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E-merge: Contemporary Atlanta Artists

To E-merge is to “come into existence, to become evident, to come into sight or view.”



Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport T-Gate    Exhibition Gallery   January 24, 2013 - January 2014 


E-merge Artists

Curated and conceived by Hope Cohn, with the support of the Atlanta airport art program, E-merge showcases the work of some of Atlanta's finest contemporary artists including: Danielle Roney, Matt Haffner, Gyun Hur, Craig Drennen, Brian Dettmer, Sheila Pree Bright, Daniel Biddy, Kevin Cole, Michael David Murphy, Kyungmin Park, Seana Reilly, Gregor Turk, TindelMichi, Erin McIntosh, Michael Reese, Bethany Collins, Meg Aubrey, and Eileen Braun.

Kyungmin Park

Craig Drennan



Daniel Biddy


The exhibition contains over forty works of art in a variety of styles and disciplines that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of the Atlanta arts community.

          Gyun Hur

Michael David Murphy

Radio Interview AM1690

ARTSpeak: Katherine Dirga and Hope Cohn Discuss E-merge Exhibition

Written By Claire Maxwell on March 12, 2013 in ARTSpeak on AM1690, RADIO & PODCASTS



Brian Dettmer


Matt Haffner

Hope Cohn's Curatorial Statement

Curator's Statement: To emerge is to come into existence, to become evident, to come into sight or view.

Atlanta has a vibrant and active arts scene. With an internationally recognized art museum, several prominent regional arts institutions and numerous art galleries, Atlanta is also home to hundreds of active artists. Working in many different artistic styles and media, Atlanta's artists are creating high quality works of art from cutting edge to traditional artistic explorations. The goal of this exhibition is to provide a representative sampling of the work of Atlanta's current visual artists and to show the variety of styles and media that have been created by some of Atlanta's strongest artistic talent. Sculpture, painting, photography, video and installation-based works embody the breadth of practices in the city and create a space and dialogue for art appreciation and contemplation among busy travelers. Please pause for a moment to enjoy this exciting cross section of Atlanta’s current visual artists.


Contact Information

Hope Cohn is an independent curator in Atlanta who has been responsible for many successful exhibitions including: Run for Cover: Design of the Record Album; Nelson Mandela Man of the People: Photographs by Peter Magubane; Katrina: Five Years of Reflection and Breaking New Ground: Intersections at the Crossroads of Technology.  Hope is currently working on the multi-venue exhibition SCORE: sports + art & design which  includes the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia (MOCA GA), Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) and several other institutions. SCORE is scheduled to open in February 2014. For more information contact www.scoreatl.org.

E-merge will be on view through January 2014. For more information and arrangements to view the exhibition please contact:

Hope Cohn: hopecohn@comcast.net
David Vogt: David.Vogt@atlanta-airport.com
Katherine Dirga: Katherine.Dirga@atlanta-airport.com