5 February 2016

NewsLine is a short weekly summary of stories that may be of interest to those involved in the Māori Tourism community.


International Visitor Arrivals to New Zealand

Produced by Statistics New Zealand and sponsored by Tourism New Zealand, this monthly report includes detailed tables and graphs of monthly and annual data showing the number and characteristics of visitor arrivals. Most of the data is presented by country, for a selection of major source countries of visitors to New Zealand. Read more here.


Register now for Astindo Travel Fair 2016

As one of the main travel fairs in Jakarta, Astindo is your opportunity to directly engage with potential Indonesian visitors actively interested in a holiday to New Zealand and build your presence in the Jakarta market. Read more here.

Kiwi app a virtual travel guide

Aucklanders Gordon and Cathy Duncan are not typical software developers.After years of carting around travel books and being frustrated by a lack of information at important historical sites, they decided to create a tourism app.

After returning from overseas travel, they began to develop a business plan and, with support from start-up accelerator The Icehouse, they launched tourism business Tuhura and its app Discover NZ Tourism.

Free to download on Apple and Android, the app has more than 650 geo-located videos and animated clips about locations around New Zealand. It is available in English and Chinese. Read more here.


Māori Language Week resources are now available online to order & download from here.


Waka festival to get bigger

It's only going to get bigger. That's the vision from Auckland mayor Len Brown for the Tamaki Herenga Waka Festival which was held over Auckland Anniversary weekend.

Thousands of people made their way over the three days to the waterfront to see waka racing, go out on the waka themselves, see the music and kapa haka at The Cloud or try out kai Māori. Read more here.

Take care of our rivers

If you look at a map of New Zealand, you'll see an intricate network of waterways across the country. It's like a circulatory system, carrying water from the mountains and hills to farms and businesses, towns and cities, supporting life and prosperity.

Like our own bloodstream, its easy to take this system of aquifers, lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands for granted - until something goes wrong, sending off warning signals. If you ignore these symptoms, it can be fatal. That is what's happening in New Zealand at present. Read more here.


'More than you expect': Town slogans can carry unintended message

There's nothing like filling the car up and hitting the road on a good summer's day in New Zealand.

And there's nothing quite like the laugh you get when you come upon those signs welcoming and farewelling you in and out of regions.

Documented in council minutes will be the, no doubt, large cost of creating these masterpieces.

What is not so clear is what their purpose was. Are they designed to attract tourists or new residents or perhaps make the current residents feel good? Read more here.

From suggestion boxes to 'abolishing bosses', company cultures are in flux

Employers have been trying for longer than you might think to nurture a culture of collaboration and innovation in the workplace.

It is more than 100 years since food maker Heinz and technology company NCR installed "suggestions boxes" at their United States factories to give workers a say in how their businesses should be run.

But the idea appears to date back further, to 1770, when the British Navy established a scheme that let soldiers express ideas to superiors without fear of punishment. Read more here.


Regional Economic Activity Report

Explore your region using either the mobile or web app - look at international visits,  visitor spend, economic performance, and more.


Listing on

A presence on can help grow your business by connecting you with consumers considering a visit to New Zealand. A key role of the website is to drive qualified traffic to you. There is no charge for listing on - update your details, or list here.


Planning for Inbound Success

Together with the Tourism Export Council, this is a guide to working with New Zealand Inbound Operators. Read it here, or email us to request a hard copy.