Term 1 - Week 7, 2018

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 camp was the best experience ever. It was a great opportunity to make some new friends and there wasn’t a boring moment. 


On the first day we met bright and early in the school gym and said our goodbyes to our parents. We caught the bus straight to Tathra and when we got there we were allocated our cabins. Our first activities were raft building and going on the sugar glider flying fox. The raft building was a team activity where we had to work together so we could make a strong raft that we could race and beat the other teams. The flying fox was one of the most fun activities from the whole camp.


On the second day we participated in a surf safety program, had some beach flag competitions and relay races. We ended the day with a swim at the lagoon and had a campfire and hot chocolate before going to sleep in tents on the second night.


On the final day we went on a 7km bush walk along the coastline and crossed a lagoon. The lagoon was really clear and was super fun. All the staff were really nice and it was great to see them outside of a classroom (especially Mr Boyle). We hope we can go on another camp soon.

By Liliana Beckett and Sophie Murray

Athletics Carnival

On Friday the 16th of February (Week 6), JPC participated in the annual trek to Amaroo ovals for our Athletics Carnival. We were blessed with beautiful weather which enabled students to display all they had to offer with 24 new records on the day. 

This year, we celebrated our carnival with the additional theme of Commonwealth Caritas where each house were allocated a Commonwealth country that is also supported by Caritas. It was wonderful to see students and staff supporting this idea with flags, face painting and many, many donations. We finished off the day a little differently with a teacher race, where students provided a donation to Caritas in order to throw water balloons at their teachers as they ran. Let’s just say some teachers regretted this decision.

Thanks must go to everyone who made the day possible. This includes the Health and Physical Education staff who plan and prepare for the event, the office staff who complete a lot of administration, the teachers who encourage, support and guide the students and parents who offer their support in a variety of ways. We were also supported by members of the community such as the Gungahlin Little Athletics club, who allowed us to borrow equipment in order to make our day a success.


The biggest thankyou goes to the students who supported this event, through their participation, leadership, and sportsmanship. Unfortunately, there were many absences which means there were students who missed such a great opportunity to develop house and community spirit.


And for the news you have all been waiting for……..

Caritas Tally

Congrtualions to everyone for all the amazing effort that has been made towards raising awareness and money for Caritas 2018.


The current totals for each house are:


1st Place - Matthai who have raised an amazing $706.90

2nd Place - Kennedy - $623.55

3rd Place - Ferre - $617.35

4th Place - Van Thuan - $560.00

5th Place - Drexel - $534.85

6th Place - Vanier - $348.75

TOTAL - $3400.00


There is one week to go and the aim is to exceed last years total of $3872.00.  

Come on JPC, every dollar makes a difference!


JPC Rugby League Yr. 7 & 8 Boys

On what was a marvelous March day, JPC’s 7 & 8 boys rugby league team travelled to Northbourne Oval in Braddon to take part in the finals series. 

1. Owen Hromow    2. Noah Marcantonio
3. Zac Barbaro        4. Zac Rolls
5. Blake Robinson  6. Nik Onarato
7. Josh Baldwin      8. Sam Hall
9. Fletcher Tarry     10. Harrison Cracknell
11. Kyle Moir (absent) 12. Jono Sears

13. Ruben Spires    14. James Sheather

The boys absolutely dominated the competion.  They started with a clinical display against interstate rivals Queanbeyan High, running out comfortable winners 42-0. Our second game was a closer affair against Kaleen High, 24-4 setting up our final match against the only other unbeaten side on the day. Canberra High was the only thing standing in the way of victory and the boys started on fire, racking up 22 unanswered points before Canberra scored a late consolation try to finish 22-4. 

Zac Rolls finished the day with 6 tries (2 in each game), Owen Hromow, Noah Marcantonio, Rueben Spires, Blake Robinson all finished with 2 tries for the day and the other boys all managed to get on the scoresheet at some point. The boys finished undefeated after 6 games with a massive 178 points for and only 28 conceded.

After the 3 pool games earlier in the term, I promised the boys a pizza lunch if they won the whole thing, little did I know just how talented the boys were.


If you do see the boys at school, please congratulate and thank them for the way they all represented the school!  It was a massive effort across 2 big days.

Thanks must also go to Ms Turner for doing most of the leg work, the canteen staff for the Champions lunch and the amazing front office staff for collating all the boys permission notes!

Mr David Boyle

Congratulations & Good Luck Ryan

Ryan Lyddiard, Year 8 Van Thuan has been selected in the Under 15 Junior League Baseball team to compete in the Australian Championships in Adelaide from 27 May to 1 June 2018.


