Week 4 - Term 2

CEO Sleepout

On Thursday the 20th of June, St Vincent De Paul will be holding their annual CEO Sleep-out. This event has raised valuable funds and awareness for the homeless and vulnerable in our community. Our Social Justice Group is running their 6th JPC Sleep-out to partner with the St Vincent De Paul event and to support Mrs Rey who does the Sleep-out as a CEO and this year, is an ambassador for the event.  Using only their clothes, a warm sleeping bag, and a cardboard box, students will simulate homelessness and raise money for a good cause.


If you would like to donate to a student participating, you can donate via the link below. Don’t forget to put their name in the comment box, so we can tally up the amount of money raised for each student 😊



The Social Justice Team

2019 Cross Country

Last Friday the annual JPC Cross Country was held, on a much warmer day than its original date. This year, students were able to pick the competitive course or the walking course. It was wonderful to see so many students challenge themselves with the gruelling ‘heartbreak hill’ course and reward them extra points and an ice block (if within a certain time). Students on the walking course were challenged to complete as many laps of the 1.5km loop as possible with one point per lap going to their house.


We finished the day with an ‘out of the ordinary’ relay where house teams competed around a course of activities with the overall aim of getting to the finish line with the most water left in their bucket. There were a lot of laughs, particularly when the teachers attempted a sack race with a bucket in hand!

Thank you to all of the teachers who supervised along our tracks, cheered at the house areas and worked to start, time and record the event. Thank you to all of the students who made great steps toward a healthy future by engaging with the event in an active way. We would still like to increase the participation rate and lower absences by engaging students in a variety of ways and are open to feedback as to how this can be achieved.


The top 10 runners in the competitive race will be going through to ASC Cross Country next Friday. Students are encouraged to check their emails for information regarding this event.


Ashlee Turner

The hard-to-have conversations

Talking with your child about tricky personal subjects: Perhaps your child has been bullied online, sent or received an intimate image, or come across pornography online. Conversations about experiences like these can be difficult.

When you talk to your child about personal subjects, you are trying to balance a number of different things:

  • respecting your child’s privacy while still making sure they are safe and happy
  • giving them space to test their own problem-solving skills online but supporting them as they make their own way
  • educating them about people’s different personalities but knowing you can’t make their choices for them
  • establishing boundaries while being understanding and open

Here are some general tips to how to start the chat, whatever the subject.

  • Work out what you want to say and how you want to say it, depending on the issue you want to talk about.
  • Go somewhere together where you can talk privately. Being in an environment where you can talk without being interrupted can also make things more comfortable for both parent and child.
  • Think of some positive examples of good behaviour that you can use to contrast negative or harmful behaviours.
  • Let your child know you are there to help them, no matter what. Listening will also help you understand their attitudes and respond to specific issues.
  • Asking questions about how they feel and what they know helps you to gauge your child's level of knowledge and keeps you from lecturing.
  • Your child’s teacher may also be able to point you towards suitable resources to help you explain things.
  • You could also access the following weblinks for further information:

Useful links:


Alagaysan Chandra Segaran
Leader of Wellbeing

Diplomatic Simulation

On Thursday, Mark Bissonnette and Michael Bowerbank from the US Embassy ran a diplomatic simulation activity for our Y11/12 Global Studies class, along with the Y10 World in Conflict students. The topic was Nuclear Non-Proliferation using imaginary nations, and integrated themes of the developing Iranian and North Korean situations. The students were spread to represent six different 'actors' with different alliances and conflicting interests, and had to create a solution that all could abide.


The US Embassy staff provided engaging materials, and facilitated an outstanding program for our inspired students. JPC would like to sincerely thank them for their time and effort, as well as the developing relationship we now share.


Jason Paris

Leader of Learning and Wellbeing

Year 7 Stewardship Day

As part of the Religious Education unit of work currently being studied by Year 7, Stewardship Day is an important event on our calendar. This year Stewardship Day will occur in Week 5 on Friday 31st of May. The day is run on site at JPC, with opportunities for students to engage with a guest speaker as well as workshops and activities throughout the day. Stewardship Day is focussed on being active carers of ourselves, each other and our common home.


Year 7 students are invited to wear their sports uniform on this day and to bring something to share with their peers in our united ‘Sustainable Picnic’ lunch.


Please direct any questions about this day to


We are looking forward to a fun and informative day together.


