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GROW 2016!

In the words of GROW Group leader Gabby, GROW Groups are for “making new friends!”

We think 10 year old Gabby got it right! Friendship is where discipleship begins. Last semester, Gabby co-lead with her parents in a cooking class for kids.

Many others led out in GROW Groups and shared their passion. Dr. Lim's GROW group on faith was carried out online for people who would have otherwise missed out on a spiritual community. Another dear member, Jane, coached her new friends in vegan meal preparation every week! GROW Groups are a beautiful way to share God’s love, friendship and your passion with others!

Have a passion you'd like to share and help build friendships for Christ? Spring Semester starts February 1 to April 24.  Sign up your 8, 10, 12 week GROW group today right here!

For questions, please contact Pastor Sabine and the GROW Group Team via

by Sabine Vatel, GROW Group and Discipleship Pastor


AU Attempts to Break Guinness World Record!

As part of the first ever Health & Wellness Fest celebrations, Andrews University will attempt to break the Guinness World Record of having more than 510 people doing sit-ups together for one minute (or more) in Johnson Gym! We need your help in participating!

WHEN: January 13 (Wed) 

TIME3:15 – 3:45 p.m. (arrive at 3 p.m.

WHERE: Johnson Gym at Andrews University

WHAT: doing sit-ups (unassisted!) for one minute or more in provided rhythm simultaneously with the other people 

WHY: Bringing together the community to complete a challenging task together to celebrate the power of health & wellness

WHO: ANYONE who can do unassisted sit-ups (not crunches) for one minute or longer

by Dominique Wakefield, Director for University Health and Wellness


Curating Ourselves to Death?

Have we all become curators? You know who they are—directors at museums who skillfully arrange the contents of the gallery to be as attractive and appealing as possible to visitors. Curators decide what eye-catching exhibit gets prominent display, and which collections with less pizzazz need to be pushed to the back. Do we do the same?

Consider Walt Mueller’s critique of this generation’s identity-formation:     “. . . for digital natives living out their lives in the online world, the identity options from which to choose are virtually limitless. [People] are able to perform through a growing multitude of social media sites by choosing the words they post (true and false), and by posing and photo-shopping themselves into images that don’t come close to who they really are. As media critic Quentin Schultze has observed, ‘The digital world suffocates virtue by allowing us unbridled freedom to be all things to all people . . . to give ourselves over to the highest bidder or to the most persuasive master’” (YouthWorker JournalJan/Feb 2015 pp 16-17) . . .read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor

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