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Winter-Spring News 2014

Greetings ,

There has been so much going on at STREAM over the past 6 months that it is hard to include it all in our seasonal newsletter. This one is jam packed with goodies and we will be posting much more to Facebook in the coming weeks so please consider liking us to stay connected.

Enjoy the greening of spring!


Good Bones: Adaptive ReUse for Lifelong Wellness

Tompkins County requested proposals for a new vision for the Old Library. STREAM is leading a local team proposing to keep the building and adapt the structural frame with the least disturbance to the neighborhood and minimum impact on the environment. The existing building is very solid but has serious design flaws that can be addressed with a more human scaled intervention. No matter how this plays out it will be a win/win for the city and county. Check out all of the proposals here.

The Chain Works District

STREAM is very pleased to finally announce our involvement with a fantastic team of architects, engineers and planners for what might be the most significant project in Ithaca for over 100 years. The vision for the Chain Works District was unveiled on April 10th but it will take many years to plan, remediate, and re-shape. The public conversation has just begun.

Enfield Community Center on the Boards

Enfield Community Center

STREAM is working on the design of a new center for after school programs, meetings, weddings, and other community events. We are contemplating a net-zero energy strategy with volunteer built super insulated panel construction and a maximized photovoltaic installation.

Welcome Home: Building A Community That Works

STREAM has been working with Tompkins County and EcoVillage at Ithaca on an EPA funded education initiative called "Welcome Home" to promote innovative ways to build a community that works. We helped define the message and branding and produced a marketing strategy, website, presentations, and videos. The "Welcome Home" project is currently promoting an open competition and great opportunity for developers and property owners to gain free insight into enhancing their own project to help build a community that works.

Want to join the STREAM Team?

STREAM is currently seeking architects and landscape architects at all levels to join our growing staff. Strong Revit skills (or willingness to learn) required.

We are very excited to announce the newest additions to our staff over the past 5 months. You can learn more about the stream team on our website.

Rob Morache
Senior Associate

Tom Groner
Project Designer

Jen Demarest
Office Manager

October 2013 Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting

As many of you know, STREAM moved in September 2013 to a new location at the corner of Cayuga and Green streets in the heart of downtown Ithaca. We had a great ribbon cutting event with the Mayor and members of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance. The colab is home to Whitham Planning & Design, Randall West Planners, Tyson Law Designer, Marshall Hopkins Illustration, Woidt Engineering, SPEC Consulting, Green Legacy Tree Consultants and frequent collaborator Bernie Wade of BIM Design Consultants.

The Studio
Conference Room

Upcoming Events

Let's meet up at one of these upcoming events. Please contact us if you are planning to attend.

Noah Demarest will be on a panel discussion at the AIASNY Corning event in May.

The stream colab will be well represented at the CNU in Buffalo, NY June 4-7.

Anyone going?

Looking Back

This photo of the recently completed Gallagher Pier Pavilions at the Buffalo Outer Harbor by Parsons Brinckerhoff and Trowbridge Wolf Michaels was taken last fall by Jen (our staff photographer). The pavilion structures were designed by Noah Demarest, with landscape design by Bret LeBleu, and Margot Chiuten under principal Kathryn Wolf. Joe Fonzi from PB provided structural engineering.

Also snapped last fall by Jen, the Rochester Junction pavilion was inspired by a historic train depot structure located in Mendon, NY along the Lehigh Valley Trail. The new structure was designed by Noah Demarest while working with Trowbridge Wolf Michaels under principal Kathryn Wolf. Construction documents prepared by Jason K. Demarest Architect and engineering from Fisher Associates under Chris Smith, Senior VP.