The TrueBlue journey

TrueBlue is entering the next phase in its journey to be the leading provider of blue-collar staffing.
We’ve taken steps to increase the value we provide to customers, adding exciting new technology designed to reach even more workers. We’ve opened up more opportunities for our employees. We’re well on our way to a new world, but we won’t stop there: We’ll always continue to look for more — and better — ways to serve our customers, to put people to work and to change lives every day.

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What shade of blue is TrueBlue?

Does that seem like a strange question?
Companies have personalities. Sometimes colorful ones. To our customers, TrueBlue’s personality is built through every interaction they have with us: each success, each kept promise.

Another phrase for this is brand identity. As we come together as one company, our identity and how customers perceive it are vitally important to us. That’s why we spent the last 18 months doing in-depth research with customers. We wanted to find out the traits they desire most in the companies they do business with. We found them: humility, deep resolve, ease and limitless possibilities.

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Continuing our journey: sales the TrueBlue way

 Our sales focus for 2013 is crystal clear.
Evolving over the past several years, the following five pillars are not a departure from our previous sales strategy, but are the steps that will take our organization to the next level. TrueBlue sales leaders are now rolling up their sleeves, preparing to sell the TrueBlue way in 2013: by maintaining the retail core, increasing price differentiation through specialization, growing existing accounts, targeting strategically aligned accounts, and broadening our business intelligence.

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The new logo: celebration and inspiration

Notice anything different?
TrueBlue CEO Steve Cooper announced our new TrueBlue logo and brand identity at last month's Sales Leadership Conference in Tacoma. The new TrueBlue logo represents what we are building together on our journey to be one company.

Many of us would like to flip the switch and be one TrueBlue right now. But we’re not there yet. So, why announce the new logo now? Because we’ve made a lot of progress toward coming together as one team and we’re going to continue on that journey. For us, the new logo is a celebration of the progress we’ve made and an inspiration for the progress we will make.

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The Staffing Expert: hire our heroes

There is a vast, underused group of highly skilled, disciplined and motivated employees ready for work.
Wouldn’t you like to recruit them? The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the military discharges 160,000 active service members and 110,000 reserve and National Guard members each year. TrueBlue wants to put them all to work.

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