The winner of the tournament will have an all-expenses paid trip to the USA to compete in the World Junior League Championships. Ryan will be playing with 14 other boys selected from various baseball clubs within the ACT.

JPC goes to NASA!
Information Evening

April 10, 5:30PM in the Theatre at JPC

Dear Parents & Guardians of students in Years 10 - 12,

I am very pleased to announce that St John Paul II College students can be at the forefront of this exciting era as our school is participating in the CASE Space School International Study Program.

Your child has the opportunity to take part in this immersive Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) expedition to NASA in the USA in 2018. Students will be immersed in enriched and exclusive space and earth science activities to explore the multi-facets of STEAM, and they will also learn and engage in an inspiring personal and leadership development program to truly empower them for changing times.

In today’s ever-advancing world, we are living at the speed of science and it is so important that our children learn and master critical transportable skills to successfully navigate the fast-changing workforce shaped by automation, globalisation and collaboration.

Senior Space School is the MBA for Youth. With great program depth, students have incredible access to NASA. They visit areas not accessible by the public; and engage directly with NASA experts to design and plan their own space mission within a given budget. An immersive program that hones their individual leadership, project management, resource allocation crisis management and team work skills. Students learn from NASA experts and other leading organisations to foster new levels of collaboration and teamwork. Students return with big dreams and lasting confidence, inspired by the ultimate STEM experience at NASA.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to venture beyond the classroom to learn in a highly inspiring environment.

Mrs Jennifer Tually
Science Leader of Learning


Information Evening
Tuesday 10 APRIL, 2018
5:30 – 6:30 PM
St John Paul II College Theatre.
RSVP is essential. Click here to RSVP (or to find out more!)
See this video for more info: CASE Space School Expedition
Or contact Jennifer Tually (Science Leader of Learning) at

Learning Support News

Being new to both John Paul College and to Canberra I can understand the nervousness and the excitement that comes with starting at a new school. Meeting new people, following new routines, finding the correct room and learning from new teachers. I personally find the toughest thing about being new is understanding what is required of me as I learn new work. Our students also experience these emotions and difficulties as they start at a new school, or even as they return from the long summer break.


What makes any difficult situation easier to deal with is the support that is available. Sometimes our students need a little more support to get to school or to complete their tasks or to be responsible learners. This extra support can come from lots of different directions – home, friends and school. John Paul II College has a Learning Support Team to work with families, students and teachers to make sure that every student can access the learning material and demonstrate what they have learnt to the best of their ability. Annie Daley and myself understand that the earlier any support can be put into place, the easier it is to find a solution that works. Parents, guardians and students, please contact us if you would like to chat or to arrange this support.


Cate Wright

The Greatest Show Audition Tips

This year, students are able to participate in a unique production opportunity, “The Greatest Show: A Vaudeville”. On Wednesday during lunch, the Arts teachers demonstrated how the audition process will run for students during Week 8. Not only was it entertaining to see the teachers demonstrate ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ during an audition, it was a practical learning experience. 

Auditions will run:

Week 8 Tuesday Lunch – Dance
Week 8 Wednesday Lunch – Singing
Week 8 Thursday Lunch – Acting
Week 9 Tuesday Lunch – Catch-up


Audition Tips

Here are some basic do's and don’ts for auditions



  • Come in with enthusiasm, passion and confidence. We want to see that you want to be here!
  • “Sparkle” – you are trying to stand out and show that you are the right person for the job! Show personality and a sense of fun.
  • Know your material well and practise it beforehand. It’s good to see you have put effort in and that you take it seriously.
  • Try and understand your lines and lyrics, and think about how you can interpret them in a logical and interesting way. Find motivation for the character you’re portraying.
  • Be open, honest, and receptive to instructions. We need to be able to work with you!


  • Make excuses and apologies for mistakes. We want to see how you can rise above a challenge and keep going. Lots of mistakes can happen in a show!
  • Come in costume or use elaborate props. We want to see how you work alone.
  • Roam around the stage. Try and make the ‘mark’ you’re allocated your own space instead.
  • Get upset if things don’t go entirely as planned. This is not the be-all-and-end-all, and stuff happens!

Most of all

Have lots of fun, support each other, and enjoy the experience! See you at the auditions in Week 8.

Miss Keane on behalf of the Arts Team

Parent - Student - Teacher Interviews
Wednesday 11 April and Thursday 3 May 2018

Parent-Student-Teacher interviews will be held for Year 7 to Year 12 from 4.00pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday 11 April and Thursday 3 May 2018 in the College Hall.


