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War begins Dec 8, 2017 at 9pm EDT!

MegaWars is beautiful!

We have restructured MegaWars pricing and removed the three player levels, so now all players get the same options.

Players will determine their level of commitment by choosing one of three regions of space within which to operate and place colonies.

  • CORE regions are centermost, inside the red borders. This whole region is a Demilitarized Zone; planets cannot be attacked or occupied, but this degree of protection comes at a price: a tax of two (2) mu per colonist per year.
  • RIM regions lay just outside the Core, inside the orange. Combat is allowed and planets can be attacked, but can only be plundered once a day with destruction limited to 10% of a single industry.  The tax for operating in the Rim is one (1) mu per colonist per year.
  • FRONTIER regions, outside the orange, provide players with no protection and no tax penalties. This simulates the original MWIII universe style.

With this exciting new structure space encompasses up to 2,600 regions and players now have more than five million stars to explore.

These changes are almost complete. Now we need to debug and publish them. In a perfect world there would be enough time to thoroughly test them before our original start date of Oct 27, but, alas, there is not.  So instead of taking a chance we will move the start to Dec 8, 2017, and will push EXTREMELY HARD to be ready.

Keep up to date of new changes and updates by logging into the MegaWars forums:


Take advantage of the MW Academies to hone your skills before the war starts!