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Friday, Friday, Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope y'all have a had a lovely, no stress, happy week, but if not, here's hoping some shiny new yarn helps to make it just a little bit better :)

New Color: Fracture Zone

I've got a new color for you this week!  Fracture Zone is an even strier with 7 rows Turquoise, 7 rows Bistre, 7 rows Scarlet, 7 rows White.

A fracture zone is a linear oceanic feature--often hundreds, even thousands of kilometers long--resulting from the action of offset mid-ocean ridge axis segments. They are a consequence of plate tectonics. Fracture zones extend past the transform faults, away from the ridge axis; seismically inactive (because both plate segments are moving in the same direction), they display evidence of past transform fault activity, primarily in the different ages of the crust on opposite sides of the zone.

Moar Minis!!

I have even more minis for you this week, since the last set went so quickly.  I've got 2 different sets of minis in the shop right now, again divided into either all the bases, just fingering, or just sport.  I'll see how these do this time around, but I may not have enough colors to do another set for a little bit, so grab these while you can!

Heel/Toe Skeins

I've also got 3 more colors of heels skeins this week, one in a light chestnut that matches the Anti-Gravity down below, plus more bright emerald (this time in Entanglement) and some watermelon as well.

Returning Colors



Stripe Pattern:

10 rows Chestnut

10 rows Black

See it knitted!



Stripe Pattern:

10 rows Spruce

10 rows Light Chestnut

See it knitted!


I've been slacking a bit on giving y'all patterns, but I'm actually writing this at 6pm Thursday night instead of midnight, so I have some time to pull out some new favorites!!

Inspired by a tweet sent to me this week by @DanielleDBaines, our first pattern this week is the Slouchy Linen Stitch Hat (Free!).  Now, I know you think I'm nuts, but check out her FO!  (As an aside, I should have more Neon either this next update or the one following).

The second pattern I've chosen for you this week is Taffy Ripple Socks (also free!!)