Introducing a newsletter special on radicalisation

Radicalisation and the dangers caused by violent extremism in European countries are paramount concerns of the criminal justice system. Prison and probation programs are two working fields where radicalisation, as well as deradicalisation meet. It is therefore important that prison and probation programs play an effective role in preventing radicalisation and raising knowledge regarding (de) radicalisation. 

CEP contributes to the EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy and the EU Strategy for Combating Radicalisation and Recruitment to Terrorism by playing an active role in the Prison & Probation Working Group of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) of the EU Directorate-General Home Affairs, and by raising awareness on these issues among its members by organising meetings and events.

This newsletter focuses on the topic of radicalisation from different points of view. Please also note the special section on our website, compiling relevant and interesting content concering radicalisation. 

Conferences you shouldn´t miss

One day conference: Working with young adult offenders (31 August, Lillestrøm, Norway)

In close co-operation with the Directorate of Correctional Services of Norway (KDI) and the Correctional Service of Norway, Staff Academy (KRUS), CEP will organise a one-day conference on working with young adult offenders.

CEP conference on “Alternatives to Detention” (6 - 7 October, Bucharest, Romania)

On 6-7 October 2016, following the 12th CEP General Assembly on the 5th,  CEP is organizing a large  international conference on one of its core business topics, namely “Alternatives to Detention”.

Alternatives to detention in Central and East European countries – second conference (16 - 18  November, Dubrovnik, Croatia)

After a first successful conference on the “Alternatives to detention in Central and East European countries”, held in Chisinau (Moldova) in 2014, CEP plans  follow-up event for 16-18 November in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Foreign National Prisoners workshop together with EuroPris (24 - 25 November 2016)

Foreign national offenders continue to pose particular challenges to those who are working with them in the custodial and community setting. The workshop addresses interests and needs of experts from Prison, Probation and the voluntary sector and provides for an opportunity to listen to and learn from practices of their European colleagues.

VERA 2R: measuring the likelihood of violent extremist action in prison

Much of the current discourse about prisons and radicalisation is negative. Prisons are often said to have become breeding grounds for radicalisation. They are ‘places of vulnerability’, providing conditions in which radical, religiously framed ideologies can flourish. But prisons are not just a threat – they can play a positive role in tackling problems of radicalisation and terrorism in society as a whole.

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Penal Reform International: the chains of vulnerable groups, radicalisation and prison

By Nikhil Roy of the Penal Reform International (PRI)

Penal Reform International (PRI) has over 20 years experience addressing the rights of suspects, offenders and prisoners in the context of the broader criminal justice system and has been aware for some time that prisons can play a critical role in both triggering and reinforcing the radicalisation process. It is against this background that PRI decided to organise an international roundtable entitled ‘Preventing Radicalisation in Prisons: Developing a Coordinated and Effective Approach’ in Jordan on 2 – 3 December 2015. 

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