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October 22, 2020




The State Equestrian Centre was opened in 1985. It was built on land donated by the developers of Brigadoon Estate, the construction of SEC was funded by Federal Government (50%), State Government (25%) and private (25% EWA members). When completed the SEC was gifted to the City of Swan, the deed of gift requires that the SEC is leased to Equestrian WA. EWA has leased the SEC since 1985 with the current lease being extended to December 31st 2021.

In 2020 Equestrian Western Australia (EWA) with funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) commissioned an Equestrian Western Australia and the State Equestrian Centre (SEC) Business Model Review. The goal of the report was to identify the financial viability of the EWA and the SEC and the effects of the viability of different business models.

EWA desired outcome for the SEC

The State Equestrian Centre has been the home of EWA for 35 years. It is an intricate part of equestrian sport in WA, the SEC was built for EWA, and over the years we have invested both monetarily and physically in ensuring its ongoing success with a strong focus on community participation and shared use.

EWA is strongly committed to the SEC management both at governance and operational level in the future and the continued operation of the SEC is paramount for the continued success of equestrian sport in WA.

EWA proposes the formation of a State Equestrian Centre Not for Profit incorporated entity to manage the SEC at governance and operational level. This would require the establishment of new incorporated body and governance model for the SEC.

Currently, EWA operates the SEC within EWA’s governance structure. The new independent SEC would require the separation of EWA and SEC at both a governance and operational level to establish two entirely separate entities. This will allow EWA to focus on its role as a State Sporting Association representing members and supporting equestrian clubs in WA and would enable the SEC to focus on the development and operations of the SEC in serving equestrian and local communities.

Why change management structure

SEC operations

EWA is no longer able to support the financial operational short fall of the SEC and has been receiving financial assistance from DLGSC to maintain SEC operations since mid-2019. This means that no EWA member funds are currently supporting the SEC operations. While COVID-19 has negatively impacted the viability of the SEC in 2020, EWA recently received Lotterywest COVID Resilience funding that when combined with DLGSC operational support will enable the SEC to remain operational until December 2021.

The current estimated replacement value of the SEC is over $40million; the original build cost excluding land was $3.6million. As with any large aging sporting facility, the cost of maintenance and operational expenses is inevitably higher than the income that can be generated. The SEC is a highly used facility operating at full capacity on weekends with strong mid-week use; it is open 50 weeks of the year.

Asset management

The SEC is an essential part of the WA equestrian community, and EWA has strongly advocated during the past three years for funding required to both upgrade the facility and support operational costs. 

Due to the age of the SEC, a significant investment of funds approximately $15 million is required to redevelop and provide urgent works to maintain the facility fit for purpose. EWA does not have the resources to invest in the SEC at the level that is required. The future redevelopment will require a combination of City of Swan, DLGSC and Federal Government funds.

EWA acknowledges the long-standing support of the Department of Sport and Recreation has made to EWA and the SEC and encourages DLGSC to support the COS and EWA in ensuring the required funding for operational and asset management. This is required if the SEC is to remain safe and suitable for use.

The August 2020 SEC Asset Management Plan identified that $440,914 p.a* is required to fully fund the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure, and facility assets of the SEC excluding renewal, new works and upgrades. While an additional $509,870 p.a* is required to fund the renewals, upgrades and new works identified to 2025. (*this requirement is above the income the SEC already generates through current operations.)

EWA preferred SEC governance model.

The EWA Board has initially identified its preferred governance model as a State Equestrian Centre Not for Profit incorporated entity. The formation of a Not-for-Profit Governance entity for the SEC was identified for the following reason:

  • Preference to separate the operations of EWA with its primary role as a State Sporting Association and the peak body of Equestrian Sport in WA and that of the SEC a sporting facility that is used by EWA members, non-EWA members and various community sporting associations.
  • EWA members have traditionally subsidised the operations of the SEC from member’s funds, the current financial position of EWA has resulted in the association no longer being able to continue financial support for the SEC. EWA is financially secure without the drain of the SEC and will be able to better support member and clubs.
  • The formation of a NFP governing Board would enable greater inclusion of key stakeholders and shared responsibilities.
  • Greater involvement with the City of Swan, the SEC owners to secure the funding required to maintain the SEC.
  • Continued support by DLGSC.

