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Read all about it in this issue:

  • Registrations open for Bp Premier Summit 2020
  • Bp Allied Version 7 News
  • Update on Best Health App
  • Bp VIP.net making its mark
  • VIP Gold News
  • Bp Learning News
  • Digital Health Cyber Security Centre News
  • Bp Allied Support News
  • Bp Partner Network welcomes 'Cubiko'
  • Spotlight on Tyro

Registrations now open for Australia’s leading Medical IT Summit

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Registrations are now open for the Bp Premier Summit 2020, Best Practice Software’s popular event that brings Bp Premier users together with the Best Practice team, vendors, health providers, medical organisations and a world class group of presenters.

It will be held from Friday 22nd May to Sunday 24th May 2020 at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre at South Bank.
Our CEO Dr Frank Pyefinch said it will be a tremendous event. 

“This is our 6th Bp Summit and we believe we’ve excelled ourselves with an excellent program” Frank said. “Bp Premier Summit 2020 will provide delegates with a wealth of experience, new skills and new ideas from inspiring speakers, plus they’ll still have time to unwind and catch up with colleagues, which is always a great part of our Summits”.

With so many exciting developments to showcase, Bp Premier Summit 2020 is an event not to be missed.

“Bp Premier’s functionality now goes beyond the Practice, becoming the digital nerve centre linking our customers to an ever-widening network of medical services, health providers and government institutions, which will be covered in detail in world class presentations” Frank said. “With Bp Premier users also connecting to patients like never before with the Best Health App there is much to celebrate”.

The 2020 Summit will also give Bp Premier users a unique opportunity to engage with many more of Bp Premier’s partners and vendors of integrated and compatible technologies.
“But it won’t be all business” Frank said. “Delegates will enjoy a Brisbane River cruise on the amazing Yot Club Super Yacht on the Saturday night”.

Full details of the action-packed Bp Premier Summit 2020 program can be found here. 

Registrations are now open, with Early Bird rate available until the end of the 2019 and can be made directly here.  And for a full rundown and the latest news visit the dedicated Bp Premier Summit 2020 website here.

Bp Allied Version 7 News

For all users of Bp Allied

Best Practice Software’s allied health software, Bp Allied, new release, Version 7, is undergoing Beta testing and will be due for release at the end of October.

Bp Allied Version 7 showcases many new features for allied health professionals – from sole practitioners through to large multi-discipline or multi-location Allied Health Practices.

Major features of Bp Allied Version 7

  • Physitrack integration provides access to video-based physical prescription and education information, which can be sent straight to clients’ computer or smartphone. Ideal for Physios, Exercise Physiologists + more
  • Appointment book groupings: group practitioner calendars, by location or speciality or any other grouping
  • Referrals management: now caters for indefinite referrals and also provides warnings for duration based referrals.
  • Email templates: the ability to create email templates to use when sending letters and invoices.

Appointment Book Views are a new feature in Bp Allied V7 which allow calendars to be grouped into custom views to enable easier management of large numbers of calendars.  Practitioners calendars are assigned to the required appointment book view(s).

  • Who is this suitable for?  Any Practice that has multiple practitioners and or locations.
  • How would I use it? By creating views for different locations, or if you work in a multi-disciplinary practice, for different practitioner types. Once the view is created, practitioners are assigned to those views. The view is selected from the appointment book to only show those calendars that fit into that view.
  • Why would I use it? It allows reception staff to easily move between groups of related calendars when booking or managing appointments

Update on Best Practice Software’s Imminent Best Health App

For Australian users of Bp Premier

The final rounds of testing are now underway for the Best Health App, with release expected later this month.

Our CEO Dr Frank Pyefinch said Practices will soon be able to go above and beyond in respect of the added value services that they can offer to their patients.  “This new and exciting app connects Bp Premier Practices with their patients in a way that will help strengthen relationships, engage patients in their health care journey and empower them towards improving their health outcomes” Frank said.

The Best Health App enables a direct mobile connection between Patient and Practice. Uniquely, the Best Help App provides the Patient with Health Fact Sheets relevant to their well-being and Health Summaries.

