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ISSUE #1 / 20 Sept 2018

In this issue // video 'How many women sit in your country's national parliament? // EWAG 2018 // Marie-Augustine, one of our youth activists // BruxELLES // Cartoon 'Gender equality: Picture it!'

We won’t stop until every girl is equally seen, heard and valued

Serap Altinisik

Head of Office of the Plan International EU Hub

Because it is the International Day of the Girl in exactly four weeks from now, we are returning, this year digitally, with our Girls’ Rights Gazette. As of 2012 this publication is bringing girls’ voices to the fore: their stories, their realities and their views on the current state of girls’ rights in the world today. This year’s gazette will include stories by our young activists and advocates who will be joining our Global Girls’ Summit in Brussels on 10th October. They will give insight into their commitment to gender equality and girls’ rights and the different initiatives they are carrying out in their respective countries and regions. You will be able to see how the different Plan International projects work together with girls and young women, to make their cities safer, to ensure education in emergency settings and to become champions of change. There will be photos in each issue of the Gazette taken by the youth involved in the BruxELLES project capturing sexual harassment in public spaces in Brussels. As in past editions, EU leaders and influencers will share their visions on how, in their respective roles, they try to put girls at the forefront of EU external policies and actions. And how they play their part in making sure that every girl can learn, lead, decide and thrive. 

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European Week of Action for Girls

The European Week of Action of Girls (EWAG) is a week-long programme of events and activities, based around the International Day of the Girl Child, on Thursday 11th October. Now in its sixth year EWAG asks the EU to better protect and champion the rights of girls, particularly through its external action. Organised by a coalition of civil society organisations, and supported by the European Institutions and UN Agencies, the 2018 European Week of Action for Girls takes place from 8 - 12 October.

The European Week of Action for Girls 2018 will give girls the opportunity to talk to EU decision-makers and bring about positive change for all girls worldwide. They will address EU leaders on what needs to be done to overcome the barriers they face and to ensure their rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Through a series of informative, fun and targeted policy, advocacy and campaign activities, EWAG partners and young leaders will demand the EU  honours its commitments to gender equality and the protection of girls. This means doing more, investing responsibly, and recognising the active role girls play in their communities and societies. The EU plays a vital role to make a positive impact for girls all over the world. Its decisions and policies affect millions of girls within the EU and even more girls outside of the EU. The EU and its Member States are together  the largest aid donors worldwide. They have the potential to reach millions of girls through external action.

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Meet our youth activists - Marie Augustine (21) from Senegal

Marie Augustine’s advocacy ambition is ensure that girls and women are at the centre of all initiatives to end gender inequality and achieve social justice.

Through her work with CONAFE, Marie Augustine has become a key influencer in her community and country by co-leading radio programmes to raise awareness on teenage pregnancy, early/forced child marriage, harmful cultural practices such as FGM, girls education and youth-sensitive budgeting for children and young people.

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BruxELLES: 14 young people take pictures of the Belgian capital to illustrate sexual harassment in public space

An exhibition by and for young people
From North to South, from East to West of Brussels, teenagers express their opinion and give a voice to young people on the issue of sexism in the public space. Their goal: to challenge political decision-makers to act to make public space safer for girls. As both leaders and activists, the youth photographed hundreds of locations and situations, staged or witnessed.

Sexism in public space
Through their images, young people share their experience of sexism in the public space. Girls live it every day. In public transport, in the streets, on the way to school ... Boys too.

One clear message
Becoming true activists, they speak to local decision-makers: « Listen to us, let us participate in politics and build together a more egalitarian and safe city for all ». In their looks and voices, we see the motivation to continue to break the taboo of harassment, to question the trivialized sexist behavior and to persuade everyone to commit to the fight against sexism in the world.

In some areas of the city of Brussels, there are narrow streets. Especially near metro stations. If it’s dark, it is very uncomfortable. We don’t see who is there and if we are followed it is hard to escape

Copyright picture: Plan International
This project was realized with the support of Canon and the Brussels-Capital Region
Note, all photos are either staged or witnessed

Gender equality: Picture it!

Since 2015, UN Women together with the European Commission, the Belgian Development Cooperation and UNRIC has launched comic and cartoon competitions in the EU, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ukraine on the theme “Gender Equality: Picture it!”. Young artists and art students aged 18 to 28 were invited to illustrate their understanding of gender equality. The Girls’ Rights Gazette is happy to feature a cartoon from Bagus Aji Mandiri from Indonesia in this edition!

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Girls' Rights Gazette

Girls’ lives and lived realities deserve to be front page news, but too often they are invisible and unheard. The Girls’ Rights Gazette is dedicated to highlighting the realities girls around the world face in the pursuit of their rights, as well as demonstrating the transformative power of girls and women as drivers of change and development. It is produced by Plan International EU Office for the European Week of Action for Girls 2018. If you would like further information about this publication, please contact the editor.

Editor: Ischi Graus Ischi.Graus@plan-international.org
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Copyright: Unless otherwise stated, text and images are copyright of Plan International. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior permission of Plan International EU Office.

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