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28 November 2014


President Xi visit to New Zealand 

Gisborne Mayor Meng Foon talked to Te Karare about Chinese President Xi’s visit to New Zealand. He says with their knowledge, traditions and customs, Chinese and Māori are very similar. He also recommended that Māori consider learning Mandarin, as this will open up even more opportunities in the tourism sector. Watch the video here (segment starts at 2:56) 


Boom in Chinese tourists to New Zealand

There could be more arrivals from China alone, than from the United States, Britain and Japan combined if their latest annual figures remained the same.

China is already the second-largest market for foreign visitors, behind Australia with 1.2m arrivals a year.

The number of flights between China and New Zealand is set to double under a new agreement signed between the two countries. Read more here. 


Ngata's grandson praises new notes

The grandson of a Māori politician featured on the $50 note says the Reserve Bank is really making an effort to reflect New Zealand's bicultural heritage.

The central bank last week unveiled a more vibrant design and has added the words Te Putea Matua, which means Reserve Bank, on the front and Aotearoa on the back of each note. Read more here. 


NZ Māori Tourism AGM 2014

New Zealand Māori Tourism held its 2014 AGM this week in Wellington. The Annual Report will be sent to operators next week. If you'd like extra copies, please email us at

Discussion on The Panel - Radio New Zealand

An interesting discussion on The Panel with Simon Mercep, Josie McNaught and Duncan Webb last week discussing New Zealand's relationship with China. Listen here.