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 2 April 2015

NewsLine is a short weekly summary of stories that may be of interest to those involved in the Māori Tourism community.


A Trip Up The Forgotten Highway

The drive from Wellington to Taranaki is a beautiful one. The moment you spot the maunga in the distance, you can’t take your eyes off it as it ducks in and out in the distance. The day we arrived was a stunning one – clear blue skies and visbility for miles. Read more here.

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Prime Minister’s Business Scholarships

Applications are now open for the 2015 Prime Minister’s Business Scholarships.

The scholarships aim to improve the international competitiveness of New Zealand businesses by developing the management and leadership skills of business owners, senior managers and executives of internationalising firms.

Scholarship recipients have the opportunity to attend international business schools and bring their knowledge and contacts back to their businesses and New Zealand. Read more here.

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Opportunities with Korea

MFAT and NZTE are working on a domestic outreach programme to roll out the Korea FTA. The roadshow will provide opportunities for businesses interested in the Korea market to hear more about that from
the manager of the trade negotiations division, the NZ trade commissioner in Seoul, NZ business representations working in that market and Korean commentators.

It will also give access to information about future NZTE/MFAT networking and other relevant events.
The roadshows are going to get under way in the North Island on 25 May – starting in Auckland (1 day) and then on to Hamilton, Tauranga Hawke's Bay (TBC)  and concluding in Wellington.  
In the South Island the roadshow will visit Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin For more infortmation or to register your interest, email Karen Burnett.


Ngai Tahu takes over tourism company

Ngāi Tahu Tourism has taken over one of New Zealand's oldest tourism companies which is based in Queenstown.

Guided Walks New Zealand was founded by the Bryant family in 1868 and was formerly owned by Peter and Karyn Hitchman.

It is being merged with the Hollyford Track Guided Walking company also based in Queenstown and also owned by Ngāi Tahu Tourism. Read more here.

Hollywood heavyweight Robert Redford intrigued by Māori culture in the art of film making

Local Māori of Rotorua have kept the Hollywood star under wraps, but Te Kāea reporter Mere Mclean was able to get up close and personal with the Hollywood film legend.

Robert Redford, one of the most influential figures in the film industry was treated to a Māori cultural experience at Ohinemutu by Te Miro Miro cultural group where he experienced wero and karanga finishing the night off with waiata and a hākari. 

Mr Redford wanted to know how he can play a part in connecting the Māori culture and the Navajo people.  He believes that having an indigenous voice in film and documentary making is important and also believes that indigenous languages have a role in this industry, however subtitles are a must. Read more here.

Piki Films are seeking a Maori girl, 11-15 years old, to be in a new film by Taika Waititi

The character is outgoing with a strong sense of humour and confidence. A country kid, she’s independent, can handle herself in the bush, and is an experienced horse-rider. She can also sing and play guitar. There will be rehearsals & horse riding lessons if required, prior to shooting. Read more here.


New net gives small fry a chance

Hawke's Bay Seafoods and Ngāti Kahungunu have embarked on a unique conservation-driven partnership to help preserve the Bay's fish resources for generations to come.

As Ngāti Kahungunu chairman Ngahiwi Tomoana put it - "this is a turning point because it is going to leave a lot more fish in the sea".

It is a New Zealand first - where a major fisheries company has linked in with local iwi to ensure smaller fish which became trapped in traditional nets are now able to escape, and survive, rather than become a wasted by-catch.

The idea is as ingenious as it is simple, and has been trialled over the past year by several fishermen throughout the country - including one of the Bay's most experienced skippers, Rick Burch.

But Hawke's Bay is the only region to take a unified approach to using them. Read more here.

HoneyLab's HONEVO Product is proven to help Rosacea sufferers

There is new hope for the 5-10% of adults who suffer from rosacea in the form of a medical kanuka honey formulation from New Zealand.

A large clinical trial has proved that Honevo®, a medical-grade kanuka honey formulation, developed by New Zealand company HoneyLab, is an effective and safe treatment for rosacea. The clinical trial was undertaken by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand and was partly funded by a grant from Callaghan Innovation. Read more here.