Phase I of the Best Health App also allows the Patient to:

  • View their upcoming appointments
  • Receive and respond to appointment reminders
  • Check-in for their appointments
  • Receive Clinical Reminders and other messages from their Practice

“All this – and reduced administration time, lower messaging costs and streamlined patient communication! It’s every practitioner’s dream!” Frank said.  “Our team is already working on Phase 2 of the App which will include even more ways to connect practices and their patients”.

The Best Health App has all the bases covered in respect of Practice/Patient confidentiality. Security, privacy and storage of patient’s sensitive data is critical and forms the architectural backbone of the Best Health App.

On downloading the App, two verified forms of ID are required to enable account creation – an email address and mobile number. Messages are exchanged using two levels of encryption. Additionally, mobile devices have inbuilt security, meaning that anything stored locally is encrypted. Public access to all data has been blocked. Personally Identifiable Information and Clinical Data cannot be decrypted.

Keep a lookout for the Elevate email advising of the Release of the Best Health App!

Bp VIP.net Ruby SPI making its mark

For Australian and New Zealand users of Bp VIP.net

If you haven’t upgraded to Ruby SP1 yet, you are missing out on some fantastic new features.

With the increase price of postage, emailing an invoice or quote is a much cheaper if not free option.

With SP1 Rev 1 we released the ability to email the quote, invoice or receipt directly from the Quote (Alt+F5), Consultation (F5) or Transaction (F8) screen.

This new button is placed by the Print button on the screen. Like the Print button, the Email button will automatically save the quote or invoice. The email button populates the quote or invoice templates and automatically attaches it in PDF format to  an email to the recipient. A copy of the email and the attached PDF of the quote or invoice will also be saved in the Email Log report.

You can read about the new email button in the Bp VIP.net Ruby Knowledge Base here.

You can also find out about the new Email Log report released in Ruby in the Summary of Reports article in the Ruby Knowledge Base.

The Email Log records every email and attachment sent from Bp VIP.net as long as you are using an SMTP email server. SMTP email servers are available for most major email providers and the details can be recorded on the Facility tab under the General Preferences.

If you select the Use Outlook for Email tick box at the bottom of the Preferences screen, Outlook will take over Bp VIP.net as an email service and the Email Log will not save a copy of the sent email.

Upgrade to Ruby SP1 Rev 2 to benefit from this great new cost saving feature.

VIP Gold News

For New Zealand and Australian Users of VIP Gold

VIP Gold Version 9.22 due for release November 2019.

The latest version update for VIP Gold is due out in November 2019 to align with the change to the screening start age for New Zealand’s National Cervical Screening Programme.

The eligible start age for cervical screening will increase from 20 to 25 years from November 2019.

Important advice for General Practice to note

Prior to the change in November 2019:

  • It is recommended that women aged 20 to 24.5 years of age who are not currently in the programme are no longer invited for screening.
  • Women between 20 and 24, who have already been screened, should continue to be screened, according to the current pathway.

After the change to the screening age to 25 years:

  • Women between 20-24, who have already been screened, should continue with screening.
  • Women under 25, who have not started cervical screening, can commence screening at 25.
  • Women can be invited to the screening programme from 24.5 years.

Best Practice is currently working on updating VIP Gold to handle these changes, mainly around managing recalls.


The National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) will also be conducting a communications campaign, targeting women aged 25 to 29 years, to raise awareness and encourage participating in cervical screening. This is due to be delivered early 2020. A provider toolkit will also be created to support the campaign at a local level.

Management of Clinical pathway:

It is important to note that the clinical pathway will not be impacted by the change to the screening start age. The Clinical Guidelines for Cervical Screening New Zealand will be updated to reflect the age change. The NCSP will be reviewing the clinical pathway for management of women with abnormal bleeding.


A dedicated web project page including links to key documents and FAQs related to the change in the screening age to 25 is being regularly updated and can be found on the NSU website.