EWA will continue to engage with members and SEC user during the next six months. This process started at the EWA AGM followed by a meeting of all SEC sublease holders, home-based clubs and the two eventing clubs that use the SEC.

We encourage you to keep informed as we progress and please contact us should you have any questions.



Today is sadly the last eNews that our excellent Marketing Coordinator, Aiman, will be producing. Aiman joined the Equestrian WA team precisely two years ago and has brought the role a great wealth of experience and creativity. Her passion and professionalism will be missed by all at EWA, and we wish her well for the future!



Following the request for nominations for directors and committee members for the EWA Board, Sport and Coaching committees sufficient nominations were received to hold an election for the EWA Board and Coaching committee.

All EWA members eligible to vote will receive information for both the EWA Board and Coaching committee elections within two weeks. EWA members eligible to vote for the EWA Board and the EWA Coaching committees are Competitive Senior, Participant Senior, Supporter Official, Supporter Coach/Owner/Other and Adult riding members. To be eligible to vote you must 18+ years of age.

EWA Board

Three nominations were received for the two (2) elected director’s positions; therefore, an election will be held for the EWA Board of directors. The nominees are:

  • Anne Avery
  • Rory Hovell
  • Anne Wilkins

Coaching WA Committee

Three nominations were received for the two (2) elected committee positions; therefore, an election will be held for the EWA Coaching committee. The nominees are:

  • Wendy Barker
  • Rebecca Thomas
  • Liesl Wilding

Dressage WA Committee

There was one (1) nomination for the two vacancies for Elected Committee Member EWA Dressage committee; therefore, no election is required for the EWA Dressage Committee Elected Member position.

The successful candidate for the EWA Dressage committee is Stephanie Munro (2021 – 2023).

There were no nominations for the two (2) Elected Affiliate Representative Member position (2021 – 2023) therefore these positions are vacant.

Eventing WA Committee

There was one (1) nomination for the 2 (two) Elected Committee Member EWA Eventing committee; therefore, no election is required for the EWA Eventing Committee Elected Member position.

The successful candidate for the EWA Eventing committee is Kerrie Robbins (2021 – 2023) with one position remaining vacant.

There was one (1) nomination for the one (1) Elected Affiliate Representative Member position; therefore, no election is required for the EWA Eventing Affiliate representative.

The successful candidate for the EWA Eventing Affiliate representative is Philippa Collier (2021 – 2023).

Jumping WA Committee

There were no nominations for the two (2) Affiliate Representative Member positions; therefore, these positions are vacant.

Show Horse WA Committee

There were two (2) nominations for Elected Committee Member EWA Show Horse committee; therefore, no election is required for the EWA Show Horse Committee Elected Member position.
The successful candidates for the EWA Show Horse committee are Janelle Karmelich (2021 – 2023).and Kerry Wilson (2021 – 2023)

There were two (2) nominations for Elected Affiliate Representative Member position (2021 – 2023) therefore no election is required for the EWA Show Horse Committee Affiliate representative position.

The successful candidates for the EWA Show Horse Affiliate representatives are Jane Fisher (2021 – 2023).and Marlene Kinder (2021 – 2023)



Equestrian Western Australia has approved the introduction of an EWA Release and Waiver of Liability form to be used for all EWA Activities in Western Australia. The form is to replace the current EA waiver form, this followed advice from EA that each state should implement the use of their own form.

It is recommended that EA Coaches that are coaching in WA use the new EWA Release and Waiver of Liability form for all clients. It is required to be completed annually and if introduced now will align with the EA Coaches insurance period.

It is recommended that EWA Affiliated clubs implement the use of the new EWA Release and Waiver of Liability form for all EWA Activities. It is required for members of your club to complete this with annual membership renewals, or if your club organises Activities, e.g. training days or competitions.  It is a requirement that the EWA Release and Waiver of Liability form are completed by all participants.



Don't forget to submit your club or event dates to Meredith Tenger at by the 30th October 2020!