Interviews will be of 5 minutes duration. Should you require a longer appointment time, please contact the relevant teacher to arrange an alternative meeting time.


For these interviews we will be using the booking system called Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO). It will save time for parents, staff and students!  The system will be available to parents from 3pm on Tuesday 3rd April.


Further information and instructions an email has been sent to all families. If you have not received an email, please contact the College Office -

Meet Mrs McNamara & Lola!

I have been teaching for 18 years and have worked at JPC for 4 years. My areas of teaching over the years have included Science, Maths, IHU, Religion, IMS, Sustainability and Psychology.  This year I am the Leader of Wellbeing for Vanier House and the Leader of Learning for Behavioural Sciences and The Sustainable Technologies team.

Lola is a Great Dane and is part of the JPC community. She has completed her Level 1 and 2 obedience courses and is just waiting till she is old enough to pass the pets as therapy course (she had to be over 1 yr old to be temperament tested).

Canberra Health Student Community Workshop Event

The Canberra Health Student Community run educational and networking events for students across all health disciplines. There are members from ANU, UC, ACU, CIT and Colleges.

We have our upcoming workshop on Saturday, 28rd April 2018 at 10:00- 1630hrs. This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to further understand the work involved in different health disciplines, and to collaborate with others.


Benefits for you students:

  • Experience what is involved in a variety of health disciplines,
  • Certificate of participation,
  • See the inside of the beautiful, fresh ANU Medical School,
  • Meet current undergraduate, postgraduate and graduated health care individuals,
  • Discuss their career goals with Canberra Health Student Community to get an understanding of what it is like as a student at all the universities.

Your students should take advantage of this opportunity - sign up for this free event today:

Each session runs for about 10 minutes, with groups of four to five students. Some examples of previous workshop sessions include:

  • Psychology - Matching emotions with body language
  • Critical Care - Conducting an ECG
  • Nursing - Mock wound cleaning, using a sterile dressing pack
  • Physiotherapy - Racing 'patients' who have simulated mobility issues
  • Pre-med - Diagnosing a broken leg without an x-ray
  • Pathology – Analysis of chronic gastrointestinal conditions.
  • Pharmacy – Understanding what’s involved in filling of capsules

Allied health is a growing model for providing care. The federal government has been increasing funding to allied health projects as it is seen to be essential to providing improved health outcomes with limited resources. There is an emphasis on healthy lifestyle and on independence; whether that is physically, psychologically, cognitively or socially.


The whole day is a competition. The student teams are competing for interdisciplinary glory, and the demonstrators are competing to showcase their field in an engaging way.

Thank you for your time,

Kimberley Pearce
Chair | Canberra Health Student Community

Facebook: Canberra Health Student Community

Whole School Photo

The whole school photo is avaialbe for parents to view online and order.


To access photos, please visit: and go to "Products for Parents" "Order Online"
Enter the following 8 digit shoot key: NSGGVNDK

Photographs are $20 each and will be available online for six months, alternatively you can call Academy School Photoraphy & Production office on 1300 766 472 to place an order.


My name is Dr Jo Crookes. I am a GP in Canberra and I have a son in Year 7 at JPC. I am travelling to Nairobi, Kenya at the end of April to volunteer for a week at FreMo, a maternity Centre in an extremely poor area.


It has a school attached & I am building a memorial soccer field in the name of a 14yo friends son who died of heart disease playing soccer. I’m taking an ultrasound machine that could have saved his life, something we take for granted in Australia.

We are looking for small size second hand soccer boots & any old soccer shirts or shorts. School has ages 5 to 10 years but all very small kids.

5 years ago, Holy Spirit, with Noel’s help, donated old school desks that we sold to fundraiser for equipment for the school. FreMo was very grateful.


FreMo has a Facebook page & accepts volunteers & any donations.


Please contact Dr Jo Crookes to arrange donation delivery.


Thank you,
Jo Crookes

Lost Property

Please make sure all items are clearly labelled with your childs name. If an item is handed into the Student office, students will be notified.


Could your please check that your child has not accidently picked up an item that does not belong to them. Items have gone missing which have not been handed into the Student Office.


Many thanks


For quick, hassle-free school payments

Qkr! is an easy-to-use phone app that gives you the flexibility to place orders at a time and place that suits you.

  • Saves you time by letting you order and pay for school items directly from your phone
  • Reduces the need for your child to bring cash to school
  • Fees, excursions, canteen money and more can be paid via Qkr!

All payments made before 10am will be available for your child to use in the canteen on the same day

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