Term 2 Information


8 April 2020



Dear Parents and Carers,



Arrangements for Term 2, 2020


As you are all aware, the situation with COVID-19 is a dynamic one. Our information at this stage is that arrangements for schools during Term 2 will remain as they are now – that is, families are encouraged to keep their children at home and to undertake the remote learning, provided by the staff at JPC.


JPC will provide supervision for those students whose parents have no option but to send their children to school. There will be no formal classes next term and students will be supervised by a casual relief staff member. Students at school will undertake the same remote learning as students at home. There will be no canteen facilities and students will need to remain in the one learning area, where we will ensure that social distancing protocols are followed. Students will, of course, have supervised lunch and recess breaks.


This week I asked parents to indicate if they will have a requirement to have their children supervised at school for term 2. Thank you to those parents who have done this.


We have based our onsite supervision for week 1 of Term 2, on those parents who have replied. If you have not indicated that your child requires supervision, please do not send them to school.


The first day of term 2 is Tuesday 28 April and remote learning to students will recommence on this day. However, the Catholic Education Office has nominated the first day of term as a “Pupil Free” Day.  Those families who have indicated that their child/ren require supervision during term 2, please alert the Office by Thursday 9 April, 3.30pm if this also includes the Pupil Free day (28 April).

Information for parents regarding payment of fees


Catholic Education is committed to providing financial assistance to support families who have lost their economic livelihood as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The position of Catholic education is that no child will be denied a Catholic education because of financial circumstances.


Initial support to assist all families includes:

  1. A refund (for amounts paid) on charges for excursions, sporting events or activities that were due to occur in Terms 1 and 2 and have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Fee statements for Term 2 will be delayed to week 4 of Term 2.

Where families are experiencing financial stress due to job loss, being stood down, reduction in work hours, business downturn or closure resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The following is available through a confidential discussion with the school:


  1. Suspension of follow up activity on outstanding fees at the end of Term 1 until 31 July 2020.
  2. Full or partial fee remission or deferral. You are asked to indicate the level of assistance you feel you need at this time by completing a one-page fee assistance form - COVID-19 Fee Assistance Request Form. Your level of fee support will be confirmed as soon as possible.
  3. Families may apply for immediate deferral of Term 2 fee payments by completing the COVID-19 Fee Request to Defer Fees Form.

Both forms are availabe on the JPC Website - COVID19 Updates page


Families whose employment situation has not been affected by COVID-19 can support the school by continuing to pay school fees as they fall due. This will support our school to continue providing quality learning in a connected community that nurtures and cares for each other.


Financial assistance continues to be available for those families experiencing hardship not related to COVID-19, particularly those experiencing the effects of the bushfire season and the ongoing drought. Families are encouraged to contact me for assistance and more information.


Your family is an important part of our school community. Your financial circumstances will not compromise the place of your children at our school. If you are experiencing any difficulties, I will confidentially ensure your child is not disadvantaged at this time.


Good wishes


Stephanie O’Meara

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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