Term 2 - Week 1, Part 2

Arts Up Front, Week 1

The Greatest Show: A Vaudeville

Roll up, roll up, welcome to the Circus! This week, the very first rehearsal for JPC’s first ever musical production took place. Following the success of the audition week and casting, 70 students remained at school until 5pm on Wednesday afternoon, as they will each week, until the production in Term 3.


The first rehearsal was one of ensemble building. As the cast will be part responsible for creating the script and their own character development, it is important to have group cohesion and trust. The rehearsal saw students eagerly participate in a series of Musical Theatre workshops to bring their character to life. Students worked in their ensemble groups to create a brief skit to bring their troupe within the circus to life. Students learnt how to move and interact as their character within the circus setting. It’s only been one rehearsal – but the show is sure to be a hit!


It is clear that the cast and crew are excited and taking their commitment toward this show seriously. The inclusivity and vitality of the cast is commendable and the cast has already made the crew proud. Energy levels at the first rehearsal were high and everyone’s focus was directed to the various tasks at hand. Chookas to all and we look forward to the next rehearsal!


Miss Sarah Keane
Director for the Greatest Show: A Vaudeville

Maria Angelica Actor Workshop – Incursion for Drama Classes

Following her TV series success, Maria Angelica came to JPC this week. The Logie nominated actor shared her industry experience with 40 Drama students. Maria, as a visiting tutor, lead a 3-hour workshop which developed student’s skills around improvisation, group devised theatre, character building and comedic timing.


Maria offered advice about what kind of artist our students could be was invaluable. Maria firmly believes that, “as individual artists have something to give”. This became the theme for her workshop. Maria led students through a variety of improvisational workshops to explore characterisation, comedic timing and complete commitment to the role – both realistic and non-naturalistic performance styles. As Maria constantly reminded the students – there’s no mistakes in drama! This sync perfectly with our growth mindset reinforcing how important it is to fail as the learning experience from this could be what turns into an absolute success.


Students were excited to be offered this unique experience and wholeheartedly participated. Maria captured the student’s attention – at times, rolling with laughter – and had them working in pairs, small groups and preforming throughout the time. After a series of practical workshops to explore improvisation, we had a Question and Answer session about work and life in the industry. Students continually commented on how fun it was as Maria believes,” if it’s not fun – it’s not drama!”


Despite staying on Campus, our students proudly represented the College. They have demonstrated their respect for members of the community and the subject of Drama as well. Students will take away valuable knowledge for this experience – and have brushed shoulders with Australian fame. What a great thing to add to the resume!


Miss Sarah Keane
Drama Teacher

Mothers Day Mass

Please come and join us for Mothers Day Mass and coffee morning on: 


Date - Thursday, 10 May

Time - 8am Coffee in the canteen followed by
8:30am mass in the Chapel.


All welcome to celebrate our JPC mothers!


Please RSVP to the JPC office at by Tuesday, 8 May for catering purposes.


Girls PE/Sports Leggings

Girls at St John Paul II College will now have an option to wear JPC leggings in their PE/Dance lessons and when representing the College in Sport. The introduction of this new apparel for PE comes after a number of students expressed that the current PE/Sports shorts were not practical or comfortable during active PE lessons. The design of the JPC leggings comes as a result of collaboration between the PE staff and students.


From Term 2, 2018 there will be an option for the female students to purchase and wear JPC sports leggings during practical lessons (students will NOT be permitted to wear the leggings as part of their everyday uniform). The leggings will be full length, navy blue and have the JPC logo, as shown below. Please note that no other leggings are permitted for PE lessons/Sport. Girls can still wear the uniform sports shorts.

There will be samples available for sizing purposes. A lunch time session will be arranged by the PE Department for girls to try these on. Girls will need to listen for announcements to attend.


In an aim to keep the cost as low as possible, the leggings will be ordered in bulk through the school, therefore they cannot be purchased anywhere else.  An order form will be given to girls who are interested or they can collect one from the Student Office.


Payments can be made using Qkr! and this is required by Friday 11th May 2018 (week 2).

The order will be placed on 14th May and any late orders will be charged at a higher rate. We anticipate that the leggings will be delivered and available for collection by mid-June.

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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