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May 25, 2015

Young Rider of the Year

The 2015 EV Annual Sport Achievement Nomination Form AND 2015 Young Rider of the Year Nomination Forms are now available. Please either apply or nominate someone who you believe deserves to be recognised by the Equestrian Committee.
For more Information please follow the below link.


Entries for the 2015 Peter Horobin Interschool State Championships, closed on Friday 22nd May. At the completion of this event we shall be adding more riders to the Victoria team.  The remainder of the team will come via the VEIS qualifying events for Dressage and Show jumping that will be completed over the next few weeks.  The VEIS web site has updated series scores available

Our fabulous merchandise for the event will be unique and a collector’s item for the riders, the logo on the back will feature the name of every rider competing at the event, there are several colours and styles to choose from, you need to order online by 24th May!interschool-merchandise/cdo1. 

Make sure to stay up-to-date with all the latest news  Information on the State Championship Dinner event is coming soon.


Naracoorte Horse Trials

The Young Rider 1* team winners at Naracoorte Emily Hunt, Bec McCrae, Katelyn Thompson & Kirilee Hosier.
Well done to our Young Rider 1* Teams who competed at Naracoorte Horse Trials. The other team comprising Sheridan Wilson, Kirilee Hosier, Jacqueline O'Riley & Sophie Fox placed 3rd. Both teams were well supported by team manager Sharon Wilson and coaches Nina Clark & Yona Lloyd.
I don't have the published results but I know Katelyn finished 2nd in the 1* and coach Yona placed 2nd in the 3*!
We are all heading to Woady this weekend for the final hit out before Melbourne.

Ballarat Horse Trials

Saddleworld Melbourne International 3 Day Event

Saddleworld Melbourne International 3 Day Event is coming along well. We have had good entries across all classes. We found out this week that Belgium's Ingmar De Vos, President of the FEI will be visiting us on Friday the 5th of June. For the first time Equestrian Australia is holding its annual awards on the Friday night in Melbourne to coincide with the three day event. There is also a Stewards course and an FEI Ground Jury course running on the weekend.

FEI President Ingmar De Vos Pictured Below

Saddleworld MI3DE

With just a couple of weeks until the Saddleworld Melbourne International 3 Day Event (Queen’s Birthday Weekend), we are gearing up for another great event. A fantastic workforce has been assembled with over 150 volunteers joining the team. We still have a few spots left to be part of this team and be in the heart of the action, particularly on Cross Country day!

Cross Country Jump Judges
We’re looking for experienced Jump Judges to join us on Cross Country day. Be part of the action as you are assigned a fence on the Cross Country course and record relevant competitor information as they are approaching/departing Cross Country obstacle and their progression over the obstacle.

Cross Country Track Control
This role is in the heart of the action on Cross Country day as you maintain a clear and safe track for pedestrians, cars and competitors. Stationed around the course, you will manage important crossings and work with pedestrians to provide directions and information and ensure they have a great day out. Perfect for anyone who loves working with people and has great customer service skills.

To register your interest, please contact Georgie Stayches:  or call her on 0417 467 557.

For more information about volunteering or the event, visit:



Well trained, experienced Stewards are an absolute necessity at our major Dressage events. Many a problem has been avoided or solved by our small band of qualified Stewards.
DV has been encouraging clubs to also use accredited Stewards at local competitions. DV recently resolved to make the use of accredited Stewards compulsory at all EV Dressage competitions from 1.1.2016. Over the next six months DV will conduct a Steward’s Seminar to which each club will be aksed to send a willing trainee or two to the sessions. Stay tuned for Steward’s Seminar date.

Dressage Levy

To help pay for the support DV needs from the Dressage Coordinator in the EV office we have been collecting the Dressage Levy of $1 per EA test ridden in Victoria. To help pay for training and ongoing support of our Victorian judges and to cover the cost of occasional random swabbing of horses at local competitions DV have resolved to increase the Dressage Levy to $2 per test.
The DJEP conduct a number of Seminars and workshops each year to train new judges and reaccredit current judges. These sessions can easily cost $1,000 each. Judges cannot be expected to pay the full cost of their training as they are not hugely rewarded for their judging. Judges are a precious asset that we all need to support. This levy increase should collect about $3,000 for this cause.
While random swabbing takes place at major championships we have not had the resources to conduct swabbing at local competitions. If we commit part of the Dressage Levy to this purpose EV competitors will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that occasional random swabbing is maintaining the integrity of our sport.

Dressage Victoria Meeting summary by the Riders Rep.

Riders requested that several topics be raised;

1. Discussion of use of digital technology in regard to Freestyle music. A prominent freestyle expert in Victoria has pledged to write an 'idiots guide' to converting music into this digital format and perhaps set up a 'help line' for those of us like me- a self confessed dinosaur!.
It means that music can be sent to OC in advance via internet and thus will eliminate glitches. This will probably be at the big events and may have a 2 year phase in period. It has not been approved Australia wide yet but it sounds good. Stay tuned!...literally!

