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6 WEEK PROGRAM I COMMENCING Friday, July 23, 2021 I 6:30PM - 9:30PM

For every non-American actor intent on playing American roles in US film and television it is absolutely critical to master an accurate and convincing General American accent. What is the Gen Am (or Standard American) accent? Specifically, it is the common non-regional American accent used by non-American actors when playing American roles. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of how to speak and act in a Gen Am accent through discussion, exercises, improvisation, sight reading, monologues and scene work. 

  • Vocal focus and sound placement
  • Resonance and muscularity
  • Cadence and musicality
  • Colloquialisms and liaisons (connecting words)
  • Common mispronunciations and inaccuracies
  • Staircase intonations, nuances
  • Stress and emphasis
  • US Industry discussion
  • Applying your Gen Am early to your sides/scripts

The more practise you put in, the more confidence you’ll have. This will allow you to stay ‘in the scene’, remaining open and alive, rather than struggling through attempting to keep your US accent in place.

Places strictly limited.


American born and raised Tyler Coppin is one of Australia’s most in-demand, admired, and earliest coaches of the US Accent having started during the 1980’s wave of Aussie actors to Hollywood. He has trained literally hundreds of actors in classes and in private sessions, for plays, and as a US dialect coach on-set for film (including Dark City, Where the Wild Things Are, Torn, Peter Benchley’s The Beast); and television productions (including Race the Sun, Superman Returns, Babe, Strange Chores). Today he continues his passion as a Gen Am and actor coach working with so many of the talented actors of the new generation - nearly all with the US industry on their horizons - coaching their screen-tests and self tapes (as both actor and accent coach), also working privately with them on accent and acting technique. Past clients include Heath Ledger, Madeleine Madden, Melissa George, Joel Edgerton, Magda Szubanski, Ben Mendelsohn, and Mavournee Hazel (Piper Willis from Neighbours).

Actors and students love working with Tyler because of the passionate, warm and thorough approach he brings, that gets them the results that they want. Add to this his own unique backstory of always having had one foot in Australia and the other in the USA, and a decades-long career as a respected and award-winning actor (Helpmann Award, Edinburgh Fringe First, Green Room Award) with an ardent devotion to the craft. A NIDA graduate, Tyler has worked as an actor (and writer) for most of the major theatre companies in Australia, as well appearing in films including Hacksaw Ridge, Winchester, Predestination, The Tender Hook, One Night Stand and Mad Max 2. He will soon appear in the movie Lone Wolf, starring Hugo Weaving.


To enrol, simply book via our website.  It will automatically be sent to enquiries@filmtv.com.au. We will then process your application. If you send your application form and all placements have been filled we will be in touch to notify you.  If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us directly on 1800 FILMTV (1800 345 688).

*All applications are processed on a first in first served basis.  Once your placement has been confirmed, you will recieve a full week by week breakdown on what to expect from your program, together with further course materials which are sent to you via email.

Melbourne Studio I 163 Victoria Avenue I Albert Park I VIC 3206 I www.filmtv.com.au