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Occupancy rates in Alice Springs decreased for the first time since January 2016 with rates for February 2017 dropping -1.5pp (percentage points) compared with the February 2016 results. With no changes in supply, this was driven by a -5.7% drop in demand.

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For the year ending February 2017, average occupancy rates were up 6.1 pp to 73% compared to the same period last year, this has been driven by consistent increases in occupancy rates since February 2016 – i.e. when comparing the current month to the same month of the previous year.

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The average cost of a room (or ‘Daily Rate’) in Alice Springs for February 2017 was up by $3.80 on the previous February to $111. RevPAR also improved, up by $3.80 to $50. The Daily Rate and RevPAR for the year ending February were $117 and $84 respectively.

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Occupancy in February 2017 remained relatively high throughout the weak, peaking on Monday with an average occupancy rate reaching 71%. In previous years the peak was focused around Thursdays.

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Room demand is following the traditional seasonal pattern albeit the differentiation between seasons is becoming less distinguishable as the number of room nights occupied increases on previous years. In line with room demand, monthly occupancy rates in Alice Springs have trended upwards over the past three years while average room rates have stayed mostly the same. Supply during the last three years has remained relatively unchanged.


The data in this report is sourced from STR and is collected from a sample of six hotels in Alice Springs. Data is collected daily and collated to represent the industry. This sample represents 67% of the establishments in Alice Springs and 74% of the room supply.


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