Sara Rowley
Leader of Learning and Wellbeing

Senior Arts Trip: Sydney

Little over a week ago, the sun had not yet begun to rise, yet our Senior Arts Students studying Music, Dance, Drama, Media and Visual Art were ready to depart from school for a jam-packed two-day extravaganza! This trip was specifically designed to accommodate each specific subject, so the activities that each subject group were doing were directly related to what they had been studying for the past 13 weeks, as well as being linked to their up and coming assessments. With this in mind, it was clear that due to the nature of the trip, students were ‘buzzing’ to delve deeper into what they had been currently exploring within their units.


This is what each subject area got up to over the two days:

Visual Art

Taking full advantage of the opportunity to visit two renowned Australian galleries, the Art Gallery of NSW and the Museum of Contemporary Art, the curious students of the Visual Arts were led by experienced artist-educators to discover the works of significant international artists such as Duchamp, the father of conceptual art, and Australian artist Janet Laurence, a leading environmental artist, inspiring the senior students in their own art making unit of work Contemporary Art Practice - Art and Activism.

Catching the controversial and renowned Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes was a must see, followed by wandering the historic galleries of painting, sculptures and installations with fascinating stories of bygone times, with themes still relevant today.

So keen were our JPC artists to get out and draw and paint that we left the accommodation at 8am on a gloriously sunny morning, heading to the lush Royal Botanic Gardens and sparkling Sydney Harbour to create! Walking the streets of Sydney allowed us to see architecture, design and town planning ... and exercise!


Our last visual arts experience was seeing the fabulous design of sets and colourful costumes in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Ms Kath Podger

Visual Arts and Photography Teacher


The senior Drama students shone during the in time in Sydney last Tuesday and Wednesday. They revelled in the multiple cultural and theatrical experiences, taking away not only memories, but also extra skills up their sleeves.


The first workshop experience was hosted by Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) at the Seymour Centre. This two-hour workshop was focussed on skills and technique to devise comedy. Students participated in active warm-ups and many physical activities to inspire creation. From non-verbal communication for creation, through to subverting the audience’s expectations and recontextualisation in performance, the laughs were rolling! ATYP commended the students on their enthusiasm, collaboration skills and experimentation of new activities.


Students also devised performance on the grass of Cockington Green in front of the public. Onlookers were entertained by their creativity and passion to perform.


Wednesday morning saw a trip to National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Kensington. With eagerness, the students soaked up the tour of NIDA and, with awe, asked many questions. An international actor and NIDA tutor led a two-hour improvisation workshop for the students. Once again very active, students were challenged to extend their improvising skills with a focus on ownership and choices. More advanced improvisational activities occurred during the time with students working hard to increase their abilities to reflect the direction and feedback from the tutor.


Drama students loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! They were able to appreciate many facets of the production and even find inspiration for future performances.


Mrs Sarah Smith
Senior Drama Teacher


On day one of Dance: The Senior JPC dance class were very excited to be participating in some Sydney Dance Company workshops at their brand-new studios in Ultimo. Straight into a Lyrical workshop on arrival, students were thrust into a two-hour stint of conditioning, sequences and routines. The standard of the choreography was second to none, both challenging and for filling. After a short lunch break at the Broadway Centre, students were back in class focusing on what SDC do best, contemporary workshop and creative lesson. Upon arrival we were welcomed by one of the company teachers, who knew our very one Miss Mostyn! Lexi the teacher and Miss Mostyn studied Dance at University together, so needless to say we were looked after very well indeed! The contemporary workshop was a combination of sequences and segments from the current work of the SDC, Company Dancers, ‘woof’ which was exhilarating. After almost 6 hours of dance, our Senior Dance class were tired but pumped to be taking what they had learnt back into the classroom at JPC, in translating all their new knowledge into their Task 3 Creative assessment.

On day two of Dance: After a physically demanding first day, the Dancers had a slower start to the second day of the trip. They walked into the CBD, to Pitt Street where they were given Choreographic tasks to help with their inspiration for their new assessment. Students observed, developed character and creative intent from the environment around them. After a short feedback session, the dancers swiftly made their way to Capitol Theatre!


Mrs Faye Robertson

Leader of Learning & Wellbeing


On the first day the music students had a tour of the Sydney Opera House and saw some rehearsals by the Sydney Ballet and a famous pianist touring Australia at the time.