2. Several Grand Prix riders have asked that whenever there is a CDI, ( International qualification competition) such as Melbourne 3DE, that CDN ( National competition) be held for obvious reasons; reduce costs, less elitist, more participation and better use of money spent engaging these high quality judges. The CDN horses could possibly be the CDI horses of the future. Riders elect to ride in CDN Grand Prix for a number of reasons; horse too green to warrant International competition, horse not quite up to International competition, wanting to go to a new level slowly etc , but at the same time these riders would love to have feed back from International judges.
Whilst Melbourne 3Day Event to be held in June is an international qualifying event for the top event riders, Melbourne 3DE has also agreed to allow a CDI for dressage to be scheduled in for the weekend. There are only 14 spaces allocated to horses not competing in the International Eventing qualification- these spaces have been taken by the CDI horses (international dressage horses seeking qualifications). The rules are quite complicated with' vetting in' and secure areas I believe for, quarantine , drug administration etc- It's a learning curve for me and I don’t pretend to have all the facts however I think I have the gist of the information above relatively right!  I was assured by DV that because of these rules and lack of space it would be impossible to run CDN classes.
However, the DV panel stated that at every other CDI held in Victoria , CDN classes are run....yay!
Try to get down to Werribee and watch some great combinations heat up for Rio!
I’m sure the EV will be promoting this event and information such as the draw , scheduling etc as time draws nearer

3.Electronic Score Boards. The ones that show scores instantly after every movement as seen overseas and I believe, once down here at Werribee. Many riders are of the opinion that this would be fantastic- obvious benefits; education, understanding, audience participation, excitement etc. There is some discussion under way at the very real possibility of introducing this at the very big shows!

There will be a summary of other issues discussed at the DV meeting in the EV newsletter- its worthwhile reading!!!!!

Please PM or email me if you would like to discuss any issues- I'm always out and about- competing at Treehaven on Sunday.
cheers and happy riding!

Please like the Riders Rep Page on FB to stay connected, contribute and have your say!

Application For Victorian Dressage Squad

RIDERS MAY NOW APPLY FOR INCLUSION IN THE VICTORIAN DRESSAGE SQUAD FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS.  Please complete the application form on the EV website and forward to Rae Ansell  at 
If you have trouble finding the form, please email Rae and she will forward a form to you.
This forms the basis for rules and requirements for acceptance into the Victorian Dressage Squad valid from July 1st 2015 to December 2015 when performances will be reviewed.

Horse and rider combinations will be accepted if they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Horses with scores from Elementary upwards
  • Current members of E.V.
  • Scores for Freestyles are not permitted
  • Members must be prepared to sign an Athletes Agreement which will be supplied to each rider who qualifies with scores
  • REQUIRED SCORES AS FOLLOWS -3 scores from Official Competitions in Australia or overseas
  • Elementary to Advanced – 3 scores of 70% or above
  • FEI – SMALL TOUR/MEDIUM TOUR – 3 scores of 65% or above
  • FEI –LARGE TOUR – 3 scores of 63% or above
  • Scores are valid from January 1st to June 30th 2015

Riders with 2 scores at the required level or 3 almost equalling the above, please also submit as we are planning to set up a reserve list which may from time to time be invited to the training days.


Upcoming Seminars & Workshops

Sunday 31st May held at Wallington Park Geelong with Mary Seefried and Susie Hoevenaars.
Saturday 4th July C & D Seminar to be conducted at  Glenbrae Equestrian Centre with Sue Chandler

For more information please see below flyers.

Show Horse

Show Horse Meeting 14th May 2015

Nationals preparation is under way, we are developing some new ideas to give the biggest show on the calendar a fresh look.
2015 completes our current three year tender to host Nationals, the new tender will be out in July and Victoria will apply for another three year contract to host the event. For those of you who would like to sponsor or know someone who might like to sponsor a class or section at Nationals 2015 expressions of interest are welcomed, you will then be placed on our list to receive our prospectus package.

Barastoc :
The Barastoc sub committee are well and truly ahead of the game for our 2016 HOY you can look forward to enjoying another successful Barastoc with some new areas of development.
For those of you who would like to sponsor or know someone who might like to sponsor a class or section at Barastoc 2016 expressions of interest are welcomed, you will then be placed on our list to receive our prospectus package.

Show Horse Clinics:
These clinics are filling fast, we have two highly qualified instructors that have a lot to offer participants. We want to see as many people in attendance as possible. Let's get these clinics back up and running again.  
Please see link below to book and ensure your spot in the upcoming clinics.

Judges Seminar:
We are hosting our judges seminar on  the 18th of July at Inglis Sales Complex Oaklands Junction. We have some excellent speakers covering a number of very relevant & interesting topics. We invite not only our current judges but also members who would like to become a judge to attend. RSVP is a must due to a catered lunch so please follow the link below.

Multi qualifying show:
We have been in contact with VAS and are currently working with them to see if this is a suitable option for all parties. The EV Show Horse Committee feel  that this is a great opportunity for two organisations to work together and offer what could potentially be a very successful event for our show horse fraternity. We look forward to being able to update you with more information after our June meeting.

Measuring Day:
We will be hosting an official measuring day on the 11th of July.
This will be run in conjunction with our measurers training day.

Measuring Stand:
The committee have put forward a proposal to WPNEC for the measuring stand to be relocated to a central location. This would make measuring horses safer and easier.

Young Rider of the Year training day:
EV are once again hosting the young rider of the year award and The Show horse committee are looking for ten of our best young riders to contend for the award. We  not only want our best performed young riders but riders who display good sportsmanship like behaviour and riders who are good role models/ambassadors for our sport.
Nomination forms will be available shortly please check our Facebook Page for updates.
Show Horse - EV

We are always trying to improve our communication lines through social media and other avenues. We now have access to bulk text messaging technology which will enable us to keep you informed and up to date with current information and upcoming events.

The committee want to provide EV Show Horse members with the best possible membership but to enable us to do so we need your feedback on areas in which you think we could improve.

Upcoming Seminars & Workshops

14th June & 11th July- Winter Show Horse Clinic
18th July-Judges Seminar

For more information please follow the link

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