Discipline Committees and other Equestrian Bodies. We have so many dedicated and talented members in each discipline however many do not know each other. This year we have seen a close working relationship develop between our Discipline Chairs and this has brought about a clearer understanding of what the other disciplines do.

The EA AGM was held on Saturday and saw the return of Eliza Carver and Mark Hopkinson to the Board and two new members Daniel Stoneman and Christopher Styring. This year EV have been developing a close relationship with the EA Board so that we may work in a collaborative manner to develop our sport to the benefit of all of our members.

As we approach the Annual General Meeting of Equestrian Victoria to review the 2014/15year, I reflect with considerable pleasure on the achievements of your EV Board.
This eclectic group of equestrian sport and industry leaders have worked extraordinary hours throughout the year, enthusiastically to address a number of long-term issues facing EV. While leading this team is a time consuming task, it is indeed a privilege to head such a dedicated and optimistic crew.
It is with particular pride and a degree of relief that I will be able to present a much improved financial performance to the 2015 AGM. The $400,000+ positive turn around in the financial performance is the result of persistent enquiry, strict discipline and hard work and the support of our board and external experts.
All our major events have run profitably and services to members should improve as these profits are returned to sports through re-established development funds, especially once the repair of our balance sheet progresses further.    
A huge amount of work is being directed from the EV office towards the reality of an affordable & transferable equestrian insurance product that may be available next year.
As co-tenants of WPNEC with Polo Victoria, we have been working hard in the background restructuring its operations and finances, negotiating with Parks Victoria both on the terms of our occupancy and possible redevelopment of the Werribee Park site, preparing an exciting future for WPNEC.
I am confident that 2014/15 has been one of the more successful of recent years for Equestrian Victoria, but the job is not complete. To bed down these projects I seek your support for a further term as a Director of Equestrian Victoria.

I welcome you all to attend the AGM at 7 pm on Wednesday October 28 after which there will be a casual get together.

Good Luck and safe travelling to all our riders at the ADC in Sydney this week.

Ingrid Green
Equestrian Victoria

Show Horse

Ego Sunsense Australasian Show Horse and Rider Championships 2015- The Nationals

We are only 46 days away from the most prestigious show horse event of the year! The event planning has all gone well and the organising committee is very eager to once again host and showcase Australasia’s best show horses! Nationals 2015 not only gives spectators and supporters great opportunities to be apart of event but multiple opportunities to enjoy the event in class and style. We also have some lovely merchandise, this caters for both competitor and spectator. Sponsorship opportunities for individuals, businesses and companies at Nationals 2016 are exceptional!

Have you liked our official FaceBook page or been to our official website? If not for Facebook search: Australasian Show Horse and Rider Championships 2015- The Nationals and for official website Click Here        

For more information on the following areas, please follow the links-


Social Scene



Dressage Nationals

Equestrian Victoria wishes all the Victorians competing at the Dressage Nationals the best of luck. We hope you have a successful competition but most importantly have fun. This year promises to be a spectacular event with the best riders and horses traveling from all over Australia to attend. We wish everyone safe travels and looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Mitavite AOR Leaderboard

To view the Mitavite AOR Leaderboard please Click Here

Pictured Left: Maree Tomkinson riding Diamantina


Eventing Victoria looks forward to running another Horse Trials this weekend to support the Eventing Community. Equestrian Victoria thanks the very active Eventing committee for once again pulling together, for what will be a fabulous competition. Hope to see you all there.

Pictured Left: Adam Benson Camperdown Enthusiast

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