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Pastor's Blog

. . . While Rome Burns

by Dwight K. Nelson

The popular legend of Nero, the decadent emperor of Rome, fiddling while the imperial city burned in July, 64 AD is just that—a legend. First, the fiddle didn’t exist until the 11th century AD. Secondly, Nero was 35 miles away at his villa in Antium when the fire broke out. He did rush back to the city to begin relief efforts, but some of the citizenry accused him of igniting the conflagration. (For more details Nevertheless today’s vernacular still speaks of “fiddling while Rome burns”—i.e., acting as if nothing were out of the ordinary while the world around you falls apart. more


Feature Announcement

Hope Trending Local Audience

Hope Trending will broadcast live from the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University. Many of you will be hosting a Watch Party. For those who do not, tickets are being made available in advance for our live local studio audience (this helps us know who is coming). If you and your family would like to be part of this live audience, please reserve FREE tickets. Seating is limited, so reserve yours today!


Feature Announcement

Our 2 Cents GO Project

The area Adventist churches are joining together to work on several homes in Benton Harbor. We will do about three hours of work this Friday afternoon and then work most of the day on Sunday. Food and t-shirts will be provided. We still need more families that are willing to be a part of this initiative. You can be involved even if you don’t have a skilled trade.

September 23 & 25
Location: PMC Commons


Feature Announcement

Repairing the Breach: A Pathway to Racial Unity in the Church

Join us for an intelligent and biblical discussion on the topics of race, ethnic divisions, church structure, and how to overcome cultural and ethnic divisions in our church. 

September 23-24
Location: PMC Youth Chapel