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NLTP Bulletin

28 January 2020



Welcome to the NLTP Bulletin, our newsletter with information about management of the current National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) and what we're working on for the development of the 2021-24 NLTP.


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NLTP information sessions

We’re holding sessions with local government in early February to discuss:

  • proposed changes to the Investment Decision-Making Framework (IDMF) we’re currently consulting on
  • Arataki, our 10-year plan and our view of what is needed to deliver on the government’s objectives for the land transport system
  • what’s needed for the Transport Agency Investment Proposal (TAIP) and
  • how we’re working with you to support your RLTP development.

Senior Transport Agency staff from these project teams will be on hand to go through additional details and help answer any questions you may have.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. If you haven’t received an invitation and would like to attend, please email

We’ll follow up with an information pack and session video for those who couldn’t attend.


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What we're working on


Investment Decision-Making Framework (IDMF)

  • We’re now half-way through the IDMF consultation period where we’re asking for your feedback on specific aspects of the draft IDMF design that relate to the assessment of investment proposals, and the development of business cases and low cost low risk programmes.
  • We’ll consult separately on the prioritisation approach for the 2021-24 NLTP once the draft GPS has been released, which is expected to be in March.
  • Full details about the proposed changes are available online, including the Consultation Document (PDF) and Draft Design Report (PDF), together with the online feedback form where you can provide feedback.
  • These changes need to work for local government, so please take the time to submit your feedback before consultation closes on 21 February. Please note, we encourage a combined response from your council, but the form also allows for multiple responses from within a council.
  • If you have any general questions about the changes, you can email the team at
  • We also encourage you to come along to one of the information sessions we’re holding early next month. Please email if you’d like to attend but haven’t yet received an invitation.


  • Arataki Version 1 was released for feedback in December. As a first version it represents our current best view of the challenges and opportunities facing the land transport system over the next decade. It's available for download here.
  • Arataki will provide valuable input into the development of the next Transport Agency Business Plan, NLTP, TAIP, RLTPs, spatial planning and other policy and planning processes.
  • As we develop the 2021-24 NLTP, we’ll use Arataki and the resulting discussions to better align our land transport system investments and councils’ plans for their communities. 
  • Over the next few months we’re focusing on engaging with our partners and will update Arataki to reflect new evidence and agreed responses.
  • After feedback, an update will be provided in April 2020 and Version 2 will be released in August 2020.
  • Your feedback is important to us. If you have any questions or feedback, or wish to speak to someone directly, please talk to your key Transport Agency contact or email

Transport Agency Investment Proposal (TAIP)

  • Development of the TAIP is underway. It includes the State Highway Activity Management Plan (SHAMP) and the national activities we do on behalf of the sector in preparation for the 2021-24 NLTP and RLTPs.
  • We’ll be at the NLTP information session in February to talk more about the TAIP in more detail and answer any questions.
  • The draft GPS is expected to be released for consultation in March, which will provide direction and priorities for the 2021-24 NLTP period. The IDMF review will release the final report in mid-2020 and changes to assessment and prioritisation will be taken into account as the TAIP is developed.
  • The final TAIP will be endorsed by our Board for submissions to Regional Transport Committees (RTCs) when required.

Regional Land Transport Plans (RLTPs)

  • We know that many of you are keen to learn what has changed and what you need to do for the 2021-24 NLTP.
  • The Transport Special Interest Group (TSIG), with support from the Transport Agency, has developed best practice guidance for developing the RLTP 2021–2031.
  • This guidance will help support more consistent RLTPs across the country and it can be used alongside the RLTP templates.
  • We have established a team to support our regional relationship teams as they work with local government on RLTP development.


Related updates

Mode shift plan launched

  • Increasing the share of public transport, walking and cycling in our cities (mode shift) has a critical role to play in improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders by shaping a more accessible, safer and sustainable transport system.
  • We launched a plan to do this – Keeping cities moving – which will help deliver on social, environmental and economic outcomes. 
  • There are 35 interventions for the Transport Agency to deliver which will help:
    • shape urban form so that it supports mode shift
    • make shared and active modes more attractive through improving service, access and infrastructure quality
    • influence travel demand and transport choices to encourage people to change the way they travel.
  • Travel demand management work is an important part of any mode shift strategy or plan.
  • The Minister asked us to work with local government partners to develop mode shift plans for Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.
  • While timeframes and approaches for each of these plans vary and will be customised around the needs and opportunities important for each place, the aim is to have the mode shift plans inform development of RLTPs.
  • The Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) has finalised the Auckland mode shift plan - Better Travel Choices.

Draft New Zealand Rail Plan

  • We know that rail is a key part of our multi-modal land transport system and contributes significant value to New Zealand.
  • In December, the Ministry of Transport released the draft NZ Rail Plan – outlining the Government’s vision and investment priorities for rail.
  • The Ministry of Transport will formally engage on the draft Rail Plan as part of their engagement on the draft GPS, expected in March.
  • Your feedback will help inform the final Rail Plan and GPS, which are expected to be published in the second half of 2020.
  • Part of what’s discussed in the Rail Plan is changes to the way rail is planned for and funded. This is a significant programme of change for the land transport system and will be implemented over the next two years.


More information


For more information on the NLTP, you can visit our website or contact us online.