It's Spring in Boston! Yay! That means all the tech-nerds are starting to come out of their offices and socialize again. I get so motivated when speaking with people that work at other companies—it's so cool to hear what all of you are up to. With that in mind, I have an ask for you: what's the newest, coolest thing that you are doing with your team right now? That could be a new tool you are using, a new strategy, or even just something you're doing on your own. I'd love to hear more about it. That's the way we all grow.

I'm still on maternity leave, but that should be ending soon. I'm so excited to get back to my team! I'm still working on my workshop for Support Driven Expo—there's gonna be a board game, y'all—and my talk on cultivating self-worth and confidence for Elevate Women. Both are pretty close (if not already) sold out, so you should definitely get your tickets if you haven't already!


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