On Wednesday we had a tour of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where the students learnt about the history of the building, saw multiple rehearsal and performance spaces and got to perform on a grand piano. It was very interesting to learn that the Conservatorium was once a bakery, then a horse stable before it’s musical life. The students then participated in a composition workshop with the amazing Nicholas Ng where they learnt the history of composition and composition techniques on a range of digital music interfaces.


We then walked to Capitol Theatre to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical. It was absolutely incredible.


I’d like to thank the music students for making this excursion so much fun and a huge thank you to Mrs. Faye Robertson for organizing such a wonderful, memorable excursion for all our students.


Ms Sharon Robinson

Music Teacher

After the coach journey to Sydney all subjects were thrust into a full day’s worth of activates and workshops. It wasn’t until we all gathered back together at the Hostel at 5.00 pm that we came back together as a JPC Arts Team. There was no time to waist, as we enjoyed a delicious team dinner, the energy in the dining room was absolutely fantastic. It was the first time that all the different subjects had time to de-brief on their day and share their experiences, it was evident that it had all been a huge success as the excitement and energy was still heightened and overflowing. After dinner, we took to the Hostel terrace, where there were show stopper views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. After a little show and tell of the days shenanigan’s/performances we broke back into subjects to have a little session on digesting the days learning and experiences.


The day was not yet over! The Arts Team strolled down to the Rocks and walked around Circular Key, taking in the sights, performances and energy, before indulging in some ice-cream at the Sydney Opera House. We spend some time milling around the Opera House, absorbing all that this great place had to offer. Then, we were all off to the Opera Keys Cinema to watch ‘Top End Wedding’, an Australian made film that was funny and powerful. It was fair to say that after a long day, the walk back to the Hostel was brisk, as everyone was keen to hit the sack. 


Day two: An early start for everyone, as we parted waves after breakfast and drove full throttle into our third subject specific workshops of the trip. We re-grouped at midday at Capitol Theatre where we had lunch and then excitedly entered the Theatre to watch the critically acclaimed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Theatrical show. The show was all and more than we hoped for, creative and well executed, the Arts Team had an absolute ball taking in all that the show and Theatre had on offer. After some photo opportunities, we all hopped back on the coach back to Canberra. The trip home was very quiet, a good representation of some very tired Senior Arts Students.


The students who were a part of this trip represented the school with pride and courage. The feedback from our venues, tour guides and workshop tutors were overwhelmingly positive. All the teaching staff were very proud of how our students demonstrated a growth mindset and grace in all they participated in. The trip was a huge success! The development of community within the Arts students, providing real life exposure and experiences within areas that that are passionate about, was clealry invaluable. Thank you to all Senior Arts staff who meticulously planned and organised sessions for students that were both empowering and enriching.


Mrs Faye Robertson
Leader of Learning & Wellbeing

The Arts

Senior Drama to Perform at Canberra Theatre in ACT UP!

On Tuesday 4th June the Senior Drama class will be performing in ACT Up Student Fringe Festival that includes plays, dance, music, short films and art installations which will be held at the Canberra Theatre Centre. ACT UP! STUDENT FRINGE is a multi-stage fringe festival of eclectic original performances about the world we live in – created by student artists from high schools and colleges across Canberra! Taking on the theme – TIME’S UP – the student artists will present works based on this theme.

This term, students have been working hard to devise their own performances for this event and are very much looking forward to showcasing their hard work for a live audience. There are two groups performing in the evening; Missing Link and Enterprise 2k-IX.

Missing Link
After the sudden death of a beloved friend, four elderly women realise that their time is running out. They begin to reminisce about the lessons they have learned throughout their lives. Each character learns a different lesson that reveals the them the gift of life.


Enterprise 2k-IX

“Welcome to the exhibition of 2019! Wait… where are all the exhibits?
Travellers – to the time machine!”

It’s the year 3019 and a museum has two days to open their exhibition of 2019, an exhibit dedicated to honouring histories pop culture. But wait! Conveniently, an apt scientist finally harnesses time travel and offers limited opportunity to go back in time.


Family and friends are encouraged to come along to support performers. Tickets for the Festival are on sale now and are $20 (plus a booking fee) available from:


Come along to feast on a night of ‘all-you-can-eat-performance’!


