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Opening Night Photos from Animal Dreams!

Thanks to everyone that joined us for the opening of Animal Dreams! We had a fantastic crowd and The Atlantan was on hand taking some great photos! If you haven't made it in yet to see Animal Dreams we encourage you to do so! Here are some great photos courtesy of The Atlantan Modern Luxury from our opening event! 

left to right: Jim Landon, Brenda Massie, Paul Hagedorn and David Landis Photography by: Joey Wallace


Hagedorn Foundation Gallery continues with "Animal Dreams," two one-person exhibitions, by Atlanta sculptor David Landis and Savannah painter June Stratton, that consider how people and nature reflect each other in their behavior, their strength and fragility. The dual exhibition runs through September 15. For the full press release, please click here:

Art Southampton

Brenda Massie, Director of Hagedorn Foundation Gallery says, "For the first time, we participated in Art Southampton and met with resounding success! We were thrilled with the amount of attention our booth and artists received and are excited to extend the collections of our artists, locally, nationally and internationally! We couldn't have asked for more!"  

Work was presented by: Peter Bahouth, Jill Greenberg, Paul Hagedorn, Ethan Levitas, Landon Nordeman, John Oetgen, Margriet Smulders and Gregor Turk. Click here for more information on each of these artists.

Here's a link to some of the great press we recieved:

Art Southampton 2014 – Blue Chip Art under Blue Skies


Upcoming Exhibition - Interiors

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is pleased to present works by three award-winning photographers: Claire Rosen (b. 1983, New Jersey) Guillermo Srodek-Hart (b. 1977, Argentina) and Steve Aishman (b. 1975, Michigan) whose images examine the affective power of sheer presence and the inscription of cultural history that impacts us all. Whether working in vintage studio set ups (Rosen), the historical Argentinian countryside (Srodek-Hart) or the domestic world of urban Atlanta and social media today (Aishman), each artist focuses on human stories as both the silent, intimate expressions of a way of life and vehicles to examine the splendor of insignificant objects in vibrant color and detail. 

For the full press release, click here. Information on our artists' talk coming soon!

Additional Press - Margriet Smulders

The GROUND Magazine is an innovative high fashion, art and music platform publication set to revolutionize the way people interact with fashion and art, located in New York, NY.

Our featured artist, Margriet Smulders was recently published in this highly acclaimed bi-annual publication. Click here for more information.

Additional Press - Landon Nordemann

One of our featured artists, Landon Nordemann is extremely well known for his artful take on dog shows, was sent by TIME Magazine to shoot the Hounds of Helsinki: Behind the Scenes of the 2014 World Dog Show. To see the full article, click on the link below:


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About Hagedorn Foundation Gallery

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery opened in 2009 under the mentorship of Julian Cox, Curator of Photography at the Getty and High Museums. Since that time, the not–for-profit gallery has extended the scope of photography and photo based art in Atlanta focusing on contemporary practices which foreground social and political issues and which frequently push the definition of documentary tradition and artistic manipulation. Exhibitions are augmented by lectures and talks at the gallery by exhibiting artists and panels of cultural, art historical and theoretical experts. Hagedorn Foundation Gallery also offers classic images and vintage and secondary market collections.