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Friend of Hobblebush,

We've been told that spring is on its way. In the meantime, what better way to warm up than by sipping wine at LaBelle Winery while meeting our authors? You may have already received this invitation to our Sunday Granite State Authors Series. All are welcome to these free, monthly events, but if possible, please RSVP.

This is a wonderful opportunity if you live close enough. If you don't, we hope you'll read these fantastic authors with your own glass of wine in your favorite reading chair!

See more photos like this one from the Mt. Washington Observatory at Eric Pinder's presentation this Sunday!

Sunday Granite State Authors Series Calendar of Events

March 9
Eric Pinder, Life at the Top
If possible, please RSVP for this event.
Did you know that New Hampshire’s Mount Washington is known as “Home of the World’s Worst Weather?” Former weather observer Eric Pinder will present photographs and videos from the summit of Mount Washington and read from his book Life at the Top: Weather, Wonder, & High Cuisine from the Mount Washington Observatory. Sample some of the Observatory staff’s favorite (and quirky) recipes during the reception! 

April 6
Alice B. Fogel, S Stephanie (for Walter Butts), Patricia Fargnoli:
Strange Terrain, Cathedral of Nervous Horses, Winter

If possible, please RSVP for this event.
Join us for readings by past and present New Hampshire Poet Laureates! Alice B. Fogel, our current NH Poet Laureate, will be accompanied by S Stephanie (for Walter Butts, NH Poet Laureate 2009–2013) and Patricia Fargnoli (NH Poet Laureate 2006–2009) for this Granite State celebration of National Poetry Month. 

May 4
Sidney Hall, Jr., Small Town Tales
Are you a writer? Are you interested in learning about the ins and outs of book publishing? Sidney Hall, Jr., author and president of Hobblebush Books, will discuss and answer questions about book design and publishing. He will also read from and discuss Small Town Tales, his book about small town life in the 50s and 60s.

June 8
Julia Older, Tales of the François Vase
Julia Older’s obsession with the famous François Vase led to both the radio play and book-length poem. Join us as Julia reads from her book, Tales of the François Vase, and brings us through the vase’s dramatic 25-century journey that winds through a subterranean inferno of greed, passion, and terror.

July 20
Tom Fitzgerald, Poor Richard's Lament
What if Ben Franklin came back? What if everything depended on it? This is the springboard for Tom Fitzgerald’s acclaimed book, Poor Richard’s Lament. Join us to hear Tom read from and discuss his book about Ben Franklin’s return to confront contemporary America, and learn a few interesting tidbits about this Founding Father along the way!

Holly has a good nose for books and wine!

Holly won't be able to make it to the first event in the Sunday Granite State Authors Series at LaBelle Winery on March 9th, but here she is, taking our advice, and enjoying Life at the Top on her favorite couch with a glass of Pinot Noir and a succulent biscuit platter.