Newsletter, November 2015
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Hi there,

This month's offering is relatively light as we're hoping to bring you a sackful of delights ready for next month's winter festivities. That said, LG Inform Plus subscribers can enjoy an exclusive treat this month and there's plenty of updated data on LG Inform too.

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Exclusive ward-level IMD reports

Following the release of the latest Indices of Multiple Deprivation data, we've been hard at work making the metrics more accessible for certain geographies. As promised last month, we've processed the data to work at ward-level – not available from the original release – and have also produced a few reports to enable policy makers and others to identify the location, nature and extent of local deprivation.

These reports are exclusive to LG Inform Plus subscribers and you may not be able to find this ward-level data anywhere else.

Ward-level data is available for the first time in a detailed ward report which summarises all IMD indicators (overall, domains, sub-domains and supplementary indices) for an individual chosen ward. For the various indicators, wards are ranked within their local authority, region and England.
One report summarises the overall IMD indicator for all wards within a chosen authority. The score for each ward is shown, together with details of the ten most/least deprived wards, and a map showing IMD distribution. Another is similar, but summarises the overall IMD indicator for all LSOAs within a chosen authority.
More detailed versions of the last two reports will be available for other IMD indicators in due course. For more information, please contact Stephen Richards.

Benchmarking club: Q2 deadline

Monday 23 November is the new, extended deadline for submitting 2015–16 Q2 benchmarking data. This financial year, we’ve added some extra metrics in response to user demand, namely fly-tipping and website visitor statistics. For more information and to view the 2015–16 Q1 summary reports please visit the dedicated Benchmarking local data page. Any questions about our benchmarking work can be directed to

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After a great tour around the country this quarter, we are looking forward to organising next quarter's training days. If you are interested in attending either an LG Inform or LG Inform Plus – or a day combining the two – please contact the LG Inform team.

More details about the training days and links to slides can be found on the LG Inform group on Knowledge Hub.

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