Mrs Sarah Smith
Senior Drama Teacher

Hospitality Greek Lunch

On Wednesday 22 May the year 10, 11 and 12 Hospitality students created a delicious Greek style lunch, including a warm lamb or halloumi salad follwed by baklava in the JPC 1021 Restaurant.


Save the date for the next restaurant night Wednesday 5th June commencing at 6pm. Further details to come...


Math Homework Club is back for 2019 and is open to ALL year groups.


Homework Club will run on Thursday's

(commencing Thursday 30 May)

3.45pm - 4.30pm

in JG 1-2


Students just need to bring along some Maths work they are completing in class.


See you all there!


Mr L Rose

Career News

ANU Visits JPC Seniors

On Thursday 16th of May, a representative speaker from the ANU came to JPC to provide Senior students with information regarding the application process at ANU and other course details. Senior students were in good attendance from both Year 11 and Year 12. The Year 12 students need to have finished their ANU applications by the end of this month. Other presentations planned for the coming weeks include from: NSW ADFA, University of Canberra and Australian Catholic University.

Work Experience Report

In the school holidays I had the exciting opportunity to do work experience at Shared Services ICT (ACT Government) for a week.  I gained first hand experience of what ICT work involves in the real world.

My week was packed with timeslots scheduled in different areas within ICT.  My first day was my favourite, I went on a site visit to the Canberra Hospital for some troubleshooting. I went into the communication rooms to see how the cables are patched and re-positioned. Other work areas included visualisation, hardware review and management, database creation, incident management and of course programming. I also got to spend time with the service desk team.  Staff sitting in front of multiple screens, blue tooth headsets, phones ringing - the buzz and energy in the room reminded me of the trading floor in a stock exchange.  I also got to talk to one of the coders of the ACT Government websites.  He gave me some very useful coding tips!

The week finished quickly. On my last day I felt sad to leave as I had such an informative, insightful and positive experience. Everyone was busy and still happy to teach me and share their knowledge with me.  I found Shared Services ICT to be a very efficient, hard working, supportive and respectful workplace.  I found my work experience extremely valuable as it has guided me on my subject selection for years 11 and 12.  I learnt and enjoyed more than I expected to.  I strongly encourage ICT students to explore work experience opportunities such as the one I did, with Mr Pettit.



Amisha Sehgal, Yr10 - Van Thuan

From the College Office


"How To"

Use Qkr! for Excursions

The Excursion Permission Note trial is underway and to help you through the process we have a "How To" guide to help you through the process.


Click here for instruction on how to download Qkr! onto your device

Click here for instruction on using Qkr! on a PC

Click here for insturction on using Qkr! on a Device


Thank you


Lift Back in Action!

Apologies for any inconvience caused with the lift out of action.

The lift has now been repaired and is in working order.

Thank you

MyWay Reminder

The month’s free travel period comes to an end on Sunday 26 May 2019. With paid services starting next week on Monday May 27, students are being reminded to top up their MyWay cards or purchase tickets to avoid fines of up to $181 for travelling without a ticket.


During the month’s free travel period, whilst drivers have encouraged all students to tap on and off, it has been brought to our attention that there are some students who are not.


Tapping on and off is required by all customers travelling on light rail and buses, and also provides Transport Canberra with accurate data to plan and review services in the future.

Stop the Spread of Flu

With several students and staff at JPC with compromised immunity, and with many staff members also living with people with low immunity, we urge you to talk to and teach your children about preventing the spread of diseases.

Developing good health habits such as covering your cough and washing your hands often can help stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses like the flu.

The tips below will help you learn about steps you can take to protect yourself and others from flu and help stop the spread of germs.

  1. The single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get vaccinated each year.
  2. Avoid close contact - Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too.
  3. Stay home when you are sick - If possible, stay home from work, school, and errands when you are sick. This will help prevent spreading your illness to others. If your child has had a fever or vomited/diarrhoea, they must wait a full 24 hours before returning to school.
  4. Cover your mouth and nose - Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, or cough/sneeze into your elbow. This helps prevent those around you from getting sick. Flu and other serious respiratory illnesses are spread by cough, sneezing, or unclean hands.
  5. Clean your hands - Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.
  6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth - Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.
  7. Practise other good health habits - Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home, work or school, especially when someone is ill. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food.

Making healthy choices at school and at home can help prevent the flu and spreading flu to others.

Work Experience Program

Parish News

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Community News

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