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I'm a nerd

In case you haven't already figured that out :)  The title of the email is in reference to the two colors I'm posting this week--L-Dopa, which is the precurser to Dopamine, one of the main neurotransmitters responsible for reward-motivated behavior, and Cassiopeia, which is located in the Pac-man nebula (and is Pac-man ghost colored!)

Yeah...my toddler has been sleeping with us so I'm kinda short on sleep :)


Back by popular demand, first up we've got Cassiopeia.

Stripe Pattern:

7 rows Red

3 rows Black w/ white flecks

7 rows Orange

3 rows Black w/white flecks

7 rows Pink

3 rows Black w/white flecks

7 rows Teal

3 rows Black w/white flecks.

See other projects made with this colorway on Ravelry!


Our Second color this week is L-Dopa

Stripe Pattern:

7 rows Teal

3 rows Grey

7 rows Electric Violet

3 rows Grey

7 rows Green

3 rows Grey

See other projects made with this colorway!


Two more pattern ideas for you this week.

First, some free socks from knitty.com--Geek is a pattern that has you do slip stitches where the yarn changes color, to show off your stripes without doing plain vanilla.

Second, this awesome hat I found on Ravelry--Hado is a slouchy tam which playes with biasing to make an awesome wave pattern.