Bp Learning News

Bp Premier Masterclasses

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Bp Premier Jade SP1 Masterclass

To help prepare you Practices for the launch of the Best Health App (BHA) we will be hosting a two-part Masterclass series.  The two Bp Premier Masterclasses include:

  1. Patient Communication using Bp Comms
  2. Navigating Best Health, an introduction to Bp’s new Patient App

Patient Communication using Bp Comms

Join us as we walk you through how to configure the BHA and begin using it to communicated with your patients.  Whether it’s for appointment reminders or sending out clinical communications the BHA could be introduced into your patient communication workflow.

The outline for the webinar includes;

  • How to set up your practice to use BHA
  • Enrolling your patients
  • Contact Notes overview
  • Send Appointment Reminders
  • Send Clinical Communications
  • Send Clinical Reminders
  • Send Health Awareness Communications
  • Troubleshoot Messages


Before joining either Masterclass it is essential that you watch the previous Bp Premier Masterclasses for SMS configuration and workflow.  This will provide you with the foundations required for using Bp Comms.

Below are the links to both Masterclasses on the Vimeo channel. 
Bp Premier JADE - Masterclass - Bp Comms Consents and Configuration for SMS only
Bp Premier JADE - Masterclass - Bp Comms Workflow for SMS only

Navigating Best Health, an introduction to Bp’s new Patient App

Now that you’ve learnt how to configure the BHA to communicate with patients, it’s time to see what the patient will see. This session will be focused on the Best Health App, and the steps that follow you initiating communication with your patients. 

The outline for the webinar includes;

  • What is the Best Health App?
  • Does your Practice need to prepare before you sign up?
  • How does the Practice sign up?
  • How is the App configured?
  • How will my Patients use it?
  • Troubleshooting

Find out more and book in here

The advantages of remote training

For all Best Practice Software users

We pride ourselves on developing a highly intuitive product and we want you to be self-sufficient.

Remote Training can put the system into context against full workflows, show you specific solutions to common Practice Management challenges AND stop bad staff habits before they turn into ‘old habits’

How could Best Practice remote training help me?

  • You or your team are new users and can explore the functions and capability of the system
  • You’re an experienced user but want to identify untapped efficiencies, financial opportunities and knowledge gaps
  • You’re responsible for delivering training throughout your practice and want to become a systems champion, learning about how to assist others in their user journey

So, what is Remote Training?

  • Sessions are delivered live through a webinar platform (don’t worry no cameras!)
  • We use our training database to delve into the system, taking your specific training needs and priorities into account
  • During the session, you and your team can ask questions and discuss your specific scenarios
  • At the end - you have a recording of your own session for use as reference or an ongoing training tool

It’s a cost effective solution at $198 per hour (inc. GST)

What's next?

The next step would be to call us on 1300 40 1111. One of our training specialists will chat to you over the phone to work out what you need to focus on. Clinical? Reception? Reporting? Setup? Even specific workflows can be addressed if you are a specialised centre.

Remote Training can often be timed to your conversion or setup timeline – just contact ahead of time so we can try and work to your schedule.

If you are unsure of costings you could even book a basic session and then gauge any further training you may need.  Call us on 1300 40 1111 to discuss or contact us online here.

Bp Classroom coming to a capital city near you for the final times this year

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Our training roadshows are drawing to a close for 2019 but there are still some more sessions for you to draw further value from our Bp Premier product.

We still have Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to go before we start thinking about everything that 2020 will bring!

We’ll be running our highly regarded Group Training sessions so our users can find out how to utilise the exciting new features of Bp Premier JADE.  Book in now – spots are filling fast!

Clinical Essentials – 9am till 4.30pm – learn about Clinical module essentials

  • Melbourne - 22nd October
  • Brisbane - 12th November (Only a few places remaining)
  • Sydney - 26th November

Find out more and register here.

Management Essentials - 9am till 4.30pm – learn about Management module essentials

  • Melbourne – 23rd October
  • Brisbane – 13th November (Only a few places remaining)
  • Sydney – 27th November

Find out more and register here.

Advanced Management - 9am till 4.30pm – useful for Practice Managers and Owners

  • Melbourne – 24th October (Only a few places remaining)
  • Brisbane – 14th November (Course full, join waiting list)
  • Sydney – 28th November

Find out more and register here.

