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April 12, 2020
Upcoming Signature Programs
COVID-19: The Health Consequences of the Consequences
Apr 16
4 to 5 p.m.
‘What Happens to People inside Their Homes?’
Emily Rothman is studying how COVID-19 could be affecting domestic violence.
Mini Master of Public Health
To ensure access to education around pressing public health issues, SPH now offers a free, online Mini-MPH through Population Health Exchange.
Rationing Ventilators: Pandemic Myths That Deserve to Die
Here are some of the myths, many old ones, that have resurfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that should be put to rest.
Opioid Prescriptions Linked to Obesity
Over a quarter of long-term opioid prescriptions in the US are attributable to higher BMI, mainly through joint and back disorders.
School News
Alum's Book Examines Cultural Impact of Food Rationing in Cuba
In Food in Cuba, Hanna Garth examines the struggle to acquire healthy and culturally relevant food amid shortages and economic hardship.
The Problem with ‘Patient Zero’ in Coronavirus News
Helen Jenkins on why journalists should not use “patient zero” or “party zero” to describe a person or social event believed to have caused a local COVID-19 outbreak.
Remote Teaching Reflections: Lisa Sullivan
The SPH community has risen to the challenge of this monumental shift to remote teaching and working.
Public Health Post
Profile: Daniel E. Dawes
Daniel E. Dawes on how the mechanics of politics and policies shape the COVID-19 response, and how the pandemic has changed his work as a health equity advocate.
Summer Institute: Essentials of Biostatistics with SAS JMP®
Get an introduction to the use of biostatistics in the field of public health using SAS JMP® and earn a BU credential.
School News
‘We All Need to Be the Chief Health Strategist’
At a recent Coronavirus Seminar, health policy and advocacy experts examined the flaws of US public health infrastructure and discussed how to achieve a robust public health system of the future.
School News
Faculty Spotlight: Lawrence Long
Lawrence Long conducts research on HIV prevention and care with multi-disciplinary teams across the globe, including USAID projects in South Africa.
School News
Staff Spotlight: Clara Chen
At BEDAC, the school's data analytics center, Clara Chen oversees operations and serves as a project manager, data manager, and analyst on 10 to 15 projects at a time.
In the Media
CommonWealth Magazine
Commonwealth’s COVID-19 Response Leaves Too Many Behind — opinion by Dean Sandro Galea.
Thrive Global
Compassion Is the Sixth Sense Humanity Needs — opinion by Nason Maani, visiting professor in the Department of Epidemiology.
America Is Drinking Its Way through the Coronavirus Crisis–That Means More Health Woes Ahead — opinion by David Jernigan, professor of health law, policy & management.
New York Times
Teaching Your Kids to Be Safe Online: A Hasty Primer — quotes Emily Rothman, professor of community health sciences.
The Pandemic Is Turning the Natural World Upside Down — quotes Erica Walker, postdoctoral associate in the Department of Environmental Health.
Don’t Be Fooled by COVID-19 Carpetbaggers — quotes Elaine Nsoesie, assistant professor of global health.
Population Health in the Midst of a Pandemic — opinion by Monica Wang, assistant professor of community health sciences.
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For the Health of All
Looking Ahead
COVID-19: Community Conversations
Tuesday, April 14, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, online.
Staff Senate Meeting
Wednesday, April 15, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm, online.
Facebook Live "Ask Me Anything" with Dean Sandro Galea
Wednesday, April 15, 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm, online.
DEAN'S SEMINAR: CORONAVIRUS SEMINAR SERIES—COVID-19: The Health Consequences of the Consequences
Thursday, April 16, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, online.
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