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Welcome to the new Hobblebush Books
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A lot of new things are happening at Hobblebush Books, including the addition of our monthly email newsletter! In these newsletters, you will find information about upcoming titles, author interviews, events, sales and promotions, and interesting tidbits! We hope you'll find our monthly interactions entertaining and enlightening!

New release—Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas cover

Hobblebush Books' new release, Sound Ideas: Hearing and Speaking Poetry, is now available online and in stores! Sound Ideas maintains that hearing and speaking are essential to making poems live, and explains how to find your way to the heart of a poem by taking it off the page. Authors B. Eugene McCarthy and Fran Quinn have taught poetry successfully with this method for many years, and now they share it beyond their own classrooms.

Poet John Hodgen remarked about Sound Ideas, "Hard to believe that anyone serious about poetry, either student or teacher, wouldn't want to own this book." Whether an educator, student, or general reader, Sound Ideas is perfect for you! Learn more about this book on the Hobblebush website.

Hobblebush Books will be at the 2013 AWP Bookfair in Boston!

AWP Bookfair

Join us on Saturday, March 9 when the AWP bookfair is open to the public! We will be located at booth 2803 in the Hynes Convention Center (415 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210) and will be selling books (some at discounted prices!) from 8:30 am to 6 pm. Hobblebush authors will also be present throughout the day to sign books and chat.

Authors you will find at our booth:

9:30–10:30   Alice Fogel—Strange Terrain
11:00–12:00    Julia Older—Tales of the Francois Vase
12:00–1:00    Gene McCarthy—Sound Ideas
1:30–2:15    Walter Butts—Cathedral of Nervous Horses
2:30–3:15    Sidney Hall Jr.—Fumbling in the Light
3:30–4:30    Rodger Martin—Battlefield Guide / Blue Moon

If you’re worried about having to carry around too many books at the bookfair (can there ever really be too many books?), fear not! Hobblebush will be offering shipping to alleviate some of that book-carrying stress.

More information about parking and the bookfair layout can be found on our website.

Hope to see you there!

Why the name?

Hobblebush Books President Sid Hall explains:

Why the name "Hobblebush Books?" When I was at Reed College on the West Coast I was very fond of a press named Breitenbush Books. They published gorgeous editions of some of my favorite authors. When I started my own publishing company, I tried to think of a similar sounding name that would work on the East Coast. The Hobblebush grows everywhere in New Hampshire, especially in the northern forests where I love to hike.
The plant with large heart-shaped leaves has branches that bend back down to the ground and take root again, hobbling hikers and dogs and horses. Hence the common name. I like to think literature trips us up in the same way, but really, when I chose the name, I just liked the way it rolls off the tongue. So we are Hobblebush Books.

Holly, the Hobblebush mascot!


Holly is Sid Hall's Golden Retriever. She is quite accomplished for her age (only two years old!), often helping us out here in the office. Holly is extremely skilled in Photoshop, InDesign, and generally spends her free time copyediting or playing outside. We'll be providing you (or perhaps Holly will, if she finds the time to send out these newsletters herself) with updates about her every month, so keep an eye out for more photos!

Author interviews—coming soon!

Look out for Hobblebush author interviews, coming in our April email newsletter!