Bp Comms – 8.30am till 1pm – learn about seamless and secure communications

  • Melbourne – 25th October
  • Brisbane – 15th November (Only a few places remaining)
  • Sydney – 29th November

Find out more and register here

Looking forward to seeing you at a Bp Classroom session soon. For more information on our many training options click here.

Digital Health Cyber Security Centre News

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) has developed a number of toolkits to support health professionals in their discussions with information technology vendors about the security aspects of their products and services

Have you accessed the fantastic free resources available on the ADHA’s website regarding Cyber Security? If not, we recommend jumping on and checking them out.

Some of the fantastic resources available include:

  • General advice for keeping health information secure
  • Guides and Templates to assist with procuring Information Technology products and services
  • Preventing and recovering from Ransomware attack
  • Keeping your healthcare systems and software up to date
  • Protecting you healthcare Practice information

You can also sign up to important information sources via their website, including Stay Smart Online and ScamWatch.

To check out these amazing resources, click here.

Similarly, in New Zealand, the Health Information Security Framework is designed to support health and disability sector organisations and practitioners holding personally identifiable health information to improve and manage the security of that information. For more information, please click here.

Cessation of support for previous versions of Bp Allied

For All Users of Bp Allied

Best Practice Software regularly provides new releases of our software, so that you have the latest mandated regulatory requirements and a range of software improvements covering security features, fixes to known software issues, and new software features.

However, regular software releases present an increasing challenging to our Support team to continue supporting customers using older versions of Bp Allied.

Best Practice Software will begin ceasing support, for older versions of Bp Allied in late 2019. When a new version of Bp Allied is released, Best Practice Software will provide notice that support will cease for an older version in approximately seven months from that date.

Ceasing Support includes removing the support for the provision of version-specific templates, old reports, minimum software requirements, and access to Bp Allied Support.

The following table provides a schedule of current and future sunset versions and dates.

Cessation of support for Windows products

Several Microsoft products that Bp Allied relies on are having their support ceased by Microsoft soon.

Due to this Bp Software will be unable to support installations of Bp Allied using the software identified below from the same date. These are:

  • Windows 7 - support ceases from January 14, 2020  Read more here.
  • Windows server 2008 / 2008 R2 - support ceases from January 14, 2020. Read about this further here.
  • Windows 8 & 8.1 have had mainstream support ended and are now only part of the Microsoft Extended support program. Find out more here.

Bp Partner Network welcomes health start-up ‘Cubiko’

We’re pleased to announce that Brisbane health start-up ‘Cubiko’ has joined our Bp Partner Network as a Gold Partner.

Our CEO Dr Frank Pyefinch said it was perfect timing. “With Cubiko launching its revolutionary new tool at the AAPM Conference it’s timely that they have become a Gold Partner in our Bp Partner Network” Frank said. “By joining the Bp Partner Network they are a recognised and approved integrator with Best Practice”.

“The Bp Partner Network is governed by a commercial and technical framework that provides added value for the Partners whilst ensuring they comply with relevant legislation; and that their offering has been assessed for impact or risk to the products and services Best Practice Software provides.  The security of our Customers’ data is important to them, their Patients and, in turn, Best Practice and our Partners” Frank added.

After a 12 month trial with leading general practices across Australia, including many Bp Premier users, Cubiko officially launched at the AAPM Conference in Brisbane.   Cubiko, a joint venture between data analytics specialist, ‘Aginic’, and award-winning general practice, ‘Inala Primary Care’, will stimulate improvements to productivity, profitability and reduce day-to-day operational challenges facing the general practice community. 

“Best Practice was pleased to be part of the 12 month trial and it’s great to see the public launch by our Gold Partner Cubiko” Frank said.

Anyone wanting more information on the Bp Partner Network can email us.

Spotlight on Tyro

Tyro are champions for better business banking. In 2003, Tyro's founders saw an opportunity to challenge the traditional banks with faster, more innovative EFTPOS solutions.

Since then, Tyro has taken the same innovative approach to banking with deposit, loan and eCommerce products which are designed to help businesses like yours grow and succeed.

You may have seen Tyro's refreshed new look brand. Tyro are excited that their new brand identity better reflects these changes, including how they've evolved and who they've become.

To find out more information on how Tyro can help your business grow, please click here.