Forest Resource Consultants On Solid Ground Summer 2014

The Best Decisions
Larry Grace, Forestry Account Manager and Real Estate Sales
Larry Grace
Looking back over sixty years of living in the greatest country in the world, like everyone my age, I have made thousands of decisions. Some decisions, of course, have been better than others. I have been fortunate in that the good ones have mostly overshadowed the bad ones.
We all are constantly making economic, spiritual, and domestic decisions that impact our health, security, and wellbeing. Most of the time our decisions are made consciously and deliberately with anticipated outcomes. But occasionally, we make decisions that bring unexpected benefits or problems that were not part of the original equation.


Featured Listings
Duck Hunting
and Timber Tract

Duck Hunting and Timber Tract, Twiggs Co.
Twiggs Co., GA
$468,950    226 acres
Turkey Creek Tract
Turkey Creek Tract, Dooley Co.
Dooley Co., GA
$160,000    80.406 acres
Brown Tract
Brown Tract, Talbot Co.
Talbot Co., GA
$180,000    91.84 acres

Regional Sales
Laurens Co. Jul-14 154 $1,721 $396 $1,325 Paved road frontage; timberland and pastureland with a small pond.
Camden Co. Jun-14 1,195 $1,573 $298 $1,275 Paved and graded road frontage; river frontage; bank-owned sale.
Baldwin Co. May-14 153 $1,200 $450 $750 Limited paved road frontage; adjoining owner; bank-owned sale.
Jones Co. Mar-14 244 $1,905 $505 $1,400 Paved road frontage; all merchantable timber; bank-owned sale.
Bacon Co. Mar-14 2,165 $1,000 $200 $800 Graded road frontage; portion of timber reserved by seller.
Taliaferro Co. Mar-14 118 $1,402 $452 $950 Paved road frontage; merchantable and premerchantable timber; creek frontage.
The table above includes a sample of recent transaction data from various counties in Georgia. This data is provided for illustrative purposes only and does not necessarily reflect current market values. Please contact us at (478) 745-4910 or if you are in need of real estate and/or appraisal services.

Southern Timber Could Hit A New High by 2017

Lynn Michaelis, Growing Georgia

In an economy that has been as unpredictable as the World Cup, a classic contender may become the reigning champion. Given current conditions in both the U.S. and overseas, the next 10 years could very well be the “decade of forestry.” Georgia’s abundance of trees could position the state to reap some big rewards: More production, new jobs, greater revenues. A triple play!


E-Pellets buys Athens mill for $13 million
Phil W. Hudson, Atlanta Business Chronicle

E-Pellets Group LLC bought the Louisiana Pacific OSB mill in Athens, Ga., for $13 million. Waycross, Ga.-based E-Pellets said it plans to convert the mill into a wood pellet production facility, producing about 450,000 metric tons annually. The wood pellets will be exported to the European Union to be used as an alternative to coal as fuel in power plants.


US recovery hits 5-year mark, but long way to go

Annalyn Kurtz, CNN Money

It's June 2014, and that means it's been five years since the Great Recession officially ended. If you're not ready to celebrate this milestone, you're certainly not alone. The majority of Americans still rate economic conditions as "poor" and for good reason: This jobs recovery is the slowest on record, wages are barely rising, home prices are still below their peak and more Americans are using food stamps than ever before.


Salamander’s Hefty Role in the Forest
Richard Conniff, The New York Times

If someone asked you to name the top predator in North American forests, you might think of bears, or maybe great horned owls. But here’s another answer to think about: woodland salamanders.


Washington Versus the People: The Solution to Today's Land War

Steven F. Hayward, Forbes

The controversy between the federal government and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy appears to have receded from the front pages for the moment, but it is useful to step back and ask a simple question: how come these highly charged political standoffs seldom if ever occur in New York, or Pennsylvania, or Indiana? How come there is no “Cornbelt Rebellion” to match up with the west’s “Sagebrush Rebellion”?


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