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Tutorial for ND Assist and NHP Assist website.

Based on your feedback, we have improved the interface and added several new features to the website! This tutorial describes the basic features of the NHP Assist website:

Note: if you require help loging into the website please email info@ndassist.com

What is the difference between ND Assist and NHP Assist?

NHP Assist is designed to help retail stores and the general public learn about natural health products (NHPs).

ND Assist is designed for Naturopathic Doctors and students. The interface is slightly different and there is additional content specifically for Naturopaths.

Note: You can login to the site through both the NHP Assist website or NDAssist website.

1.0 ACCESS - Using Mobile Devices or Desktop Computers

The NHP Assist website has been optimized to work on any mobile device (e.g. phones and tablets), laptops and desktop computers. 

To access the website on your tablet or phone, open your web browser and enter the web address:


1.1 RETRIEVE - Password

Login to the website using this email account. If you forgot your password:

1. Click the "Sign In" tab.

2. Click the "Forgot your password?" button. 

3. Enter the email address associated with this tutorial.

You should immediately (1-2 minutes) receive a link to reset your password.  If not then check your "junk box".

Contact us: accounts@ndassist.com if you want to create an account with an alternate email.

2.0 DISPLAY - All Records Belonging to a Category

Click the tabs on the left side of the screen to view all the records related to a particular category.

2.1 DISPLAY - All Products Belonging to a Company

1. Click the "Products" category on the left side of the screen.

2. Click a company logo to see all of their corresponding products.

3.0 SEARCH - By Term

1. Click into the "Search" field.

2. Type the desired search term.

Note: You can select an "auto-complete" term or continue typing to bypass it.

3. Hit enter (or click the "Search" button) to submit the search.

3.1 VIEW - Search Results by Category

After performing a search (e.g. "Hypertension") the search results are organized by category (e.g. Products, Conditions, Nutraceuticals, Herbals, etc).

Click here to see the results for hypertension.

Scroll down the page to see the top search results in each category (e.g. Related Herbals for "Hypertension").

3.2 NAVIGATE - Search Results

There are two ways to view more search results in a category:

1. Click the "See all"  button to display ALL the search results in that corresponding category.

2. Click the Left and Right arrows that appear when you scroll over a row to see the next or previous records.

Click here to "See all" herbals related to "hypertension".


3.3 VIEW - Desired Record

Click the thumbnail image of the item of interest to view its details.

3.4 NAVIGATE - Related Items

After you have finished looking at a specific record, you can jump to the next record or view all the records in the found set or category. 

Access "Related" items using the fields in the:

1. Upper Right Corner

2. Bottom of the Page

You can also jump to the bottom of the page to see the "Related" item by clicking.

3. "Related" button.

4.0 FILTER - Search Results by Category Filters

After you have performed a search and clicked "Display All"  from a particular category (e.g. Herbals), you can display the search results from a different category by clicking the "Search" button and selecting a category (e.g. Products).

This allows you to filter and view all search results from any category.

Click here to "See all" products related to "hypertension".

4.1 FILTER - By a Specific Brand

Utilize the subfilters to refine search results by a particular company:

1. Perform a search (see above).

2. Go to the "Products" category row and click the "Show All"

3. Click the "Filter by: Brands" button and select the company of interest. 

Click here to view all products for hypertension filtered by "Brands (Professional)"

4.2 SORT - By Relevance or Alphabetically

You can view search results in order of:

1. Relevance - Search results are ranked and displayed in order of relevance to the search term.  This is the default sort order.

2. Alphabetically - Display the search results in alphabetical order by clicking the "Sort by: A-Z".

4.3 COMPARE - By Ingredients

If you want to view only the product ingredients for the search results (e.g. CoQ10) click "Compare: Ingredients". 

The results will appear in a single scrollable field.  If you searched by an ingredient (e.g. CoQ10), the results will be ranked in order of highest to lowest concentrations of that ingredient.


5.0 RESEARCH - Using PubMed links

The followng section are well referenced with links to the related PubMed abstracts:


Click the "PubMed" button to view the list of abstracts quoted on corresponding web page.

6.0 SAVE - Favourites to the Clipboard

The "Saved" category is a clipboard. You can store information for easy retrieval in the future.

1. Click the "Save" button to add the desired item to your "Saved" clipboard.

2. Click the "Saved" category to view the contents of your clipboard.

6.1 VIEW HISTORY - Previously Selected Items

If you want to return to an item you have previously viewed, click the "History" category.

All the products you have looked at are listed in chronological order with most recent items appearing first.

You can clear the history by clicking "Clear All".

7.0 PRINT - Page

Click the "Print" button to prepare printouts or save as a pdf file.

7.1 EMAIL - Information

You can share any page on the website.

Click the "Email" button and enter the email address of the recipient.




Did you find the tutorial helpful? 

Please email us info@ndassist.com with any feedback or questions you may have.

Thank you,

NDAssist Team