Issue #2

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Mercer's Weekly Reads

We're into the second week—thanks for taking this journey with me!

This week I wanted to focus on growth: something that I find both important and elusive at times. In Leadership, I specifically tried to choose posts that guided readers towards overcoming the personal fears that may be holding them back, rather than any real shortcomings—so often we are much better at what we do than we think!

In Product, Support and Marketing I tried to share readings that helped inform and guide readers in ways to better their internal processes: whether that be feedback or customer focus at a company-wide level. We can all always get better in both of those aspects.

Lastly, in Feel Good, I wanted to share some things that helped to make me feel better about myself and choices this week. I often find myself questioning the value of what I'm doing if it doesn't directly impact my company, my role, or the customer; life isn't always all about that. These three posts helped to contextualize that for me—hopefully they can do so for you as well.


Product, Support, Marketing

Feel Good

Thank you, so much, for taking the time to read and engage with me! Let me know what you're liking, let me know what you'd like to see more of. You are the very best.


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