Gary can now saddle fit your horse at the SEC! Better still there will be NO CHARGE for your saddle consultation! Any adjustments needed may have a $75 charge. PLUS wanting to trial a new saddle? Book an appointment at State Equestrian Centre and have no trial fee. We have an arena booked for you to test and ride on the following dates between 12pm and 4pm;

  • Friday October 30th
  • Friday November 27th
  • Sunday December 6th - 9 am to 5 pm

Call Saddles Plus now to book - 9526 2292

Not needing a saddle fit? Orders can also be placed online and you can collect at State Equestrian Centre during these times.



In conjunction with the National Road Safety Week, Clubs WA invites you to join your peers for the annual WA Club Industry conference to be held on Wednesday, 18th November 2020 at Hillarys Yacht Club.

Now in its 15th year, the Clubs WA Industry Forum & Supplier Expo updates Club Managers and Committee Members with important knowledge on issues affecting the club industry.

For more information and to register, please download the form here.




For your chance to win a $500 Horseland voucher, please complete this short survey!

The survey is purely for data, entrants details will only be used for the draw to win the Horseland voucher. Participants won’t be contacted after the completion of the survey for any marketing campaign or similar.



The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) is pleased to announce the opening of the Coach and Official Education Subsidy.

The subsidy provides funding to assist volunteer coaches and officials who reside in regional Western Australia with out-of-pocket travel and accommodation costs to participate in sport specific courses to obtain high level accreditations, within their sports coaching and officiating pathway. It is recognised that not all accreditations are available throughout regional Western Australia therefore this subsidy will contribute towards their travel costs to participate in courses.

The subsidy is an initiative developed from the recommendations in the 2019 Coaching and Officiating Strategy and will administered by DLGSC.

See attached guidelines for further information.



Please find attached a Notice Seeking Nominations and the required form for the lodgement of any nominations.  As noted within the attached, the terms of current Board Members Michael Beros and Simon Taylor will expire at the next Annual General Meeting, with both signalling an intent to nominate for re-election.

Please feel free to contact Matt Bamford, SportWest Operations Manager if you require any additional information at this time.



Vaulting enthusiasts of Equestrian Western Australia (EWA) are delighted they have been able to successfully deliver a Vaulting program at the 2020 SaddlesPlus EWA Interschool Festival.

There was participation from multiple groups, including Ripplebrook Equestrian Vaulting Academy (REVA), an incorporated EA affiliated club that works with other vaulting groups and coaches in WA.

"We promote the sport wherever we can spread the fun," said Kay Fowler, of REVA.

Carine RDA was also involved. A little club in Perth, directed towards developing vaulters from grassroots through to Novice Level.

"We cater for all abilities and inclusion is our biggest focus," said Jess Kneale, of Carine RDA.

Click here to read the full article





Although our shows are generally up and running this has been an unusual season, to say the least.

With this in mind it has been decided that –
Qualification will not be required for the 2021 EWA Horse of the Year.
This will be reviewed for the 2022 EWA Horse of the Year.


This Show will be held in conjunction with the Autumn Pageant on May 8/9 2021

Horses and ponies that hold a 2020 Newcomer Card will already have met the qualifying requirements.

This Show will be held in conjunction with the Winter Gala on June 12/13 2021

Horses and ponies must hold a 2021 Newcomer Card and have attended ONE EWA Affiliated Show between May 3rd, 2020 and April 11, 2021 [Close of Entries]




  • 08 November 2020 - Southside Jump Club Diamond Championship
  • 14 & 15 November 2020 - Southside Jump Club Gold Show
  • 16 - 22 November 2020 - Yalambi



With the latest easing of restrictions in Phase 4 by the WA Government, we have now reviewed and updated the following documents to support the gradual restart of the equestrian activities in WA.

We all want to get back to normal life as soon as possible. Ensuring our members, their friends and families remain safe and prepared is critical to achieving this.

One of the ways we can all play our part is to get the Australian Government's COVIDSafe app. While downloading the app is entirely voluntary, it has been highly recommended by both the Australian and WA Governments to assist our health professionals and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Equestrian WA is encouraging all members to consider downloading the app to help keep our community safer.

EWA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Sport and LotteryWest.

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