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2015 Pathfinder Bible Experience

Sometimes it can be a task for many of us to find time each day to study God’s Word. But what if you had to memorize an entire book? In addition, what if you needed to understand what the SDA Bible Commentary says about it? If that’s not mind boggling enough, what if you only had 25-30 seconds to answer a question about one of the minutest details of that specific book?

This year, the PMC Evergreens are again taking part in the annual Pathfinder Bible Experience challenge. For this event, Pathfinder clubs around the nation send teams of 6 Pathfinders to test their knowledge of the selected book. This year, that book is Matthew.

Last year, Pathfinders studied 1 Samuel and the PMC Evergreen team was able to make it all the way to the division level in Washington, D.C. There, they finished first, meaning they achieved at least 90% of the top team’s score.

This year, the Evergreens are proud to enter three teams to test in this grand event. The teams, trained by Coach Ryan Clough and a host of dedicated staff and teen leaders, meet each week to study and encourage each other.  Two of the teams have made it through the area/district level and will be going on to the conference level on March 7. We are very excited and proud of our Pathfinders! Please keep the teams in prayer as they continue to memorize and store God’s word in their hearts.

by Matthew Johnson, PMC Evergreen Pathfinder Director 


GO: Project

A few Sabbaths ago, a group  Andrews University students and young adults from PMC went to Timber Ridge Manor to minister and show love to the residents through some musical performances, singing hymns together, and sharing cupcakes and cards on Valentine's day.

The young people were also able to spend time talking and connecting with the residents. This afternoon was a blessing for everyone involved!

A big thanks to Sam Abdalla, Andrews Universtiy Student, who organized a lot of the details of this GO: Project


"Global Flight From the Family"

That’s the headline of a Wall Street Journal piece last weekend, reporting the startling demise of the family as we know it, not only here in the United States but in Europe and Asia as well. “All around the world today, pre-existing family patterns are being upended by a revolutionary new force: the seemingly unstoppable quest for convenience by adults demanding ever-greater autonomy. . . . Thanks to this revolution, it is perhaps easier than ever before to free oneself from the burdens that would otherwise be imposed by spouses, children, relatives or significant others with whom one shares a hearth” (WSJ February 21-22, 2015, A11). . .  read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


A New Beginning This Sabbath 

For years there has been talk of forming a “church choir” at PMC. Our university congregation is blessed with multiple choirs from the university, the academy and the elementary school. But beyond the academic realm, there are many adult worshipers at PMC—on campus and in the community—who enjoy group singing. Jeannie Pedersen-Smith, new chair of the First Service Worship Commission, has tapped into that talent pool and has organized a new Pioneer church choir, the Sanctuary Choir. They will be leading in our first service worship this Sabbath.

If you are interested in joining this choir, please contact Jeannie ( or call the church office (471-314).

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