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Food Tech Media Startup Funding, M&A and Partnerships: July 2014
With 6 acquisitions & 10 fundings, the food tech media sector was infused with $740m in July.

10 Topics to Know Cold for the Perfect VC Pitch, Part 1
Gearing up for your first VC pitch? Here are 3 things you need to know.

Startup Resources

Zomato Insights Part 2: Three Tips That Make Funding Your Startup Easy - ITProPortal
Zomato, which has raised £32m, on the key skills tech entrepreneurs needs to survive in the post-recession world.

10 Startup Founder Blogs That Every Entrepreneur Should Read - General Assembly
These resources offer practical advice that is bound to keep you well-informed and inspired as you follow your business dreams.

Cultivation Capital Launches Agtech Accelerator - St. Louis Business Journal
4-8 startups will each receive a $100,000 investment. Applications are being accepted until October.

No Free Lunch for Companies as IRS Weighs Meal Tax Rules - Bloomberg Businessweek
The U.S. tax agency is taking a closer look at a popular tax-exempt perk offered by companies such as Google Inc.: free meals.


Food Startup Hampton Creek Nabs Ali Partovi to Run Strategy - re/code
Partovi will have a wide range of duties with the role, including working on partnerships and marketing. 

Catalina Buys Digital Coupon Company Aims to boost mobile offers - AdWeek
With the acquisition, Catalina claims to have the largest pool of load-to-card content, or coupons that are stored to loyalty cards.


Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic - Shopify
Last week represented the first time in history that more people used mobile phones and tablets to visit online stores than using computers.

Good Eggs Raises $21 Million From Index Ventures To Deliver The Farmer’s Market To Your Door - TechCrunch
The round was led by Index Ventures, and the local food marketplace plans to use the funds to expand to other cities.

Here's What It Looks Like When Tinder Meets the Local Food Movement - TakePart
Agrilicious wants to help you set up a hot date with your local farmers.

U.S. Mail Delivers Amazon Groceries in San Francisco - Wall Street Journal
This test could presage a broader national rollout, giving Amazon's grocery drop-off service a much wider reach.

At the Intersection of Big Data and Better Food Choices - brick meets click
Bill Bishop chats with Elliot Grant about how ShopWell personalizes nutrition scoring for individual products and what retailers can learn from the data it generates.

Peapod to Charge for Store Pick-up - Supermarket News
Store pick-up customers will be charged $2.95, with a minimum order size of $60. 


Tables, Tablets, Data And Eating - TechCrunch
A tsunami of technologies are changing the way the hospitality industry functions.

Silicon Valley Startup DoorDash to Launch in Boston with Food Delivery from 100 Restaurants - Boston Busness Journal
The startup employs drivers, sends them out to fulfill orders and drive to each customer location. 

Catering Startup Cater2.me Says It Has Served 5M Meals - TechCrunch
The 65+ person startup also announced that it’s launching in four new cities, bringing its total to 10.


China Launches Chopsticks that Tell You If Your Food Is Safe to Eat - TheGuardian
Device by Baidu search engine detects freshness of food and its fitness for consumption, displaying findings on an app. 

Gap in Diet Quality Between Wealthiest and Poorest Americans Doubles, Study Finds - National Geographic
Higher costs and limited supermarket access are cited as barriers to health.

Will China Defeat Obesity? - New York Times
China has a chance to turn the tide against disease-causing diets before it’s too late. Sadly, we may need its example to wake up to our own problems.


Farming Startup FarmLogs Triples Market Share In Last Six Months - TechCrunch
In just 2 years, the counts customers in all 50 states and over $11 billion worth of crops under its management. 

Singapore Opens S$63 Million Fund for Farmers - AgFuder News
Funds will go towards transformational farming systems, equipment and infrastructure, and to help farmers grow better.

Why Cultivian Ventures, Sandbox Industries invest in food production - Chicago Tribune
Cultivian Ventures is drawing on its executives' experiences from working at Monsanto, The NutraSweet Company, Dow Chemical and more to make potentially lucrative bets.


The Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink - Fortune
Fortune and Food & Wine identify the women who influence the way you eat and think about food.

New U.S. Rules Protect Giant Bluefin Tuna - NPR
In an effort to reduce the number of giant bluefin tuna killed by fishing fleets, the U.S. is putting out new rules about commercial fishing. 

Digital Food Life 2014: How Technology Shapes the Way Consumers Eat - Hartman Group
A cultural framework for understanding how consumers integrate digital tech into their lives and how it nfluences the way they eat. 

Slightly Fewer Americans Struggle to Get Enough Food, USDA Finds - Wall Street Journal
Number of U.S. Households With Inadequate Food Remains Historically High at 17.5 Million in 2013



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