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New website for II Global Campaign on the Right to Decide website

The website for Inclusion International's Global Campaign on Right to Decide has been moved. Full information about the campaign is now available at Inclusion International's website www.inclusion-international.org

New Council member of Inclusion International

The Board of Inclusion Africa recently elected Mrs. Fauzia Haji from Zanzibar as the regional representative. Mrs. Haji  will replace Mr. Gessesse Tadesse as Council member of Inclusion International.

Mrs. Haji is the mother of a son with intellectual disabilities. She is the Chairperson of the Zanzibar Association of People with Developmental Disailities (ZAPDD).

Inclusion International addresses The Arc of the United States’ National Convention via Skype

Self-advocate Council member of II David Corner and Connie Laurin Bowie, Executive Director addressed members of The Arc to the United States from all over the US at the Opening Plenary of The Arc's National Convention: Achieving Momentum, which took place in Seattle (Bellevue) on 3-5 August 2013.

David who is based in New Zealand appeared on the big screen. He talked about his experience at the 2012 National Conference and International Forum, which was jointly organised by II and The Arc of the United States. The 2012 event was held in  in Washington DC and brought together many self-advocates from all over the world. David and Connie invited familes and self-advocates to connect with others around the world who are fighting for incusion at Inclusion International's next World Congress to be held in Kenya in June 2014.

IDA elects New Board

Following the adoption of new statutes and internal rules in June 2013, the International Disability Alliance (IDA) held its first Board Meeting in advance of the UN Conference of States Parties, July 13 – 15, 2013, in New York.  IDA, the international network comprised of 12 global and regional organisations of persons with disabilities, elected its new Executive Officers.  Yannis Vardakastanis, President of the European Disability Forum, was elected as Chair.  Inclusion International, a founding member of the IDA, is pleased to have our President, Klaus Lachwitz, elected to the Membership Committee.  Other representatives of families (Vanessa dos Santos and Ana Lucia Arellano) were elected were also elected to the Finance committee and the Membership Committee respectively...read more


II hosts side session on the Right to Decide at the UN Conference of States Parties

Inclusion International held a side event at the COSP at the United Nations on July 18 titled “The Right to Decide = Empowerment and Participation”. The speakers included: Klaus Lachwitz, President, Inclusion International; Connie Laurin – Bowie, Inclusion International’s Executive Director; Nagase Osamu, Inclusion International’s Council Member, Japan; and Vanessa Dos Santos, President, Down Syndrome International, South Africa.

The UN Conference of States Parties (COP) is the annual UN event that brings together countries who have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) to discuss issues and efforts related to CRPD implementation. This year it was held on July 17 – 19, 2013.

The side session had good turn out with representation from nearly all regions. II used this opportunity to introduce our new global campaign on the Right to Decide ...read more

Inclusion International helping to make Disability Part of the Post-2015 Development Agenda


Over the past few years, the disability community has been participating in consultations, meeting with government officials, partnering with development organizations and others to ensure that the new post-2015 Development Agenda will include an explicit focus on disability.  This is currently a top priority for the international disability community. 

The new post-2015 development agenda will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight time-bound development goals to be achieved by 2015.  While much progress has been made on the MDGs much remains to be done and there has been recognition that the gains made through the MDGs have not equally benefited all people, particularly people with disabilities. 

The new development agenda will influence international cooperation and the focus of international aid.  It is critical to ensure that disability is included as a core component of the new development agenda.  II has been working with key UN agencies, the International Disability Alliance, and other partners; and, II members have participated in national and regional level consultations to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities and their families are reflected in the new development agenda...read more 

2013 Honda Indy Toronto race

Inclusion International and its US member The Arc of the United States hosted a group of self-advocates at the annual Honda Indy in Toronto. With the help of The Arc Audi Race Program, the group was given the opportunity to meet the drivers, explore the pits, admire the cars and witness the speed of the race from the trackside. The festivities attract thousands of race fans each year to the heart of the city, and bare witness to some of the fastest moving automobiles on the planet...read more


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23rd September, 2013

25 September, 2013

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